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Submissive don looking for a female fun

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LOL So I am going to try this road. Brunette USAF female wearing warm ups m4w Oh my god. 6 foot and in best shape. I am white around 185 lbs good shape M4w just what the title ,ooking I need a kitty to worship today. W4m i want to hang out with someone and cuddle.

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Doing delicate little repairs to his wife's lingerie. Wouldn't you say that a man like that might be kinda womanish? C'mon now, tell me the truth. She continued, "And Linda's like me, I guess. Sort of wants to know how far she can Submissive don looking for a female fun you, before you start pushing back.

That probably explains why you don't push back. You're frightened of her," she said. Whoever said that life was fair? She smiled a sympathetic smile as she said this, then added, "But let's get away from this subject.

You may not be seeing Linda for a while anyway - I've got something I want to talk to you about. But before we drop her as a topic of conversation. Did she show you how to wax your Swingers Personals in Savanna today?

Then, did you shave under your arms like I asked? But how come I'm not going to see Linda? She held up her hand to stop my question. You'll be nice and smooth for a while Thank goodness you don't shave much.

I like you nice and smooth. Don't know what I'd do if I had married a man that had to shave his Submissive don looking for a female fun every day, and had hair on his body - ugh!

I Ready Men Submissive don looking for a female fun

Then held the glass out towards me. Make yourself Submissive don looking for a female fun while you're at it.

We'll talk Fetish partners in Landrum South Carolina you get back.

Bemused by the sudden developments she'd just introduced, I took her glass and put my embroidery down. Started towards the bar in the kitchen. As I did so, I saw her walk into the hall, and heard her open the hall closet door. Didn't think any more about it.

I made her a fresh Jack Daniels on the rocks and mixed a tequila sunrise for myself. Put them on a tray and carried them back into the living room. She had returned to her chair. On the ground beside her was a gift- wrapped parcel, topped with a shimmering ribbon that was tied into a large extravagant bow. She made no sign that it was for me, so I made no reference to it, just handed her glass Submissive don looking for a female fun her, then sat on my own chair.

She took a healthy pull at her drink. Licked her lips with appreciation. I was so impressed by your opinions on.

I mean, you were so goddamned confident in your own opinions Godlike in your own invincibility I started seeing that you had feet of clay. Couldn't hold a job - even low level clerical ones.

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The excuses for losing one position after the other? And when I started bringing Sumbissive more money than you? Giggled a little into her glass. Started seeing you for the weakling you were?

She took another pull at her glass. Smiled over the rim at me. I wasn't Swinger sale Morris Georgia surprised when you grabbed at the opportunity, when I suggested that you stay home, get out of the competitive rat race altogether.

I knew of course that you didn't expect me to saddle you with Submissive don looking for a female fun of the housework - but you didn't put up too much of a struggle when push came to shove, did you?

But then I noticed. You weren't Submissive don looking for a female fun at all. Settled quite nicely into your TV soaps in the afternoon and cooking and washing and Then I got Linda to come around. Even I didn't realize what a perfect choice she was. You did really well too, didn't you? So much so, that Linda started to recognize you for the sissy you are. Do you have any idea how much you've assisted in raising her self esteem? Learned to make demands on you.

Boss you around a little, eh? And here you are now, all nice and docile. Do what I ask, do as you're told. Do what Linda tells you to do as well. I still felt there was something missing. Then last month at Phylis's dinner? You helping her and the girls clear up? She shook her head in disbelief. Wearing one of her nice pretty aprons while you helped.

All these nice frills swaying around you while you worked with the other girls? Did you realize just how much you fitted in with them? Any idea of how close I came to Submissive don looking for a female fun you brush out your pony tail there and then just to see how you'd look? But I started thinking instead. I really seem to enjoy watching you doing girl's things. Suppose I had you looking more like a girl? Acting more like a girl?

She shook her head in exasperation. Being all sweet and loving. What the hell do you think? You're even sounding like a dithery woman!

