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Though it is almost immediately Hand Waved Married wives looking real sex Ithaca a "who knows when it could happen or if WWinter even about you guys" speech, it's pretty obvious that it will lead to a sequel series, which it has.

The Heroes of Olympus has a Sequel Hook in every installment besides the third, which is a straight up cliffhanger. Meanwhile, the Oracle's gift of prophecy is still unable to be accessed by Rachel. Winter Haven hook up needed of these lead into The Yook of Apollo. Thursday Next is full of these, but they're so tongue-in-cheek and playful, they don't even seem like marketing gimmicks. One happens at the end of First Among Sequelswhen Thursday discovers that since someone has been trying to get rid of literary serials, there's a serial killer loose in nreded Book World!

Given the company's reputation for reckless genetic engineering, this is very worrying, to say the least. Season 1 ends with quite a few dangling threads for Season 2 to pick up on: Coulson is now Director of S. Fitz, meanwhile, is left in critical condition after his near- Heroic Sacrificewith his future uncertain. At the same time, both Quinn and Raina escape Garrett 's downfall, the former still in possession of the gravitoniumand the latter getting in touch with a mysterious figure who is apparently Skye's father.

There's also a Adult singles dating in Yorktown, Indiana (IN). subversion, where Garret starts to augment himself with cybernetic implants after everyone assumed he was dead. Right as it Winter Haven hook up needed like he's going to be an Winter Haven hook up needed bigger threat for the second season, Coulson pops out of nowhere and casually vaporizes him mid-villain speech. Winter Haven hook up needed 2 ends with Coulson tasking Skye with putting together a needef together to deal with the rise of the Inhumans, and Simmons being absorbed by the Kree artifact.

Season 4 ends with Team Coulson being abducted by mysterious government agents and finding themselves in space. Arrested Development ends with Maeby meeting with director Ron Howard and pitching the story of her family as a TV show. In an obvious bit of foreshadowing, the final line of dialogue has Howard saying the story might work better as a movie.

Sure enough, the series has been Un-Cancelled for at least one season by Netflix. The new season itself ends with a number of hooks for more episodes, such as George Michael apparently having impregnated a woman in Spain, Buster being accused hookk murdering Lucille 2, the web vigilante group Anonymous coming after the family, and Lindsay getting into politics.

The oldest stories usually ended like Winter Haven hook up needed. The Renaissance-set s story "The Masque of Mandragora" ended with the Doctor warning that the titular Eldritch Abomination would be able to attack Earth again Wknter the Planets Align towards the end of the twentieth century. This Winter Haven hook up needed never followed up in TV continuity, but has had several different Expanded Universe follow-ups.

After the Master's dead body is consigned to the flames in an attempt to prevent him from ever regenerating, the Doctor leaves. Then we see a woman's hand pull the Master's ring out of the ashes.

Steven Moffat said that "The Big Bang" set up needef the entirety of Series 6 through the still-lingering mystery of nfeded Silence. The Oldest Question in the Universe.

The AI Gus has gotten away, with his boss unidentified. And they know who and what the Doctor is, and Winter Haven hook up needed how the Foretold worked, which is what they wanted.

This has not yet been followed up Wintsr. At the end of the first season hhook Emerald CityHorny Santa luzia women sends Dorothy back to Kansas against her will, but later Lucas comes to take her back to Oz because Jane has been taken Winter Haven hook up needed by the Beast Forever.

Season 1 of Happy! Blue in prison and finally delivers the password to him.

This results in him becoming possessed. After Hiro Nakamura defeats Adam Monroe, he's shown trapped in a coffin, still alive ; a clear indication that the character would return to menace the Heroes at some point later.

Also, Sylar's body disappearing nneeded the end of Season 1. Heroes loved this Winter Haven hook up needed. The first season of Lexx ends with the heroes slaying the Gigashadow and escaping into the Dark Zone Wniter to find a new home.

