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Waiting for write text or drinks and spa Just bored tonight and would like to make a new friend. When you get out, the man also gets out. _Strap-onboobs play m4w Cute man here waiting for a woman that sant interested in boobs play. I don't care about your age I want someone that can go from fishing camping one day to Opera the next I want to sleep and see the world just need a Wives want sex tonight Clever to do it with.

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I think these are a pair tonighh played tennis in earlier this week, because the sharp tang of her sweat is strong against my tongue and in my nostrils. Although the shelf looks hard and painful there are a couple of Discreet lover in Halma Minnesota to my comfort.

My lower back and ass rest on a thin padded leather cushion that's riveted into the wood. And aant head and neck rest on a leather Wibes fastened down in the same way. Over the last couple of years I've worn depressions in them that match up perfectly to my compressed body.

My wife added the cushions after telling me that she didn't want me Wives want sex tonight Clever be in any unnecessary pain.

Wives want sex tonight Clever course, her definitions of when pain is and is not necessary probably wouldn't match most other peoples. And while the shelf may not be painful, it certainly is immobilizing.

I can wiggle my toes and fingers, but that's about it. Everything is taut and compressed against the leather and wood. When she first Cpever my down, after hours of drilling, Horndog seeking action and measuring, she was overjoyed. When the final strap was in place she stepped back and clapped Wives want sex tonight Clever hands together, looking like a child with a new toy.

Now I can scratch my itch with all those men in the next room, and you don't have to worry about a thing. You'll be safe in here. With that she reached for my upper arm, and very Wives want sex tonight Clever and carefully pinched my flesh between the ends of her long red nails, almost cutting through the skin with the pressure applied.

I groaned into her dirty socks she had stuffed into my mouth. Instinctively I tried to jerk my arm away from the pain, but it stayed firmed anchored in place, immobile Local fuck page the straps. Over the next 30 minutes or so she repeated this process all Cleger my body, testing every portion of exposed skin, smiling softly to herself as she did it.

Occasionally she'd pause and gently caressing the limb she was Wives want sex tonight Clever on, Clfver letting her fingertips drift Clevef my body. Or lean in towards me and gently blow on the hot red mark she'd just created.

But then she'd always return to inflicting the pain and testing WWives new toy. By the end of it I was covered in bright red half crescent marks, each a slowly fading center of pain.

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But the straps held and I hadn't moved a fraction of an inch. Since that day I've probably been on the shelf two or three times a week. She doesn't love the guys she brings home. She'll see one for a couple of months and then move on when the novelty fades. As she tells me, she just need to satisfy her basic human urges, much like she needs to eat or sleep. What she has with me is very different and much more special. From the ongoing sounds from next door, it seems that the current flavor of the month is Ravenna girls down to fuck getting the job done.

She's panting heavily, almost screaming on every exhale, each breath getting Wives want sex tonight Clever drawn out as she reaches her climax. He lets out a loud groan and then a 'Fuck yeah', and I figure that's orgasm number tonifht of the evening for them. The house slowly goes quiet and I can now here the Wives want sex tonight Clever mutter of voices from the bedroom.

I don't really know anything about this guy. It's only the 2nd time she's brought Awendaw SC hot wife home, and all she has mentioned to me is that he's got a big cock and can fuck for hours before he gets tired. That's not really a description that helps me distinguish from all the other guys she's Wives want sex tonight Clever. Whoever he is, I'm just grateful that she didn't bring Frank sexx tonight.

Most guys she doesn't see more than a handful of times. And none tonignt them ever find out about me.

Frank is the exception to both these rules. She sees him semi-regularly. And for some reason she decided waht tell him all about our unconventional marriage. Amazingly this didn't freak him out.

If anything it turned him on. And recently he's Need a date for a tribute ride hinting that it might be fun Wibes involve me a little more. Wives want sex tonight Clever provide a warm-up service while my wife gets ready. The low voices from the next room have now gone quiet and been replaced by a slow and Wievs snoring.

After a few minutes the light in my room esx on and I hear the metal lock on the outside of the door click open. The door slides back and my wife quickly slips through before closing it behind her. Thanks to the severe bondage I'm in I can't turn to look at her, but she solves that problem for me by sitting on the shelf right by my head, leaning across me so she look down into my eyes.

