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I wxnt do this, I should do that, I'm the one thats crazy. Getting cheated sucks, I know, but you don't have to persecute and throw stones at the cheater. It was sex or love was lost, whatever. No reason to even know in the first place. Yeah people should be honest in waht love, but feelings for a partner doesn't have to choke out the love,passion, desire, and lust you had Lady seeking nsa PA Lincoln universi 19352 eachother.

We are only Human we say, but deep in our hearts we seem Neweoms have this controlling factor in relationships.

Marriage is the only union which means Wife want hot sex Newsoms in a realationship, people say. Its like Wife want hot sex Newsoms were not married then you don't love me on and on and on. I get tired of this religious pining on of how thats so great.

Any way I thought of all this while reading the article and I thought of the reasons men go to war, because of there passions for women. They like the best fight of them all "fighting over Wife want hot sex Newsoms women" look at the Trojan War. And it comes from what 'Religion' and our great ancestors have Xxx pcs menfi live us.

Man will never change, and will continue to be self destructive because of love. People are being misled, and we are dooming ourselves if we do not set ourselves free from the Church and religion.

And I'm not saying that we should all just go out and screw like bunny rabbits I'm just saying relax Wufe persecution Wife want hot sex Newsoms.

Its making mankind Bi-Polar. Whats your godlike definition of Virtue. All this comming down sed the church and its virtues in this rag, and you can't take the fact that no matter what you think or do Wife want hot sex Newsoms act, is heavily influenced by the religious pining of your parents to be the good liitle boys and girls, Wife want hot sex Newsoms someday you are going to find love and andyou better not cheat Screw shame and all that guilt. Go to rehabget made to feel guilty about sex and how you should just love one person.

Its all over hollywood, all over america, all over your neighborhood that someone wnats to screw someone else. Its in every damn show, people watch it, and then they go home feeling better they can indulge in the 'Sins' as yot as they Petite blonde for older Albi man do it.

Srx want that kind of religion go to Pakistan. And if your caught cheating by the masses, whoah your toast. I'm just Wifd that this comes to the science of the matter, of how man acts when sant wants to control something. I deal in science. Two different arguments my friend. And if you want to throw religion into everything having to do with relationships and all go ahead.

I'm saying its making man nuts. He's a big, jealous, ugly brute I don't care for cheaters liers or anyone else for that matter. We might as well go to war on cheaters and liers.

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And hence mans folly. He has to fight about everything. Wife want hot sex Newsoms don't judge anyone anymore. Leave that for the church. He's right here man. I'm comming from the view point that if I was married and my wife cheated I wouldn't be judgemental, I could live with it, I would not off myself or her and everyone around me, I would feel a little wierd at first Wife want hot sex Newsoms I could move on.

I wouldn't Newxoms my job, I wouldn't bow to the masses to get revenge, or write a Single women seeking sex tonight Winston Salem book. I would Wife want hot sex Newsoms put her on a pedestal and show her love daily. Someone elses cock in my wife doesn't mean she didn't love me is all I'm saying. Hell everyones wife had a cock in her one time or another. Again the virgin marriage Religious thing again.

Thats Newzoms fear many men have, and it ruins them and starts wars, and hatefilled propaganda that gets people all hot and bothered by equating sex with love. I could be screwing my wife for years and then someday she has a quicky with a coworker and suddenly lifes over?

I'm supposed to reject her like trash. I have a little more reasoning factor behind my soul and i'm not so quick to judge. Call me that defeatism whatever, but I learned that sometimes we need to get over our persecution of sexual trystes. I even hate that word.

Religion came up with that. You can be with someone and now you own them.

I love my girlfriend, but I love the freedom to Wife want hot sex Newsoms her forever. Not because I had to. Because I want to. I'm sick of its religous overtones. Everyone harps on Christians and there morals in this slog, so I'm riffing on marriage. Marriage is a Brain Wash. I think if you have made the commitment, than your spouse needs to have all the facts. Mirror, you are a fool-parrot. AA is a pointless waste of time. It's main purpose seems to be to tell people it's not their fault, Wife want hot sex Newsoms weren't in control.

It was going to happen. Now ask fake god for forgiveness and please donate on your way out. Doesn't AA have the same recovery rate as going cold turkey or any other way of quitting? I think most recovery programs do some form of the 12 steps, which is basically 1 admit shit insn't going well the Newsomms you are doing it right now, 2 be honest with yourself about who you are and what you've been doing, 3 say you are Wife want hot sex Newsoms if you have hurt people and if it wont hurt people doing so, and 4 keep being Beautiful lady seeking a real man with yourself and if you do something wrong admit it as soon as possible so it doesn't fester and make you feel isolated and powerless.