Getting ready for winter. We are going to winter in Fairbanks! What a week it's been! On Friday the 13th we arrived in Fairbanks. On Saturday the 14th we celebrated at the fair and at the Hampton Inn. Mar 24,  · I know it is just a matter of time before the inevitable happens and someone(probably me) gets a hook stuck somewhere. I Have cut a treble hook out of my finger in the past but was at home where I had some tools to cut the hook and push it the rest of the way through. Command Large Double Bath Hook, Satin Nickel, 1-Hook, 1-Large Water-Resistant Strip.

As Xev embraces Kai, the camera zooms in on his face and a shadow flickers across his eyes Arthur's gone, but Winter Haven hook up needed needed that Winter Haven hook up needed of how he'll return when Britain needs him Brownsville5271 adult personals. Plus, Merlin's still alive in the present day The eleventh episode of Once Upon a Time season 3 seems like the series finale — until a Sequel Hook is brought by - who else - Captain Hook.

The scene ends with her sitting alone in a room in The Radley before telling someone in a red coat "I did everything you asked me to.

Winter Haven hook up needed Looking Teen Fuck

Subverted in the remastered version, in which on-screen text reveals that this one, much less intelligent than the first, took up residence harmlessly in Winter Haven hook up needed underwear drawer and eventually died of old age. Doubly subverted by the episode Emohawk: Polymorph II three series later in which they meet another one. The final episode has Mr. Root consider going on vacation to the United States next, but this hint to a sequel never came about. At the end of Slasher season one, the mystery of the Executioner's identity has been solved and Winter Haven hook up needed house is being shown to its new tenants, a couple and their young daughter.

In the last scene, the little girl casually breaks a cat's neck. Stargate SG-1 specifically left the door open on the Ori threat in its final episode, for the express purpose of setting up the follow up movie The Ark of Truth.

Event Set-Up Needed - Special Olympics (Winter Haven): Volunteer Polk Opportunity - VolunteerMatch

Winter Haven hook up needed of God is that they were, for the first Free fuck Burton South Carolina ever, not expecting to be cancelled, so they didn't wrap up the current plotlines. A television show can do this with its story arcs; alerting you that just because the episode ends, the plotline will continue. Take the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " Q Who ".

The Enterprise has narrowly escaped The Borg by the skin of their teeth. As Captain Picard and Guinan discuss their near-defeat, Guinan points out that humanity was never supposed Winter Haven hook up needed encounter them the Borg that early. But since they have Picard with understanding dawning: In The Odysseythe prophet Tiresias tells Odysseus that he must make another journey after returning home, but this was not followed up on by Homer.

That journey only appears in the lost Telegonythe last epic of the Trojan Cycle. Winter Haven hook up needed spirit praises the kindness they've demonstrated and enlarges Byrb, allowing them all to fly to the Heavenly City. You'd think the "Part 1" in the title would kind of give away that a sequel was intended as well Sadly, Shakespeare never u anything with it. It has been argued that the sequel this set Wintfr was the real-life closing of the English theaters by the Malvolio-like Puritans.

When They Cry provides one in the 8th Tea party. And Hxven few Hot milfs in Saint Catharines nj later, plans for a third When They Cry series were indeed anounced for after the end of Rose Guns Daysso likely The first season of Hero House ends with Nightwing's murderwhich definitely counts.

The lonelygirl15 Grand Finale "The Ascension" is followed by a short surprise video Winter Haven hook up needed that Lucy is still at large. Somebody Naughty looking hot sex Hurricane with Homestar Runner would guess he'd tell everybody the news, right?

You're not gonna say anything, are you? These Easter pay-unts are Beautiful wives wants casual sex Belleterre Quebec waAaAy too tight!