I just said I was thinking about how much I'd enjoy it. I was only partially relieved as the scary smile was still there. It even widened as she reached down for the present beside her, then handed it over towards me. Nervously, I took it from her. Managed to get a smile of thanks onto my face. What's this in honor of? The box was very light for something that was containing more than one thing - as evidenced by her use of the word 'them'.

I was still wary though, but carefully untied the ribbon and started removing the paper It really was pretty stuff, and I thought I might be able to use it again. When I got the box lid off, I saw the glint of what looked to be Submissive don looking for a female fun light blue fabric under a few layers of tissue. Before I could even remove the tissue, she blurted out, "Aren't these the cutest baby dolls you've ever seen?

Hold them up against yourself. I want to get an idea of how they'll look on. Aghast, I verified what she had said. I pulled the first piece from the tissue that surrounded it. I had the tops in my hand, the panties remained in the box. But she had described the present perfectly.

A set of satin Lady looking casual sex New Hartford Center doll pajamas, light blue in color with both the tops and panties heavily ruffled in alternating layers of dark blue and pink lace. Unwillingly, but obediently, I held the tops up against my body. Turned myself to face her. Get an idea of how you look? Didn't I just tell you that you seemed to be liking the feminine things you were doing?

I couldn't be blamed for thinking that you might want to wear them? If not for yourself, then for Submissive don looking for a female fun A reasonable supposition on my part, no? I mean, you've got yourself all smooth for me. Why not do what girls do? Wear something to accentuate just how smooth you are! Why don't you run upstairs and put them on? I'll be up in a couple of minutes.

You can model Girls that want to fuck in Martinique for me then But I think it's very closed minded of you to refuse my gift without any hesitation - without even thinking vemale me - especially when you know how happy it would make me, seeing you try them on for even just a couple of minutes.

The threat in her statement was obvious. At fkn same time - it sounded as if I could maybe get out of wearing them again. If I just gave into her this once? Feamle didn't mean that I didn't want to wear them. But if it's just for me Submissive don looking for a female fun try them on? She smiled gently at me, all traces of displeasure gone.

But there's plenty of Submissive don looking for a female fun. Just you scoot upstairs like a bunny. Leave the glasses here - you can tidy them up during the commercials. I'll be up in a minute. Married couples ready casual fucking dating hentai a state of internal turmoil, I saw it was useless, so went upstairs, my new nightwear in my hand.

Slowly at first, then in a panic somehow I was more frightened of my wife coming in while I was in the middle of changing, than I was of lookibg seeing me in baby dolls for Submissive don looking for a female fun first time I got undressed, then put the top and panties on.

Humiliated beyond measure, I still had to admit that there was a certain amount of pleasure to be had in the feel of my new clothes. The feel of the material was accentuated by the smoothness of my skin. I also couldn't resist peeking in the mirror. They actually looked quite cute, I thought. Then Enid came in, catching me unawares. Smiled at lokoing me in such feminine behavior. How nice you Corinth MS bi horney housewifes Let me see you from the back.

Have a good look in the mirror, just like a girl would do. Aren't you pretty in your new clothes? Go on, do a little twirl. Isn't that SO cute the way that the top bells out a little when you do? Watch the movie in them. Then, if you like them, you can wear them to bed. How does that sound? But couldn't show my fright - so smiled at her suggestion. Thought of an excuse. Your matching peignoir and slippers" she said, heading for the closet. This way, you'll be all comfy and cozy - even your feet will be toasty warm!

And, a few minutes later, I was bedecked in a garment of chiffon layers, and a pair of slippers matching my pajamas of course von just a medium heel, thank goodness. Her fr were laughing at me as she tied the fine ribbon that Submissive don looking for a female fun my peignoir at the neck. Submissive don looking for a female fun don't you sit here at the dressing table dear. We'll get your ponytail loosened up.

See what we can do? Maybe even make you prettier? And, helplessly now, sitting in front of the dressing table mirror, I watched her undo my hair ties and brush my hair out. I've still got my wedding gown. Bet you'd look sweet in it. Linda's Little girl18 for daddy great seamstress. Maybe I'll get her to alter it to fit you? Wouldn't that be fun? Bet she'd enjoy doing it. Might even do it for free? But my entreaty didn't stop her from laughing softly, shaking her head in a wondering kind of way, then tying my hair up with a blue satin ribbon, finishing it with a large bow.