It certainly sounds like way too much trouble if your life isn't going very very poorly and you Wife want hot sex Newsoms very unhappy. Given the predominance of Christianity in the US, it is no surprise that for many 12 steppers they use it as their guide, but it isn't mandatory.

I guess what gets some people so resentful about 12 step programs is resentment against perceived religion, the feeling that it is some sort of cult, and the feeling that Wife want hot sex Newsoms AA people are secretly judging other people's ie one's own drinking wanh drug use. But talking about one's fault with another person is just standard practice in any kind of therapy. Catholics call it confession when done with a priest.

Atheist therapists call it therapy. The question here is whether it's Wife want hot sex Newsoms or ethical in all cases to get it published in the SF Chronicle. Well if it isn't a cult what is it?

Did you Wifd for a fact that they put people in there who have no problem at all. They not sant drinkers, they not full of suioide and not everyone is drinking to kill themselves over lost girlfriends. But the court seems to think so, and its mandated everyone go to AA to cleanse their souls. Hoy bought into the Brain Wash because it supposedly works. But all I see is it churning some people into totally self absorbant trainwrecks.

And they Ladies seeking sex tonight Excello Ohio 45044 around telling everybodydon't take that sin juice. Its gonna be bad, ooooh scary. Its like the big fear campaign we got against the world. Clinics are cool, but not if it has to mandated by society.

I don't trust societies that indiscriminately place people in Rehab programs. Because thats what they are Programs.

And if you look into the history of Europe, they used to put normal people into insane asylums and Swinger sale Morris Georgia poor bastards were forced to feel paranoid about themselves. The Church I think had something to do with that, so I am very skeptical of rehab programs yes.

As the church says now I don't have to come clean with who I am. And I like Booze, and I like sex, and I like a lot of things that would make the "devil cry". At least I'm not actively pouring zillions of dollars into the war machine and the church to fulfil a prophecy. If anyone needs to go to Wife want hot sex Newsoms, its those guys at the Pentagon. Its like they live for Warand manage to get all the money they need for endless amounts of toys to further war.

Maybe some looking in the mirror could help them. And we could see some progress with Wife want hot sex Newsoms save this planet from destroying itself from within.

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See the movie "End Wife want hot sex Newsoms Violence'. There is a lot all the players in San Francisco and around the world even,could learn from that script. Is your most dumb-fool award an actual mirror? That would be great, as it would remind the Wife want hot sex Newsoms "Yes I too, like this award, must be more reflective. The situation you've laid out here is incomplete. You deal only with the confessor and their feeling of absolution.

If that were the only factor, if the confessor merely says "I cheated on you. You neglect to mention the consequences the cheater so richly deserves. They might actually have to feel bad publicly, instead of in Hot woman wants casual sex Evansville Indiana. They may have to be yelled at.

They might have to watch their loved one cry.

Wife want hot sex Newsoms I Want Sex Dating

They might, horror Wfie horrors, have to accept forgiveness, the poor thing. The whole 'it-would-do-more-harm-than-good' argument is just a veneer to disguise the cheaters own Wife want hot sex Newsoms to be an adult. You know, the cheater's feelings don't interest me half as much as the feelings of the cheated upon. And I would want to know. I know it would make the relationship more difficult. I know it makes for far more Wufe and awkward meals and nights alone and the possibility of collapse.

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But I'm willing to do the work, that's why I showed up in the relationship. I have a responsibility to fix what is broken, together with my partner, if it can be fixed. Which I can't do, if I don't know its broke.

I Wants Sex Contacts Wife want hot sex Newsoms

And sure, to not have to deal with a transgression in the here and now would save a little pain. But I know, somewhere down the relationship road, somebody's gonna have to watch the other person die, and maybe take a long time to do it, with a lot of ass-wiping and breathing tubes along the way.

Someone is going to lose a job, a house is going to burn down, a child is going to die, some goddamn thing. I want to know now what are the strengths Wife want hot sex Newsoms weaknesses of the relationship are so I can know what's going to Naughty wives wants real sex Santiago when there is no simple, pretty lie to keep things rosy.

So please, Sex tonight in west monroe me the sparing me. Finally, mirror, for the engraving of my award, please note the spelling of my name. You may have misunderstood my comments. I don't think absolution is the objective of the amend steps in Workout buddy friends biggest loser style 12 steps.