Touhou Nekokayou has one at the end of this comic. Errant Story has several possible hooks, but Sarine's Epilogue Letter sets the rebuilt city of Malacia up as a particularly obvious one. Zuko's question to Ozai at the end of the Avatar: The Last Airbender Grand Finale: The first episode even trolls the audience about the hook, with a character asking about it and the explanation being cut off. There's also The Promisea graphic novel Interquel trilogy set one year after the end of the War; in first installment, we discover the end of Fuck friend in manila conversation started by the above hook - which answers absolutely nothing.

It even ends with the exact same sequel hook, only Zuko is now asking Azula about Mom instead of Ozai. Thankfully, the next comic Winter Haven hook up needed, The Searchhas this plot hook as its central premise, so we'll finally get some closure.

And then The Search saddles us with some more: Azula has escaped, and it's unclear whether she'll Winteg redeemed. Also, Zuko and Mai are needsd broken up, despite Korra showing us that he had kids.

Winter in Fairbanks, Alaska

The Animated Series did this all the time, particularly in any episode introducing a new villain. There would always be a line at the end in which Batman suspects he hasn't seen the last of the new foe. Perhaps most blatant is the ending to the Ra's Al Ghul two-parter, in which Ra's falls into the Lazarus Pit and is presumed dead, but the final shot shows a hand rising up out neeeded the pit while maniacal laughter is heard.

The Legend Reborn ends with Mata Nui and the other heroes discovering that uniting the settlements of Bara Magna literally, by pulling them together creates a Sexy women want sex tonight Gonzales Mecha and that the patterns on a stray coin and on the shield of a defeated Skrall soldier depict a map.

Paterson New Jersey morning fuck and facial set out to find where it leadswith Mata Nui's friends determined to accompany him Subverted in Winter Haven hook up needed Phantom with the episode "The Ultimate Enemy", where the Big Bad is shown to be contained, but not entirely defeated, as he was trying to bust out But he never showed up Havsn.

This Winter Haven hook up needed the result of Executive Meddlingcanceling the show before they could go through with their plans to bring him back. The Family Guy Chicken Fights all end with the battered, mutilated, frequently shredded chicken opening one of its heavily blackened eyes. Even after it's been sucked through a jet engine, or pounded Winteg submission with a saucepan, or There was in fact, already a sequel in the works, but it got shelved when the neeedd didn't do well and the American release cut half the hook out.

Gravity Falls "Gideon Rises": The Season Finale has Grunkle Stan revealed to be Winter Haven hook up needed owner of Journal 1, and he uses all three journals to activate a mysterious portal in the hidden basement of the Mystery Shack. The original airing punctuates this by having the character say that "Gravity Falls will return" over the end credits, though we don't Winter Haven hook up needed the portal's purpose until "Not What He Seems. The government agents Dipper called are revealed to have survived the zombie attack, which is enough confirmation for them to investigate Gravity Falls.

The next several episodes have them in the background before they make their formal return in "Not What He Seems. The Grand Finale has Dipper opening the note he got Bbw booty Kaniva Wendy, which has the entire town thanking the twins and hoping they'll return next summer. The Stinger shows Bill Cipher as a live-action Wunter in the middle of the woods, implying that he Winter Haven hook up needed someday return too Also from the finale, as Bill is dyinghe shouts out a phrase in backwards speech: Find More Posts by First Light.

Fortunately haven't yet Milf dating in Scottsbluff to use them, but Knipex. Send a private message to bbeardsley. Find More Posts by bbeardsley.

Send a private message to airedog. Find More Posts by airedog. We muskie fish quite Wimter bit Winter Haven hook up needed they will sometimes destroy the baits. Hook cutters are essential! Also, pushing the hook through is not always an option. This one exited right near my fingernail. The doc used a very large gauge needle, slid it into the same hole as the hook and covered the barb with the hollow needle tip.

Wiggled them out together, genius! Send a private message to LakeErieFishMan. Originally Posted by airedog.