Embarrassed and humiliated, I was glad the session was over, and started leaving the room with her. But she stopped lookiny towards the door. I've always had this really strong urge to kiss You don't think me perverted or anything, do you? Isn't it quite common for girls Submiszive have crushes on other girls? She ignored my question and giggled theatrically. But, you know what I mean? Somebody all soft and feminine You're all nice and soft now - and I'm just dying to hold you.

But I don't suppose you'd like to help me with my little fantasy? Still ignoring any answer I might make, she put a firm arm around my shoulders and wheeled me back towards the very spot I'd been sitting in. And my wife din openly now watching as I 'voluntarily' sat at our dressing table, resplendent in feminine finery and carefully Submiissive a couple of layers of a 'wet' lipstick to my own lips, and some dabs of perfume to my wrists, neck, and ears.

At first I was silly enough to believe what she had said regarding the minimal amounts I had to apply, but after some attempts found that the 'little' amounts she had been talking about amounted to much more in the actual application. Downstairs ffmale, she suddenly seemed to lose interest in me. I was confused, totally lost, somewhat sexually aroused to tell the truth Submsisive had no idea what was expected of me, so spent the few minutes before the movie came Hot locals sex Lenexa clearing away our glasses and putting them in the dishwasher.

My new clothes felt strange. Submissive don looking for a female fun and diaphanous, but strangely warm and comfortable. Gradually I became more and more used to them, until the only thing left that made lookung uncomfortable was the knowledge that my wife had dressed me in women's clothes, and I had been totally incapable Submissive don looking for a female fun stopping her - and even these thoughts gradually disappeared.

She was settled in her easy chair again with the TV on when I returned. She was very happy to see that I'd made her a fresh drink. Took it from me, and put it on the table beside her.

I went to sit on my own chair. I Submisssive really as shocked as I should have been hearing how she'd addressed me, so smiled as brightly as I could, then went back to sit beside her. She slid over on the large chair, making room for me. Put a comforting arm around me. You're really like this girl I had a big crush on when I was seventeen. You won't do anything like that, will you? As she spoke, she was adjusting how I was sitting on her knees, the satiny smooth fabric of my peignoir assisting her, as she slithered me around to suit her.

Within a minute or two I was sitting almost at right angles across Any kinky lap.

I shook my head in answer to her question. Then she pulled me across her body so that I was now on my back, looking up at her, and reclining in her arms. She looked down at me. Put her lips firmly on mine. The feel of the lipstick was different now tor I was the one wearing it. Not altogether unpleasant, it had a smooth feel under the pressure of her lips - had a sort of 'perfumy' taste.

One of her hands stroked my thigh. Worked its way up to my erection. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and roamed tor inside there. My arms snaked up, and around her neck. This may seem ridiculous, but it all seemed so natural. Enid had been gradually wearing down whatever vestiges of masculinity I had ever possessed.

Gradually, I had been forced into the female role. Was now dressed in female clothes, hair beribboned, lipsticked, perfumed. Not only that - she Elderon WI cheating wives made it abundantly clear that she thought me a woman Submissive don looking for a female fun and I now didn't seem capable of acting in any way other than what she wanted from me. After a few breathless moments, she pulled her head back up again.

Picked up the remote, and turned the TV on. Grinned down at me. Rubbed my belly through the fabrics that enclosed me. I practically purred in response. What's your name again? She nodded, and turned her attention to the TV, but her hands still continued to caress me insistently. There isn't much sense going into detail. If Enid's fantasy was to Submissive don looking for a female fun, fondle, and finally mount, a girl with doj penis - then I met every possible criteria.

The movie was never anything but a blur of color that ran through a haze of sexual gratification for me. By the time it ended, I think we both knew that our positions had been totally reversed.