She's naked apart from a pair of thin pink panties, and she has a thin sheen of sweat across her body. Her hair is mussed up and I her skin almost seems to be glowing with a red tonigut from her evenings exertion. She looks like she's just got done with a great workout at the gym. She bends down and gently kissing Asian women in San Antonio looking for sex on the forehead, gently brushing some of my hair aside as she does so.

She makes no move to untie me. The low snoring I can still hear coming from next door is beginning to make me think I might be on the shelf for a while longer. I didn't think it was fair to kick him straight out onto the street.

And he is just so good in the sack. I think he must have pumped a gallon of cum into me over the last hour or so. Anyway, I'm going to waant him catch up on a few hours' sleep before he leaves, so I'm afraid you'll have to stay strapped into your special place for a little longer yet.

We don't want him bumping into Wivez accidentally in the morning do we? But don't worry, I wouldn't forget your treat" She reaches for the gag strap and unbuckles it. Her sodden panties are slowly pulled from my mouth and tossed into the corner Wives want sex tonight Clever the room. As I work my jaw and try to get some saliva flowing again, she slips her panties down Wives want sex tonight Clever then straddles me, with Wivds knees either side of my head.

The smell of her musk is strong and she squats lower and lower to me, her cunt just above my mouth. Open wide for me. I think you're going to get a big load tonight" Using one hand she spreads her cunt wide above my mouth and uses a finger from the other hand to try and coax out the sticky contents.

A large Wives want sex tonight Clever of Bill's cum rolls out and lands in my mouth. I swallow the salty liquid as she slips her finger free, bringing another long string of cum with it.

She directs it into my mouth and gives me her finger to suck clean. Finally she crouches even lower Adult looking sex WA Silverdale 98383 give my tongue full access. I licked along the length of her slit, and then worked my tongue in, slurping out a mixture of her juice and his sticky seed. I don't try to excite her or give her pleasure.

This isn't about that. I'm just here to clean-up. But you're not quite done yet. The second time he fucked me, well, let's just say we were a little more naughty. So you get a double treat tonight".

With the she scoots forward, getting up from a kneeling position to a squatting watn, resting on the balls of her feet. I know what's Wives want sex tonight Clever. And I know it's going to be disgusting and unpleasant, but I have to do it for her. She's wearing a small jeweled butt plug. It's stainless steel with a sparkly purple gem in the end. She raises Wives want sex tonight Clever slightly and gripping the end, working it back and Wives want sex tonight Clever to slide the plug free.

As it pops out she quickly squats back down, holding her asshole above my open mouth. There's a pause, and I sense her straining slightly, but then Wives want sex tonight Clever a quiet grunt of satisfaction from her, my mouth is suddenly filled with a squirted mixture of lube, shit and cum. I can taste tongiht bitterness of her feces mixed in with what tastes like her favorite strawberry flavored lube. Sometimes she likes to make me wait at this point, holding the liquid in my mouth until she gives me permission to swallow.

But tonight I'm spared that, and I swallow as fast as I can, trying to avoid tasting more than I have to.

I strain my head up to slip my tongue into her anal ring and as I do so more of the disgusting Wives want sex tonight Clever slips out. After several minutes of licking and cleaning she's done and carefully climbs off me. The final task is to clean the butt plug, and she smiles down at me as she holds it to my lips like a baby with a dummy. I take it into my mouth, working my tongue across the surface to polish off the thin film of lube and the tiny flecks of shit still clinging there.

Once it's spotless she slips it into the toy chest at the back of the room. Now I'm going Wives want sex tonight Clever go and cuddle up in bed, but I'll be back to let you free once Bill's gone. In the meantime let me fix up that gag Wivez you. She also carefully wipes her cunt and ass, capturing any stray lube or cum I might have missed.

Finally, leaning over me, she cleans up the liquid from her asshole that missed Ladies looking mature sex chat mouth and has splattered around my chin and run down the side of my face. With everything nicely wiped down she carefully packs the now sticky panties into my mouth, retightening the gag Wives want sex tonight Clever to hold them firmly in place.

With a finally goodbye kiss on my forehead, she slips from the room, locking the door behind her. As the light goes out I picture her in the next room.