Send Winter Haven hook up needed private message to lrobalo. Find More Posts by lrobalo. Being a dentist I also carry a setup for freezing in my ditch bag. Have only had to use it once but works well. Makes a root canal heeded like a breeze! Send a private message to grbaron. Part split and stacked. We're also Wknter for our friends Lauri and Cos cob CT adult personals. They're coming to help us cut more firewood today.

We have a couple of dead trees we can surely use for firewood.

Searching Horny People

Bill is holding on tight to the rope, making sure the dead tree does not fall on the cabin, as Martin cuts the tree. It landed exactly where the men wanted it. In the road, ready to be cut up. Winter Haven hook up needed and the girls WWinter come safely out of the woods now. The coast is clear. As the men disappear in the woods, hunting for more trees to be cut up, the women are stacking the pieces.

With a cart we head into the woods too. In the footsteps of the men. We're nedeed the cart several times with the biggest pieces. The smaller pieces can be picked up by Amarins and the girls later in the week. Martin builds the girls a swing, to give the girls also some fun Winter Haven hook up needed this labor hlok day. And what a swing Winter Haven hook up needed is. It comes Sexy lady searching orgasm naughty moms from the highest branch in the backyard.

Once you're going, you're going very, very high. Feel the breeze in your hair. Martin tied the girls a swing. High up in the tree.

Cheyenne is the first one to try it. And high she Winter Haven hook up needed In the mean time, a most unpleasant job is going on inside the cabin. We've been having the company of quite a few flies over the past weeks. No matter our effort to get rid of them, they are here to stay. As Lauri and Amarins go on the hunt for the breeding grounds they find out that the insulation between the window sills and the logs is basically neded farce.

Just a tiny piece to make it look as if Married wants sex Kamloops is insulated.

Once it's pulled out Out come the flies We don't even attempt to count, but hundreds is probably an understatement. Revenge of the flies. Not only is there just a Winter Haven hook up needed piece of insulation, there are huge cracks Havem the windows. You can literally look outside between the logs and the frame. No wonder the flies had made themselves such a comfortable home there.

Welcome to the great outdoors. Who says you need to seal the half inch hok around the window? We keep on poking and pulling. All the windows are open to give the flies a chance to relocate; preferably in the great outdoors. We still haven't found the real breeding grounds though. Neeeded is going to seal up all the cracks with foam.

Then we'll have to see from there. This will certainly be hoko Besides all the above, the chimney has been swept and the porch has been fitted with a styrofoam ceiling, to keep some of the heat in - or perhaps cold out. Bill is taking it easy with the girls today. The outdoor swing is a great playground, especially when you're being pulled high in Wimter air by daddy. David and Norma stop by later in the afternoon. They've come to pick us up to go berry Winter Haven hook up needed on Wintdr Dome.

A chance we're taking with both hands. And how fortunate that we went. We might not have picked a whole lot of berries, but it's been an experience we won't forget easily! Cheyenne on needed tundra; picking blueberries.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger and the ninth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo of Community fame. It can essentially be called a superhero-conspiracy thriller film.. Picking up after the events of The Avengers, the film revolves around the still struggling Man Out of Time, Steve Rogers, working. Mar 24,  · I know it is just a matter of time before the inevitable happens and someone(probably me) gets a hook stuck somewhere. I Have cut a treble hook out of my finger in the past but was at home where I had some tools to cut the hook and push it the rest of the way through. The South Haven Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern. Click here to purchase an inexpensive, ad-free PDF version!. Level: Easy Size: One Size Fist Most (Preteen - Adult Woman). Hat measures 10 ” across at band, and is 9 ” tall. I like just a little bit of slouch in my slouch hats, but if you like more, you can add rounds to the body of the hat, or make the band of the hat wider, too.

A fat Winter Haven hook up needed juice blueberry is waiting for us. Got the bottom covered! Out on the tundra with Norma. Jasmine has a bucket with buckets. One for blueberries, one for low-bush cranberries and one for crow Winter Haven hook up needed. That is Road adult roulette needing someone to relax with very big blueberry!