I orgasmed, lying on femmale back, my peignoir bunched up about my chest, panties down about my ankles and my wife straddling me. I'm pretty sure that she had more than one orgasm herself, as she shuddered violently, and often, during that sex. Not only that, she wasn't finished with me. She finally raised herself off of me and turned the TV off.

I was still lying on my back but took that Submissive don looking for a female fun to pull my panties up into a more proper position and rearrange my peignoir. I wasn't totally surprised when she returned to the couch and lifted me up into her arms - I knew she was strong enough.

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I'm pretty light, I'll admit, but she never puffed once in carrying me upstairs to our bedroom, and laying me down on top of the bed. I was very sleepy so, quickly took my peignoir off and slid between the sheets. I was asleep before she even got to bed. In the morning, I felt embarrassed again - the cold light of morning not being so complimentary to me Nude female Lillian Rock my nightwear.

I got up and Hot woman Newark for sex my ablutions. Took the bow from my hair, and fixed my pony tail. I had shaved about a week before, so was still smooth enough to forego that exercise. I returned to the bedroom and started taking my pajamas off.

Enid gazed at me from the pillow. Bring it to me. And take lookingg pony tail out while you're at it - and bring me the hairbrush.

I almost argued with her, but figured that Enid's usual morning disposition being what it is, Ffun be better off doing as she told me. A couple of minutes later, I returned to find her sitting up in bed, propped pooking by pillows.

I then had to sit beside her as she brushed my hair out again, and retied my Submissive don looking for a female fun. Bring it up here on a tray. Downstairs, I began to notice something peculiar. At first, as had been the case the previous evening, I was terribly self conscious in my new clothes, frightened out of my Submissive don looking for a female fun every time I passed a window in case someone saw me.

After a little while, common sense took over. The chances that anyone could see me through any window were remote - our house is very private. Even if they did, I had seen my reflection in enough mirrors by that time to realize that I would simply be taken for a young woman doing kitchen duty.

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There was absolutely no chance that any of our friends would be dropping by at that time in the morning. I turned the radio on to femaoe nice station with low key music.

Found myself humming happily as I got the coffee on and started getting Enid's fruit and cereal dishes put together. By this time I'd also become more accustomed to the heels on the slippers. Discovered that I'd developed a sort of natural 'flounce' when I walked that tun the hems of my Submisive and pajama top doing delightful things to the skin underneath. Having to get the newspaper from the porch outside gave me some thought, but again, it was very private - well screened by shrubs, and Submissive don looking for a female fun paper was only about fifteen feet out Mc condy MS wife swapping the driveway.

Quickly, I scurried out, picked it up, and darted back into the safety of the house. Quite happily then, I put the paper and my wife's meal on a tray and mounted the stairs. She had freshened up and, hearing me climb the stairs, had gone back cor bed and propped herself up with pillows again. Don't you look fn with yourself this morning. You're a nice piece of ass. Is that Submissive don looking for a female fun way I'm supposed to say it? I could feel her eyes on me as I left the room, but somehow couldn't control my new-found tendency to flounce.

Knew perfectly well, even without looking, that she was grinning at my back. I was totally surprised, but delighted by her question. I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark, Submissiv I think I'm ready for a major change, and have been for Submissive don looking for a female fun time. The boutique's getting kind of old. I also think I need a change of scenery. I've been thinking of doing something completely new and different. Been talking to Petey.

We might be going into business together. Something just came up that vun like a good opportunity - that's why this mountain thing has come up suddenly. Wasn't her that was argumentative. It was you being a pain in the ass that caused all these arguments.

You and you're male chauvinist bullshit. If I'd known then what I know now? Things Sugmissive have been a lot different, I'll tell you! She looked like she was getting angry, but her voice tailed off and a thoughtful look came into her eyes. I took the chance to change the subject a little.

It's just that she and Barbara have a nice place Submissive don looking for a female fun Sybmissive, and it's only about an hours drive from San Bernardino to their cabin.

dln Petey and I figure that starting up the business in San Berdoo is a very viable concept, but it is going to take a lot of checking out the area - and a lot of our time. This way, you and Submissive don looking for a female fun can stay and keep each other company during the week. Petey and I will stay in a motel while we're down there, but come up at week ends for sure.

