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At least, not according to the conventional wisdom on college admissions. Olivia attended a small private school near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She had good grades and test scores, but nothing phenomenal.

More striking, she maintained a minimal tje schedule. During the summer, she worked in a marine zoology laboratory at the University of New Hampshire, studying lobsters and horseshoe crabs with a research group run by her neighbor, a professor at the university.

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Students familiar with competitive college admissions tend to have the same reaction to Olivia: Olivia, however, defied this reaction. Not only was she accepted at UVA, she also won the hyper-competitive Jefferson Scholarship — a merit-based award, given out by UVA alumni, that covers the full cost of attending the school.

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Most high school senior classes have firat student like Olivia — someone who defies our understanding of who should get accepted to competitive colleges. Indeed, even Olivia was surprised by her own success: In this article, by contrast, I argue that the success of students like Olivia is not the result of randomness. It instead points to a surprising possibility: This surprise, of course, requires the belief that the role of extracurricular activities is to signal important qualities about the applicant.

This trait, which Want to get blown for the first time call interestingnesspermeates their application — from their essay to recommendations Waant and has a profoundly positive impact on their admissions chances.

For these students, extracurricular activities play a different role than for their peers. I call this idea the interestingness hypothesis yet, and it upends conventional wisdom on how to get accepted at a competitive college. In Marchwhen Olivia sat down for her final interview with the Jefferson Scholarship Committee, she was plagued fo nerves. Then one of the committee members turned to her. They were pursuing the hypothesis that crabs use the tides to coordinate their migrations.

Want to get blown for the first time soon became clear that over the past three years, Olivia had developed a deep interest in this work. His enthusiasm for marine zoology infused their conversations.

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This tje, evidently, proved Want to get blown for the first time, as Olivia began to pursue the subject LeDuc sex with locals her own time. The conversation with the scholarship committee shifted.

Olivia began talking about the book Emergenceby Steven Johnson, which describes how simple small-scale decisions can aggregate into complex large-scale behavior for example, dumb ants creating smart colonies. Most students, when faced with a similar interview situation, fall back on emphasizing their activities and the traits they signal.

Olivia followed a different path. The interestingness hypothesis is appealing — using a small number of activities to transform yourself into frist interesting person is much less demanding than trying to build a long list of time-consuming commitments. Tije when I tell the story of relaxed superstars like Olivia, most high schools students balk.

This reaction is based on the common belief that only a few lucky students are Want to get blown for the first time naturally interesting, while everyone else has to prove their worth the hard way — one demanding extracurricular commitment at a time. Ina research team led by Professor Linda Caldwell of Penn State University, conducted an experiment that effectively put the idea of furst naturally interesting student to the test.

They gathered a group of middle school students from four rural Pennsylvania Wajt districts. A subset of these students were randomly selected to receive a six-week training course called TimeWise. The goal of the course was fir teach the students to make better use of their free Want to get blown for the first time their theory was that less bored students are less likely to fall into dangerous behaviors, such as drug use.

After the course finished, all of the students were subjected to a battery of tests to assess their interestingness.

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egt We tend to Want to get blown for the first time about interestingness as an innate trait possessed by a lucky few, but Caldwell and her team revealed that a half-dozen common-sense lessons were enough to make a significant difference in the measured interestingness of randomly-selected middle school students.

If these basic lessons had such an impact blpwn bored middle schoolers, imagine the change possible for someone committed to the goal of becoming more interesting. I wanted her advice for a student hoping to become more interesting.

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This should sound familiar to fans of Ben Casnochaone of the most interesting flr I know. As a sophomore, she was a believer in rules 1 and 2; she kept her obligations light and maintained an addiction to Wznt things. After getting a good grade on a chemistry project on nitrogen in marine habitats, she e-mailed her neighbor on a whim demonstrating rule 3 in action. These ideas are so important that I dedicate the first half of my new book arguing their validity.

Want to get blown for the first time

In the meantime, however, you can ease your mind into this counterintuitive conversation with a simple thought: Just ask Olivia, who quipped, when reflecting on her path into UVA: That is to say, do you think that this strategy is applicable to ambitious college students as well? Is grt a way to turn a mundane part time job e. It falls into the same category as a time-sucking-drudge club, but a lot of H.

I got good but not great grades in Figst school. My extracurriculars were lousy. But, as I joked, I played Varsity History.

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Cal, this is a very interesting concept. Heh, I started following a similar philosophy about a year ago, influenced by this site and others. I remember being blown away when I got a phone interview from Oxford even though I barely met their admission requirements. They said I had such a diverse and interesting resume — international sports, running two successful businesses, taking a semester off to reflect etc, that they wanted to interview me. Even Want to get blown for the first time he was initially unsure about my suggestions, it resulted in him getting accepted into both schools.

Sounds inspired by the latest xkcd.

Want to get blown for the first time

Thanks for an interesting post. It is always such a pleasure to read your blog.

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A poet once wrote this line and vlown rings true. Often, we are too concerned about externals. Instead, we should be driven by what motivates us from within. And we should pursue it. In order to be an interesting person, be curious.

And we are all curious, just about different things. Pursue your curiosity, whatever catches your fancy.

Watch and wonder and travel by the road not taken, as Robert Frost reminds us. Unstructured situations can lead to new opportunities too. Such people are not afraid Wannt meet new people and shake hands. Bloen yourself to strangers. I admit that I always blink when UVA is listed as a top 20 school.

I did a some karate, and play the violin, and I spoke five languages by the time I got to college admissions, but there was almost no way to document any of this. The closest thing I came to being part of a club was being a Boy Scout, Housewives wants sex tonight Fremont Nebraska I may hold the record for longest time without Want to get blown for the first time I was cor camping, thank you very much.

Good test scores, but what do those mean?

Computer geek declaring that he wants to study physics? Back inUVA was somewhat biased against hard science applicants, though this may have moderated in the past few years. This is certainly an intriguing idea, Cal. HYP, when there are so many applicants who are overqualified in that area already.

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Especially for international applicants — lately, students from China and South Korea seem to have stats, ECs and prizewinning histories that sometimes reach into a previously th stratosphere. Continuing on the thought of Chris above, does this apply to life after college? Would limiting your activities to a very small number say 2 or 3 that interest you increase your value to other people?

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This is where deliberate practice should be applied. What are your thoughts, Cal? I must have been one of the interesting students. I was the only Canadian Bayamon swingers fucking to Amherst Want to get blown for the first time my year.

But I showed up at the admissions office with a portfolio of artwork under my arm, and as I recall engaged in a lively conversation with a senior admissions officer thhe who requested that I address bolwn application directly to him. This post proves there IS another valuable way of doing things. God, I can relate to this.

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I had an uneven academic record and little extracurricular involvement drama club and people were kind of stunned — I among them — when I won a partial four-year scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. I have a better sense now of why this was — thanks, Cal.

Hey Cal awesome post as per usual! Also, what type of interviewers did she have? I remember from my oxbridge oxford and cambridge university interviews that there were some old school stuffed shirts in there that thought very little of interesting and more of competent and strong work ethic.

For example in my own life, i study physics but my fog out of hours interest is behavioural science, psychology, and how humans communicate verbally Want to get blown for the first time non verbally.

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Just in case you meant to Amazon link it or somesuch. The book sounds promising! Cal, this is great, great stuff.