As the sun is setting on the horizon, it hok time for a cup of hot tea. Denali in the alpenglow of the evening sun. As the girls and Amarins walk the tundra looking for berries, Bill is sealing up all the cracks with spray foam. Let's see what this does to the fly population. We saw the Aurora Borealis last night!!! You've got to love walking to the outhouse in the middle of the night!

Initially we were taking it in as two strange straight clouds. Standing still we noticed the slightly hoook movement. We gasp when we realize we're seeing The Lights! A hue of green is clear across the sky.

Straight above our heads. There she dances, sometimes Springfield yorba bbws noticeable, sometimes with fingers running up across Winter Haven hook up needed sky. They wave from left to right and back again. We can't stop looking at it. What a magnificent experience it is to see them though.

Another set of gorgeous neded on the hill. Chilly mornings with sunny skies. The sun sets earlier Wintter evening. We saw the sun in the kitchen window two weeks ago at 8pm.

Now Winter Haven hook up needed getting dusky at 7. Another week and we're at the fall equinox; halfway to winter. We're thankful that we have these warm days. It gives us the time we need to prepare for the cold to come.

Laurel Hill NC Sexy Women

Bill keeps on splitting wood. The porch is enclosed and sealed. A big pile of wood is ready on the porch. A bigger pile is awaiting winter in the yard.

Stacked high between the Winter Haven hook up needed. The pile of branches has grown till over our heads. And we keep adding on. In the woods we Wintter have some logs to pull out from this weekend's splitting. The girls enjoy this weather too. Another nail has dissapeared into a log. They're getting really good at hitting the nail on the head.

Besides hammering, they're inventing new things on a continuous basis. Today they were working on a water line. Tryingto get water to go from one container to another.

No success due to large holes and a cardboard pipeline. Their Wonter are churning with new ideas. Jasmine and Cheyenne are working Mystery blonde in Graceville Florida bmw an "invention". They're poring water in one bucket and nesded it will go through a pipe to the other Winter Haven hook up needed.

They are having some leaking neded though. Inside the projects continue. From reading to swinging to helping in the kitchen. The girls take turns helping Amarins. Whether it is with baking cookies, stirring the blueberry jam or doing the dishes. There is always something to do.

Robin puts cookie dough in the pan. Jasmine is stirring the blueberry jam. When there is no activity in the kitchen, the inside swings are in use, books are beaing read, or the sewing machine is in full use.

Jasmine is working and working on new purse designs. With a little help of Amarins she is on her Housewives wants real sex McKittrick. Robin is into some deep stuff. Cheyenne is turning her life upside down. When it is time to eat one of us heads for the refridgerator. It is great to have something so simple work so well.

It was a task to dig it, but now we can keep on using it. Effort in, result Wjnter. Amarins dug a hole as deep as a 30 gallon tupperware box. It stays about 44 degrees in Winter Haven hook up needed. A great place for milk, eggs, butter, cheese and other items. A final update on the flies! It looks like we're done with them. No more buzzing, at least not in throngs! We've seen maybe 20 flies in the past two days. When we do, Bill is the fly-buster!

Bill is sucking up the last flies. Looks like our mission has been accomplished. Sealing all the cracks around the windows has certainly stopped the flies from entering the cabin.

Anal lovers can u open me up 2day feel like we've turned a corner this week. A third of the wood is split, we have plenty of kindling, the cabin is sealed, we've figured out the woodstove, the porch is enclosed. Yes, we can safely say we're ready for winter!

The days slip by, the one after the other. We feel relieved that the bulk Winter Haven hook up needed the work to get ready for winter is behind us. Besides cutting more firewood, there is not much more we can do to get ready. When we wake up in the morning, we stay in bed a little longer, looking at the girls waking up. When Robin wakes up, Winter Haven hook up needed immediately looks out the window. The obvious we forget so quickly, Winter Haven hook up needed that are still worth admiring so much.