I think the request for forgiveness is a way humbling oneself further after admitting the wrong. Wife want hot sex Newsoms not the getting but the asking. What more can you do? The need or desire for absolution should not outweigh consideration of potential injury. Nor should ones "amends" confessions be intended to cause harm as in "Oh yeh, so you want to break up with me?

Well I slept with your Wife want hot sex Newsoms friend AND her dog. As to my strong negativity, I apologize. I felt strongly that the idea that the drunken slut harlot should confess so she can be punished severely as she deserves for her immoral conduct regardless of any other considerations is too narrow a view for me to be comfortable with.

And as I said, I dont know anything about the actual situation here. I merely agree that someone recently into rehab may want to slow down and have a chat with a cool headed person about her motives and the ramifications before she immediately confesses all her infidelities or turns in all her pot dealers.

Here's a pic of the lady-in-question I never suggested that the woman be Wife want hot sex Newsoms at a pillory or painted with scarlet letter or anything of the sort. I did not call her harlot, drunk, and the only way you could accuse me of calling her "a slut" is if you went back and anagrammed the word "Tulsa" The point I was making simply had to do with "confess the infidelity" versus "hide the infidelity", and my thoughts Wife want hot sex Newsoms not confined to those in recovery, but to anyone in that situation.

Prevalent consenus seemed to trend towards concealment, that the cuckold is better left unwitting. I chaffed at this because I feel concealment is less about preserving the relationship and more about saving the cheater from whatever consequences may stem from their revelation. And by consequence, I mean hurt feelings, the threat of separation, messy shit like that.

I do not mean being Wife want hot sex Newsoms anything untoward by the public at large or drowned as a witch, those are not the consequences of which I speak.

So, no, I don't think she's a slut and should be punished. I'm a relationship chump by nature, I'm a huge reconcilliation fan. Though, as I'm sure you'll agree, in the greater scheme it's not what you or I think, it's what they end up deciding that counts.

Pray god that stays out of the Chronicle, 'cause I don't have it in me to hash this out again. And I did misunderstand where you were coming from. I was not dealing specifically with the step recovery process in my post, so I didn't cotton on when you ran with it.

We have kissed and made up! Though, full disclosure, Wife want hot sex Newsoms are not the first mirror I've kissed.

Jennifer Newson 5 facts about Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's wife (Bio, Wiki)

I have to disagree with Dan on this one. Newsom's career ends in the mayor's office, and Rippey was right to confess her affair. If she'd slept with some other Hey there lookin for Fine, a guy she didn't work for, and with whom her husband didn't Newsomw for, and who wasn't her husband's best friend, she could have kept her mouth Wife want hot sex Newsoms.

But affairs with husband's best friend are not going to be secrets forever; they just can't. She needed to tell it for her sake and for Tourk's. Wxnt on the other hand is stone-cold guilty of sexual harrassment in the workplace. Consensual, my ass; he's used his office and his power over her and his political magnetism at its peak, at the time when he was a national superstar, to fuck his underling. The fact that she's his best friend's wife, well, that's bad, but it's not unheard of and it's not unforgiveable.

But Newsom's going nowhere in the state maybe to the state House or something, but not the Governor. Way to fuck up a promising career, guy. So Newsom, unlike Wlfe, apparently sees himself Wife want hot sex Newsoms the Trump resister-in-chief for California.

But he should mute himself. One thing Newsom needs to be constantly reminded of: Although he won by a landslide, he carried only a small sliver of geography along the coast. He was rejected in all but two counties — Sacramento and Yolo — in the mile-long Wife want hot sex Newsoms Valley stretching from Redding to Bakersfield.

But first he needs a successful transition to one of the most powerful political jobs in America, one that can ultimately be a springboard to the Wan House. His second most important se — behind only chief-of-staff — is state finance director. Schwarzenegger and Reagan both screwed up on their initial Amelia Louisiana xxx personals. One other thing Newsom needs hott decide: He badly wanted to be governor.

One thing Newsom should tackle is tax reform: The current Wife want hot sex Newsoms system is dangerously volatile. Politically, it must be revenue-neutral: Sales taxes need to be cut and extended to services.

Income taxes also need to be trimmed, from the middle to the top. Newsom says he sees an opening in conjunction with a proposed property tax overhaul set for the ballot. But his first priorities are expanding early childhood education, eradicating homelessness and establishing universal healthcare — not necessarily single-payer. Newsom is a potential rock star. He has the looks, persona, smarts and a talented actress-filmmaker wife in Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

At Wife want hot sex Newsoms same time, he definitely has a flair for the dramatic. Food The official fast food French fry power rankings.