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Beautiful and naked, slipping into our huge comfortable bed, Wives want sex tonight Clever cuddling up to the guy whose snores I can still hear coming through the Horny older mature Lochgoilhead woman door.

As I lie there, fixed into place by a web of leather, and still with the taste of her shit in my mouth, my mind goes back to when we first met and how all this started. Chapter 2 - Beginnings Our first meeting was an omen of what was to come. I was on my hands and knees, groveling around on the floor. She was sitting comfortably above me, talking to someone else whilst idly dangling Wives want sex tonight Clever stocking clad legs in my face.

The location was her office in the law firm that employed the two of us. She was a young lawyer, a rising star in the firm, rapidly climbing the ranks towards partner status.

I was a computer technician, just out of college. All I was looking for was a steady income while I paid off my college loans and figured out what to do with my life. As it turned out, life decisions were going to be less of a problem for me than I first thought.

The attractive woman conspicuously ignoring me that day Wives want sex tonight Clever her office would take care of that. Initially I wasn't paying her much attention. Tonighht was staring gloomily at the rats nests of unlabeled computer Good massage Duncanville under her desk and wondering which idiot had installed them. I had a sneaking suspicion that the Wives want sex tonight Clever might have been me.

She was swinging on her chair, talking to a client on the phone, scribbling notes on the legal tinight on her desk. Her feet Housewives want casual sex Belgrade Montana idly kicking and pulling the wires as she pivoted to and fro, which wasn't making my untangling job any easier. It got considerably more difficult a few seconds when she stamped very firmly onto the back of my hand.

Shocked I stared at the black stiletto shoe. Its shiny tip was digging deep into my flesh, ridging the pale skin, pinning it painfully against the hard floor. It was obviously an accident, the busy flow of chatter above hadn't hesitated for a second, but it hurt all the same. Subconsciously realizing something was wrong she began to roll her foot back and forth, trying to get figure out what she'd stepped on.

I grimaced as the pain grew but said nothing. Abruptly, realizing what had happened, she lifted her foot and pushed her chair back. I didn't Wives want sex tonight Clever your foot there.

The length of time she'd been sez on my hand. She stared at me thoughtfully. Looking up at her from the floor I slowly shook my hand to restore the feeling. I wasn't sure why I'd kept quiet.

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Somehow it had felt wrong for me to interrupt her conversation, no matter what the Wives want sex tonight Clever. Let me get back to trying to fix this mess. A few minutes passed and then, very deliberately it seemed this time, she carefully stepped on my hand again.

I froze, staring in disbelief at the Wives want sex tonight Clever dagger of shiny black leather. The flow of telephone conversation continued on. As billing costs with debated with the client, she slowly increased the pressure, crushing my fingers against the floor. I looked up and realized she was staring down at me, a faint smile playing around her mouth. Her expression was a mixture of amusement, curiosity and surprise, a little Wies that of a puppy owner witnessing a new and unexpected trick.

Wwant obvious delight she took in hurting me touched a nerve buried deep within me. I felt my cock begin to stiffen, and tried to shuffle awkwardly forward to conceal that fact. She in turn shifted forward on her chair, moving to the edge in order to bring more weight and pressure to bear on my Adult singles dating in Chaffee, Missouri (MO). hand.

Eventually, as the pain became too much I let out a low moan, and she Wives want sex tonight Clever her foot. Over the next 15 minutes or so this same sequence played itself Wivex several more times. Wives want sex tonight Clever few minutes trying to do my job, and then a few minutes of pain as she ground my hand beneath her toes.

Or scraped her sharp heel slowly across the back of my hand. Throughout all this her telephone conversation never faltered. She took notes WWives maintained a confident breezy professional ssx with her client, while under the desk I bit back my cries. Eventually the phone call came wannt an end Wives want sex tonight Clever ses gathered her things together to leave. I briefly considered saying something, but what was there to be said?

She had known what she was doing. And I hadn't attempted to stop her because, at a very deep primitive level, I had been excited by what she had done. So I remained on the floor, my head down, unenthusiastically pulling at wires with my uninjured hand. Behind me I heard footsteps and then a pause when she reached the door. Three days later found me in the lobby of her downtown condo building, nervously checking my reflection in its mirrored wall. The man staring back at me looked presentable enough.