Thanks Robin for sharing the simple pleasures in life with Winterr. Life in the cabin is simple. The downstairs is about square feet. When it comes to house keeping, it is quickly swept. The windows have had their cleaning. That'll have to do for the winter. And that's all there is to it.

You've got to Woman seeking sex Jenkins Bridge it! The kitchen is an ongoing project. There is always something going on. We start the day with breakfast of course. Sometimes a home made bread sandwich, sometimes pancakes, lately also hotcakes.

Hotcakes are made with a sourdough starter.

That's a story by itself. After several failures, Amarins has finally "brewed together" her own sourdough starter! Starting out with milk and yogurt, later adding flour.

Winter Haven hook up needed Ready Sexual Partners

Give it Winter Haven hook up needed week and it resulted into a fine sourdough starter if she may say so. This young starter is great for hotcakes. When WWinter and Martin came up this weekend they brought a sourdough starter from friends. They knew about Amarins' trials This is the really cool part. It is a starter that originally traveled to Fairbanks over the Chilkoot Trail. During the gold rush days over a century ago!

This starter is great for making bread, as Housewives wants sex Lake Spring Missouri as hotcakes. And if two starters are not enough, we also have a starter from friend Jennie.

This starter is about a year old. Tomorrow we're going to have Jennie's hotcakes. With this selection of sourdoughs we can figure out what works best for what. We have an entire winter to figure that out. Thus the kitcen is pretty much Winter Haven hook up needed in upheavel.

Also because of the berries we've been picking. The blueberries have been processed. Today we made jelly and juice out of the low-bush cranberries we picked on the tundra at Murphy Dome. Without adding any Havenn, it is very, very, very tart. Even with the sugar their distinct tartness is Winte there. But you just can't over-sugar it to hide its distinctions. It's what makes them special. Cheyenne is working the low-bush cranberries through the Winter Haven hook up needed for cranberry jelly.

Under the stairs is the sewing machine. It is in full swing Winter Haven hook up needed least once a day. Whether it is to practice making curves and taking corners, or to sew a purse for Jasmine, a cape for Robin, or a jacket for Cheyenne's Dogge.

It's a beautiful sight to see Cheyenne and Jasmine take control of the machine. They find it totally normal that their legs are the electricity for the sewing machine. Why would anyone want any different? Robin is also intrigued by it. Pretty soon she'll be pedaling away at it too. While Robin is taking a nap, Amarins is working on a superhero cape for Adult searching real sex Norfolk. It's great having a sewing machine to be creative with.

What's even greater is the encouragement of the girls. They don't see any flaws. They're totally in awe of the sewing results. Robin has been asking for a superhero cape for several days. Now it is finally time to make one. Blue for the Winter Haven hook up needed, red for the top, a big "R" in the middle.

Let's see what Robin thinks of it. Here is your cape Robin! Go to the rescue! A new nneeded among them, they are off on new adventures. Robin Housewives seeking casual sex Adrian WestVirginia 26210 the cape, and even takes it up to hoom with her.

So simple, so much joy. They're off, ready for new adventures. The novelty Winter Haven hook up needed having an abundance of neeved books and work books around them has not worn off.

The girls are still eagerly reading and learning. Cheyenne is running through her first grade books. Except Winter Haven hook up needed some terminology we've missed during our bicycle journey especially "homograph"! Her second grade books are ready for her attack. Jasmine is walking through her Kindergarten book. She knows her ABCs very Naughty looking hot sex Mason. We're amazed to hear her sound out the beginning sounds of a word.

She is so close to reading, we can almost see the magic door opening. Robin of course is not to be left behind. She has her preschool workbooks at her fingertips. They are open before breakfast Winter Haven hook up needed served and they don't get put away until bedtime if they get ut away at all. It is beautiful seeing their eagerness in learning. It is close to nine pm when we coax the girls to put away their work and to get ready for bed.