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Maybe some nights too Save one helluva lot of driving. Well you and Gor can start looking for a house up there on our spare time. It's really lovely up Looking for no quit no spit in the mountains.

And who's going to do your She shook aa head and put a hand up to stop me talking. It's nice of you to care, but don't worry about it! It's not a done deal yet. I'll be taking some kind of a break up there before we really get down to Submissive don looking for a female fun so don't you worry your pretty little head about me!. Petey and me have a lot to talk about and work out - before we get the goddam lawyers and accountants in. This way, I'll should have what amounts to almost a weeks vacation - and neither you nor Barbara will feel left out She picked her coffee cup again.

Looked at me over the rim. To be honest, I've been setting this up for some time, but what everything came down to was how you'd react when I gave you your pretties last night.

I mean, you've been letting me boss you around more and more," she laughed. Never, ever, imagined you'd let me call you Melissa. Still all gussied up, sitting on the bed here, pretty ribbon in your hair. Not to change the subject or anything? But did you actually go out in that outfit when you femaoe to get the newspaper earlier on?

Here's my husband - in baby dolls, high heels, and a chiffon peignoir? Going out into the street to get loo,ing newspaper? Let me ask, Would you go out there in a dress if I told you? I guess you're right. It's only about an hour and a half drive to Petey's and Barbara's cabin, but I want to get there this Submissive don looking for a female fun. Lonely women Punta Gorda pay for sex would you think if I asked you to wear a nice dress for the trip?

What do you think? Stop your kidding, Enid. You said I'd only have to 'try' the baby dolls on - you didn't say anything else about a dress for goodness sake.

Didn't say anything about a dress! I faltered to a stop. She was caressing the ruffles that covered my breasts. Even got some soft ' bedtime' bra's as well.

Bet you'd really enjoy me caressing you when you've got one of them on under Chambersburg discreet sex baby dolls - and it would have a little padding in it? Just to make you feel more like a girl? We're going up the mountains. When we come back down, you're going to be more of what I want in a wife.

With Barbara fr show you the finer points that Linda's never covered so far, you'll be just the little ladylike wife I've been dreaming about. There's five suitcases there. Two of them are mine. The other three - the big ones - are yours. Go, Submissive don looking for a female fun them up. See what's Submissivee them. A whole lot of nice lady's clothes - just for you. Lingerie, nightwear, dresses, skirts, blouses - not too many pairs of pants I'm afraid - you must be sick and tired of wearing nothing but pants for all these years, surely?

She answered me calmly and kindly. You had Submissive don looking for a female fun chance to act like a man last night. You put on these baby dolls Metrodate com free toronto dating service high heeled slippers - sat over there at that very mirror and put on your lipstick and perfume so that you'd be more like a girl for me.

I didn't even have to lookign you do all Submissive don looking for a female fun. You did it voluntarily. Did it all to please me. But, you'll get used to your new role pretty quickly, especially if you wear the nice dress I've got for you today. It's full length, very full in the skirt, and a shirtwaist top. Long, puffy sleeves with ribbon ties at the cuffs - a nice buttery yellow. I'll have Linda come over for one last time.

She can check you out, give you a manicure, do your hair - that kind of stuff. You've proved it to me. You do what I ask you - it doesn't matter what. So you're going to become a sweet little wife for me. Not only that, you're going to like it - and, even though there is the teeny-weeny possibility that you won't, you'll show me and everyone else that you do.

I want Petey and Barbara see what our relationship is now. It's been a long time since we were all together, but I know that Petey still thinks I'm a wimp for putting up with all that macho nonsense you used to rant about. I want her to see who's the real boss now.

I realized that she was deadly serious. Helplessly, I started to cry. She pulled a tissue from the box on the bedside table, then pulled me into her arms, wiped at my lookiing. She gave a deep sigh. Just stop that bloody snuffling! We both sat for a few minutes. K" she said, sighing. We'll go up there today.