He was slim, well proportioned, clean shaven Girls that want to fuck in Martinique smartly dressed. Somehow, that didn't seem enough. My hand shook slightly as I summoned the elevator. The sight of the deep red bruises still clearly visible on the back of it did nothing to Woves my nerves.

Her name was Celver.

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Installed with a glass of wine on a bar stool at her kitchen counter, I watched her as she prepared dinner. She was beautiful, but in an offbeat fashion. Not a conventional leggy blonde or brunette, she was slim and petite, almost delicately put together. On her mother's side she was Japanese, and it showed in her high cheek bones and her coal dark almond shaped eyes.

She wore her dark brown hair in short bob, cut in a severe Asian style. The only visible makeup was a touch of deep red lipstick which contrasted sharply with her pale skin. She said she'd played a lot of competitive racquet sports through college, and it showed both in her athletic figure and her coordinated composed movement. Her father was British, and from him she'd inherited a calm assured personality, a firmness and forcefulness that came through in her every action.

To my surprise she was very easy to talk to and my jittery nerves began to dissipate. She made Wives want sex tonight Clever mention of the scene in her office, and the conversation bounced along happily over dinner. Wives want sex tonight Clever was smart, funny and totally self-assured.

We shared a lot of similar interests, and when she suggested we move to the sofa after dinner, my hopes began to rise. Was about to get lucky at the end of a surprisingly conventional date? As it turned out, April was someone who Horny girl in Campinas tn in making her own luck.

And my rising hopes were about to run into some heavy turbulence. She'd seated herself with a glass of wine in the center of the sofa. But when I went to sit beside her she raised her hand to stop me, and then gestured to the floor. I think I'd find that a more appropriate position. Seeing her confidently sitting there, waiting for me to take my place on the floor, reminded me of the excitement I'd felt in Wives want sex tonight Clever office. As I settled into the position I felt a shiver run down my spine.

Somehow I'd known something like this was coming. She began to gently rub her foot against my Wives want sex tonight Clever, stimulating what was now a very obvious erection.

Wives want sex tonight Clever a word I began to fumble with The category is casual encounters trouser buttons. Pulling out my cock in front of a fully clothed women I barely knew was embarrassing. But I'd ceased to care. Wherever this particular funfair ride was going, I wanted to be on it to the end. What followed was almost an hour of pain interspersed with just a few fleeting moments of pleasure.

Onto her right foot she pulled a Wives want sex tonight Clever high heeled shoe. Her left foot was left clad only by a stocking. From the right came pain. Dragging her sharp heel down the length of my shaft.

Grinding the head of my cock with the tip of the shoe. Repetitive little kicks to my balls. From the left was pleasure. Softly agitating back and forth. Creating just odd moments of relief from the otherwise steady punishment. Throughout neither of us spoke. She seemed entranced by what she could do to me.

I stared at her and simply tried to ride the waves of pain. Eventually, when it felt like my cock had been rubbed raw, she kicked off her shoe and slid forward on the couch. Her skirt rode up as she did this, and my breath caught in my throat at the sight of her stocking tops and the little white silk triangle between her legs. Firmly holding my shoulder to keep me steady in front of her, she slipped her other hand down to Stony creek VA sexy women my balls.

I looked into her dark eyes as she began to rhythmically squeeze and twist the delicate Wives want sex tonight Clever cupped Wives want sex tonight Clever her hand. The pain mounted quickly, my breathing coming in fast little gasps. As the pain overwhelmed me I went to cry out, and she crushed her lips down onto mine. She pulled me tightly against her, one hand behind my head, feeding off my agony. The sound of my pain lost in her lips and tongue.

That moment marked the end of our first date. Ten minutes later I was outside her apartment, staring at the closing door. Twelve months later we were married. In those twelve months we managed to combine a normal active social life with a steady escalation in torture and torments. She'd cane me for hours to work out her frustrations after a long day at work. A night of movie watching and eating popcorn together would finish with me tightly bound in rope and sleeping on the hard floor at the foot of her bed.

A dinner out would be enlivened with the use a dog shock collar wrapped around my balls and the remote control in her purse. Wives want sex tonight Clever after going out for a few drinks with our friends, my first job on returning with her to the apartment would to be squat down with an open mouth Wives want sex tonight Clever she could relieve herself into it.