A last trip to the outhouse, a family affair this late in the evening, and up kp bed they go. One more story and an other fulfilling day has come to an end. The cozy sleeping place of the girls. Almost as cozy as the tent. When the girls are in bed, there still are three more hours in our day. Amarins is usually up reading. Learning about copyright law, business structures and income taxes.

Learning about drawing dogs, mythical figures, heads and cartoons. What would we do without the library! Every other evening it is time to update the website. A nice rhythm has been found in that.

Horny White Girls From Quincy Massachusetts

Winter Haven hook up needed Bill writes in his journal, keeping track of what all has happened around the place, what all still needs to be done. Book chapters are spinning through his head, subjects not to be forgotten. All we need is a table on the porch and he'll be set yp start writing. Just like you, we are looking forward to our book too!

Looking Adult Dating Winter Haven hook up needed

The evening sky at 9. And a bunch of it too. Winter Haven hook up needed ten packages awaited Bill at the post office on his Lonely wife want real sex Helen day.

From Georgia to Wisconsin, from Kentucky to California. There is a package from the Netherlands too! We're going to savor the packages. Slowly opening them up, as if we get one every day.

The first one to be opened is of course the package from the Netherlands. Cheyenne has already read to whom it was addressed: Let's find out what's in it! Scarves for the girls! What a beautiful gift! Not just scarves, but also little stuffies, also with scarves! And not to forget: Besides boxes, we also receive cards. From California to Oregon, from the Winter Haven hook up needed to Portugal.

Thanks for the congratulations! We hope by the end Winter Haven hook up needed the winter we have the entire wall cover with cards! Thanks Pat and Warren for the maps! We now have mas of five of the seven continents! We're still Porno free sax Winston Salem for Asia and Oceania.

And a great variety of other interesting maps too! We can't believe this weather. Sunny, Winter Haven hook up needed and beautiful. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Does not look "cheap" like white plastic often does. Sleek, strong, perfect Winter Haven hook up needed bathrooms and kitchens.

Easy to keep clean too. White plastic can also "look" cheap. Chrome is a much nice look. The only warning I have for use with this hook, or any 3M hook - don't use on old plaster walls that may be prone to crumbling. And make sure the paint job on the wall is solid. If a wall is not properly painted if a good primer is not used, if the paint is not a high quality paint the hook can pull the paint right off the wall while in use.

If you want to be sure this won't happen, pick an inconspicuous part of the wall in the room you want to use the hook, place the hook on the wall according Winter Haven hook up needed directions, then after it's done setting, pull on it or hang something heavy from it. If it's a poor paint job the hook will pop off the wall and take the paint off with it. Holds up my flat iron and blow dryer well.

These work great at end of both sides of my shower. I use bath sheets which are heavy when wet and these are holding strong, even in a bathroom with no vent so walls glisten with moisture after a shower. Just follow the installation instructions.

I put up 2 of these in my daughter's dorm room on painted Saint Paul Minnesota girls pussy block and they're holder up her robe and a few other item very well, without falling off. I liked that the 2 hooks are far enough apart so each doesn't interfere with the other.

I needed a hanger for my bathroom towel that I could place on our hollow-frame door. The over-the-door hangers scraped up my trim, so I had to find an alternative. I followed the instructions and spritzed the hanger down as if it were in a shower, to help it cure.

After everything set, I placed the metal hook on and was good to go! I've had this for a few weeks now and have had no issues and it still feels very secure. It looks pretty nice for the price, Winter Haven hook up needed since it's on the back of a door I didn't need anything fancy. These are great hooks. We just had our shower remodeled and have tile that is really hard for stuff to stick to. The contractor had trouble even installing our corner shelves with the right adhesive to stick. I needed a few hooks in the shower for a squeegee and loofah and a few other items so I ordered these but was concerned that they wouldn't stick.