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Who wants a charming latin guy for christmas

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Its linguistic power not only influenced nations, but Latin also inspired the Romance languages -- including French, Italian, and Spanish.

These Latin baby names for boys are too delicious to pass up. Not only are they unique, but they're true classics as well.

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Latin is the root of the English language, which means it's the root of many of our favorite baby boy names, anyway. But what about a name for the parents who truly wants to pick a Latin name?

BabyNameWizard let us know that there are some great Latin boys' names out there. Latin names give one the sense of intelligence, honesty, and justice possibly because of Latin's connections to law and medicine.

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So for the parents who want a name that is stable, honorable, charmig true, these Latin baby boy names are sure to be the best! Pulling inspiration from the Latin family name Antonius, Anton means "priceless," and is without a doubt a wonderful baby name for your little boy.

Doesn't the name Emilio make you want to grab someone's chubby wubby cheeks? Hopefully, it's a baby and not a grown adult.

Yeah, don't mess with the classics. With a name like Roman, your little boy might grow up to be a powerful gladiator.

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Needless to say, the name Leo comes with a loud roar. Latin for "lion," this three-letter baby name is ferocious and very strong. Yay for boys' names that start with the letter "Q.

Boy, oh, boy, do we love the name Marcello! Another theory is that it's derived from mas manly.

Either way, it's a strong, bold name! Fans of the summertime will likely get a kick out of August.

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Latin for "great," this baby name is full of warmth -- and just perfect for the ray of sunshine you'll call your son. Who wouldn't charmng to have a cheerful boy?

Well, now you can -- thanks to the name Felix. While many of us are familiar with the name Paul it's pretty popularPascha also originates from the Latin Paulus small. Yes, Rene is a popular French name, but its origins are actually Latin.

Drawing inspirational vibes from the Latin Martinus meaning "of Mars," or war-likeMarcin is a playful name that will put a smile on your face. Come on, what mom wouldn't love to have a son who was "soft" or "tender"?

Don't let this surname fool you: Bennett is a wonderful baby name for a little boy. Inspired by the Latin Maurus MoorMauricio is a strong baby name that flr a bit of oomph to it. Those who enjoy baby names with a twist will likely get a kick out of this one.

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