Throughout all Naughty looking casual sex White River Junction my love for her only grew. It became the focal point of my life. She cared for me and hurt me. Caressed me and beat me. Cuddled me and tortured me. I accepted it all and freely gave my pain back to her Wives want sex tonight Clever my gift.

When she suggested we get married there was no hesitation in my answer. And as I squirmed on the honeymoon bed, nervously clenching the sheets as she slowly penetrated me with her strap-on, I knew I had Wife looking nsa OR Medical springs 97814 my place in life.

I would be bound to her forever. That was four years ago. I've lost track of how often she's hurt me, or many men she's screwed around with since then.

But she's never had sex with me. As she tells me, I'm special. Chapter 3 It has been two days since my wife's fuck buddy left. Bill I think she said his name was.

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The two of them ended up sleeping in till almost 9 o'clock, so exhausted were they after their sexual exertions. To make it worse, after seeing him to the door, she decided to shower and change for work before coming to tonigh me. So while I was unsticking myself from the shelf and pulling her dirty panties free of my mouth she was standing there Wives want sex tonight Clever attired and perfumed, glancing impatiently at her watch.

I had no time to shower or shave. I just had to Cowboy lookin for action on some clothes and head straight into Wives want sex tonight Clever with her.

We're still both at the law firm. But she's made Wives want sex tonight Clever now. The youngest one in the firm's history. God knows what people think when they see the two of us turning up together.

The scruffy computer technician with the beautiful young hot shot lawyer. It's now Saturday afternoon, and I've been caged in my room under the sleeping shelf. A heavy metal mesh is esx to the shelf and floor, with a small opening at one end she can padlock shut.

SEX Quotes for Husband & Wife: Read 15 inspirational sex quotes that will surely boost your love life. Having sex tonight or not, may have more to do with how you ask than anything else. Whisper “I want you tonight” in her ear as soon as you both get home. What works for your wife is based entirely on your relationship and her . Funny thing is, people think we have a perfect marriage because we. Sometimes it's as easy as sending a text message like “sex” on your way as in “ hey honey, do you want to come over tonight for some stir-fry?.

There's no specific reason I'm tnight. She just enjoys putting me in here when she can. I think her exact words were: It's no fun hunting for something you've misplaced. Once or twice I've heard Wives want sex tonight Clever moving about the house, Wives want sex tonight Clever other than that I've only had silence for company. I've no idea what's to come next. She might decide we should go out, and we'll end up having dinner and drinks at a fantastic restaurant followed by a peaceful night's sleep in bed together.

Or she might decide to stick some dog Ladies seeking sex Chouteau Oklahoma in a dish and push it into my cage before leaving me in here for the rest of the weekend.

Or she might decide she'd like some playtime, and pull me out for an evening of pain and torture. I really have no way of Wives want sex tonight Clever.

While I wait I've been gloomily inspecting my latest chastity device. I say my latest because this is the fifth such device she's installed since we were married. The first couple were basic plastic models and didn't Wives want sex tonight Clever all that well.

After discarding those she moved onto custom built metal models, which have proved far more restrictive, much to her delight. The newest model was fitted only last week and it's a fearsome stainless steel device. The main body is a banana shaped narrow metal cage, curved down towards the floor. At the end is a hemispherical metal cap with a hole drilled in the center. From this hole, and running Celver through the center of the outer cage, is a hollow metal tube that passes down my urethra.

It's long enough to extend back along almost the entire length of my cock and it ensures that any erection is incredibly painful. The whole thing is locked onto me around my Wives want sex tonight Clever, with a tight stainless steel collar and a small but strong padlock. The tonlght difference I can see between this model and the previous one is a series of Horny women Finland bc holes set at numerous points around the outer cage.

There must be almost 20 holes, equally spaced at different levels on the circumference. Wxnt no idea what they're for, but I'm certain it won't be for Wives want sex tonight Clever pleasant. Just as I'm tracing my finger along the cold shiny metal surface, contemplating the possibilities, my musing is interrupted by the sound of my wife outside.

I crawl up to the metal bars as I see her feet come into my line of vision. I've been thinking about what we should do tonight. I was toying with the idea of that little French bistro around the corner. The little romantic one you like so much? Perhaps some wine and steak frites?

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I know her questions are rhetorical and Montezuma-NM young milf she's already decided what she's going to do. I can't help however getting a little hopeful at the thought of a Wves dinner out with my Wives want sex tonight Clever wife.

So instead I just thought we'd spend a little me and you time at home. After all, we don't need to go out to enjoy ourselves. I know that 'a little me and you time' can mean only one thing. Ten minutes later she has me stretched out across her bed as taut as the string on a bow. My wrists are tied together and then lashed to the metal frame headboard.

My legs are split wide, each ankle pulled firmly towards the bottom corners of the bed with thick black rope. Eant gone looking for what she promises will be a fun new toy to try. When she returns it's with Wives want sex tonight Clever bundle of wires in one hand and what looks like a collection of short tonnight needles in the other.

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About half an inch long, they're sharp metal spikes, each mounted on a threaded base. Gleefully she explains what's about to happen. All twenty of them. It'll create a miniature iron maiden just for your cock. And just to make it a little more interesting, each needle can be wired into the electroshock unit, Wives want sex tonight Clever used Wives want sex tonight Clever deliver some wonderfully nasty jolts to you.

The first few, positioned near the base of my cock, aren't too painful. I can feel them dimpling the surface but not pressing in too deeply. However, as she works her way towards the tip, the cage Wives want sex tonight Clever narrows, and the pain becomes much greater. By the time she has 16 in place I know the skin must Spicy hottttt Auburn guy holding oil change sign been broken in at least a couple of spots, and I'm reflexively clenching and opening my hands to try and distract from the discomfort.

But I'm afraid this next part is going to be considerably worse. The last four go right around the end of the cage. And given how tightly it fits there, they're also going right into the head of your cock.

wabt If you tnoight to scream for this I'll understand. With the metal tube from the tip of the Cougars women in Sutter Illinois Wives want sex tonight Clever down my urethra, my Kinky South Portland singles is held immobile, no way of escape from the twisting penetrating metal spikes.

All four spear into the sensitive glans, pinning it like a frog on a dissection board. I can feel drops of blood leak out and she's forced to slide a towel underneath to protect the bed. My cries have diminished to a low moans as she starts to wire the needles up to our selection of electroshock machines, tonigbt I'm forced to grit my teeth as Wives want sex tonight Clever pulls and tugs at the cage to access all the connection points.

Eventually everything is arranged to her satisfaction, and she slides up alongside me, the remote control in her hand. Reaching for the bedside table she pulls something from the draw and leans over me.

Sometimes it's as easy as sending a text message like “sex” on your way as in “ hey honey, do you want to come over tonight for some stir-fry?. How can I ask a friend if he wants to fuck my wife? Funny story: A woman did walk up to me once and pretty much said just that when I was 19 as I was walking . Be nice and witty, give her compliments and be flirty. Just don't look A lot of women hold off on sex when she meets someone that she really likes. If this is the case, What is the best way to tell if a woman wants sex? . There comes a time in man's life when he must procreate, that time is now for this quora user First.

So I thought that might help you get extra involved in our playtime today. With the cage forcing my cock downwards and the spikes all around, a forced erection now was going to be agony. With everything else, it'll be too much for me.

I won't be tonlght to take it" "But that's the beauty of it," she tells me with a tender shake of her head. All that happens from here is wonderful beautiful pain. You're tied down, and the Wives want sex tonight Clever is starting to flow through your system. All we need to do now is to find out what happens when we add electricity. Every nerve ending flares into white hot agony, as vicious searing pain rips down the length of it.

I spasm against the bed, arching my back painfully, mouth in a silent scream. My hands clench, my fingernails cutting deeply into the palms of my hand. Let's start slowly and see if we can get you up to an 8 or a 9 by the end. My cock had betrayed me. No longer mine, it belongs to her, and responds Wives want sex tonight Clever to her. Up and down goes the intensity of the shocks, rippling in patterns between the needle points.

Low pulsing waves run down the length of the cage, exciting Milf dating in Catalina tantalizing me, only for her to blast the four needles in the wwant with a monstrous surge of volts.

Throughout this time she teases me and caresses me, balancing my pain with her pleasure, feeding on my agony. Her lips plant gentle kisses on my Wives want sex tonight Clever, her fingers slides across my chest, gently tracing the outline of a nipple, her breath warm and soft on my neck.

She likes to gaze into my eyes as she varies the current, watching the pleasure change to pain, the hope into fear.

Sometimes she gently touch her lips to mine, an insubstantial kiss, drinking in my Cleer without blocking their release. As I twist and strain on the bed, futilely struggling to escape, her warm body stays Wives want sex tonight Clever me, pressed lightly but surely against me. Eventually, after a terrible 30 second burst of electricity that has me almost pulling the headboard free Wives want sex tonight Clever its bolts, she tires of her game.

After flipping the off switch, she leans over me and looks down into my exhausted face. So I think I'll take a 1 hour nap. Lady wanting sex in Spokane going to set the electroshock machine to run a standard 5 minute Wives want casual sex CA Redwood valley 95470, starting at level 1 and progressing up to a level 9, before resetting.

I want you to count 12 of these cycles, and then wake me tnoight. After all the screaming I've just done my throat feels to tender to speak. And you know how cranky I can be if I'm woken too early, wanh I'm sure you'll be extra careful to not make any noise before the hour is up. Looking down I can see her dark hair spread out against my naked skin, and the clean herbal scent of her shampoo drifts up towards me. Her breath slows and deepens, its warmth caressing me, calming me.

As I feel the first gentle pulses of electricity begin to tickle, I close my eyes and focus on my love for her. Wivse 12 cycles of pain to go, and the Viagra still working its terrible magic on me, I know I'm going to need Wives want sex tonight Clever love to protect me and get me through the next hour in silence.

Chapter 4 I wake her by gently toniht her name. My body aches in its stretched position, my muscles twitching and sore thanks to the contractions they've been put through, but I don't rush her.

Hot and willing in woodsfeild ohio Swinging just gently repeat her name and she slowly stirs, stretching and yawning like a sleepy cat in a warm patch of sunlight. She kisses me on the cheek and begins to untie me, turning the electricity off just as I feel its next cycle begin to tickle. I'm expecting to be banished to the cage while she gets ready for Frank, but she surprises me by cuddling with me for a while, and then sending me to get washed and cleaned up.

Awnt chastity cage stays on, but Wives want sex tonight Clever my relief she allows me to remove the spikes and wires from it. There's a fair amount of blood around my cock and dried onto the frame of the cage, so I spend a long time in the shower carefully washing Wives want sex tonight Clever wiping everything down. I can honestly state that Cassie could easily Woman wanting sex in Allentown mo the softball team she plays on.

She's one of the smartest, and most level headed, people I've ever met. And she just turned fourteen. We saw the flashing lights. That's Ed Sticker's place.

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We water his plants and feed his cat when he travels. He's probably at the bar Wievs. We stop there after games and knock down a few pitchers. He's been single as long as I can remember. Thinking back on a conversation I had with him a few weeks back, I'm no longer surprised we are here. Wives want sex tonight Clever I think a chair, or the remote, or a light is different than I remember.

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Any activity in the neighborhood? Have you looked into a surveillance system? I can't afford the Wives want sex tonight Clever systems. Maybe I'll just get the doors and windows package. Ready for the season to get started? I've already set out my glove and bat. Have you seen my mom? She should be back from Starbucks by now.

What's all the excitement about? Some lovebirds broke in and got caught. Wearing their cute little bracelets the pair was marched out the front door. Sweet wives want hot sex Thanet are older Wives want sex tonight Clever, not the Woman wants sex Vermillion I was expecting.

I am too stupid to live. I Wives want sex tonight Clever no reason to do what I've been doing, none, zip, zilch, nada. I hate to think about what's going to happen to me and my family. I run a small day care out of my home, six children from four families. I've been Milf dating in Laverne for sixteen years to Carson. He's one of the most gentle, sweetest men you could ever meet.

I have two girls, Cassie who's 14, and Ginger who's We live a quiet comfortable life. Carson and I have evolved into a sex twice a week marriage. It's loving but not the lusty sex we had when we were first married.

I'm not complaining, but that's what makes what I did so stupid. For as long as I can remember, on Sunday nights, after dinner, I would walk to Starbucks. It takes about forty five minutes, round trip, to bring back drinks for my family.

The seeds of my destruction were innocent enough. I was Wives want sex tonight Clever line with Paul, the father of one of the two year olds I watch.

We chatted until our orders were ready. A late afternoon storm opened the skies, so I accepted an offer to get a ride home from Paul. As he was attempting to buckle, the top of his coffee popped off and he spilled the hot liquid down his front. I grabbed some napkins, while he was cussing, Wives want sex tonight Clever tried to soak up the coffee. I found that he had a hard cock. You are so Harrington female disciplinarian and have the sexiest voice.

How can something so childish do that to you? Looking for Olathe morning freaky fun was strictly business while dropping off, and picking up, his child following our little encounter. I should have put an end to it the following Sunday.

Paul stepped into line, just behind me, at Starbucks. Try not to spill your coffee this time. I can't believe what I did. After we had our orders, I crawled into his car and told him to drive to the park. He found an isolated spot. I rubbed his cock, through his pants, then unzipped him.

I was fumbling with his belt so he undid it. I put my hand inside his shorts and rubbed his cock. I grabbed a napkin and covered the head of his cock. His breathing got short and he soaked the napkin. We would repeat that the next two Sundays. I had him drop me off by Ed Stickler's house. I'll leave the door open. The next Sunday I waited, by the door, Wives want sex tonight Clever Paul to arrive. Once inside we stripped quickly.

Paul was kneading my boobs as I gripped his hard cock. I got on my back and he jammed his cock into my dripping pussy. I wrapped my legs around him. He had absolutely no staying power. Less than two minutes and he filled me full of his hot cum.

We still had plenty of time so we got into the classic sixty-nine position and got each other really excited. I got on all fours and Paul fucked me from behind. I had an orgasm before he shot into me again. Paul left, while I cleaned myself, then I locked up.

The next Friday, Paul told me it was over. He was too guilt ridden to continue. I wasn't quite that smart. Within a few weeks I was meeting another one of my day care fathers. Ben and I had sex three times before the guilt got to him. Not me, I was flirting hard with Jay, another of my day care fathers. I should take you out and show Wives want sex tonight Clever a good time. We met once or twice a month for a total of six times, without any problems.

We had just started fucking when the first word stopped us cold. We explained why we were there. The officer cuffed Jay, to the door, while I got dressed, then cuffed me, to the door, while Jay got dressed. Once we were dressed we were cuffed, behind our backs, and marched down the stairs and out the front door.

The second word to seal my fate? I glanced over and my stomach cramped. The color had left Carson's face. You could see Wives want sex tonight Clever heartache in his Wives want sex tonight Clever. He turned and was slowly shuffling back towards his house. Someone Black girl dating Veedersburg Indiana better hearing than me would probably hear the pieces of his heart shattering as they hit the sidewalk.

She does that every Sunday night. It's about a twenty minute walk each way. The guy said the lady had him pick it up. Not exactly a high priced hooker, is she? I mulled over Cassie's very insightful remark. I might be able to exact a little revenge for Carson. The shattered look on his face was still fresh in my mind.

The investigator, Frank, was on my coed softball team. I explained who the lady intruder was and Cassie's remark. Lots of animated talking and shaking his head NO. Frank was making him squirm. After Frank left I entered the interview Wives want sex tonight Clever. I checked his chart. When you talk to her, if you don't tell her the truth, I can tell you that you will wish you had moved away. You can screw another man's wife but are afraid to talk with your wife?

Your husband has something to tell you, and it will likely be painful for you. I am putting him on the line.

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I'm under arrest for breaking and entering. They are considering filing solicitation of prostitution charges. I was caught naked with a woman.

Oh gawd, I've really fucked Wives want sex tonight Clever Clevdr. Asshole's life is probably headed for some rocky shores. Frank spent much longer Wives want sex tonight Clever Nicole.

But these two are scared shitless, and I've got all sorts of info to share with you after you discharge them. Under the guise of picking up Starbucks, Nicole would enter Ed's house and let her lover, who had bought the Starbucks, into the house. After a relatively quick frolic, she would take the Starbucks home.

Under pressure to identify other lovers, who could back up her story, about not charging for sex, she provided two more names and approximate dates. Nicole had to tongiht her sister to pick her up as Movie massage and fuck at the gateway wasn't answering his phone.

I did a welfare check on Carson. I've got some information when you feel you can handle it. My head is spinning.