You can wear your 'man' clothes You will wear panties. That is a non- negotiable condition, but other than that, you can wear anything you like.

Not only that, you're Submissive don looking for a female fun going to have to see Linda today - something I knew you wouldn't be keen on. On the other hand though, I'm giving up the pleasure of having you presented as my little pet - for at least a week, maybe more. So you're Submissive don looking for a female fun all the benefits, and I'm losing some. She took a sip of her coffee. As far Women want nsa Ketchikan Alaska Petey and Barbara are concerned, I want this "conversion" to appear to be entirely your own idea.

I'll be accepting of what you're doing of course, but will appear to be somewhat bewildered by your behavior. I also intend to tease you about it on a regular basis. In front of them as well. What about all these clothes in the suitcases? How could you not know - especially if you did the packing? Put all that nice stuff in for yourself.

Saw the stacks of clothes I'd brought home from closing out the boutique. Decided that 'borrowing' them for this month up in the mountains was your best chance for coming out of the closet Submissive don looking for a female fun. I certainly don't want you to think that I want you to be one of these swishy, bitchy, drag queens. The clothes I've picked for you are feminine, Sweet wife wants hot sex Batavia ladylike.

You'll learn to act in a way that complements them. Do we have a deal? We've been getting along pretty well. I mean, I don't mind being the.

Acting like a woman? She smiled at me. You've picked up being a housewife in a few months. After years, I wasn't worth a shit at it. I give you the opportunity to be a sweet young thing and you jumped at it - and you Submissive don looking for a female fun pretty good as well, if I remember correctly.

And one thing you seem to keep forgetting? I want my turn at being the Sjbmissive of the house - and I think I've waited long enough. I wouldn't take feemale much - it'll be just that much more to throw away when we're Oral Charlotte man over 50 wanted there. While you're at it, don't forget to pack that yellow dress I was talking about. It's one I Subissive want to see you in, so I don't want it forgotten.

There Submissive don looking for a female fun much sense in arguing fekale her. Off I went, still in my finery, but taking Enid's breakfast dishes with me.

I Submissive don looking for a female fun getting so used to my outfit femalw then, that I hardly thought dom of it. When I did, it dawned on me quickly that I'd be getting Naughty woman want sex tonight Lincoln to a great many more new clothes in the immediate future - especially if Enid had anything to do with it.

I went and cleaned up the breakfast dishes first. Tidied up the kitchen, then went back up to the bedroom. Enid had showered and changed and was in the process of applying her makeup. I made the bed and put her dirty clothes away in the laundry hamper. Then I took my place in the shower. I finished, then wiped the walls and glass window of the shower down before I stepped out.

Enid had left the room by the time I'd came back in. I didn't have to pretend anything when W opened the drawer where I normally kept my underwear and found the pastel tinted, lacy, satin panties that had replaced my jockeys. Blushing, I picked a pair of light blue panties and put them on. Hurriedly then, I rushed to put a shirt on - the thought of Enid coming in and catching me wearing nothing but panties was suddenly more than I could bear.

Then I finished getting Free sex chat Hortolandia - pants, socks, shoes and so on.

Went and brushed my hair. Finally got around to getting a suitcase out, and started to pack. Truthfully, I had no idea what to take and what to leave. Suppose that Enid changed her mind? What if all of this whole thing was nothing more than an elaborate joke? I tried to figure what articles of clothing would be the first to be discarded, w cut back on the quantity of them - there was no sense in filling the suitcase with stuff Fo wouldn't need.

It didn't take too long. I remembered to get the yellow dress out that Enid had talked about. It really did look like that it would be nice and comfortable on. Shamefaced, I held it up against me for a second. Checked how it looked in the mirror. Dry mouthed, I folded it carefully and put it in my suitcase. I took the suitcase downstairs and discovered that Enid had taken down the others already. She was on the phone, canceling the newspaper delivery when I got there.

Asked her to get the mail diverted. Got through to Barbara to make sure she was expecting Lookimg. I thought she might want us to pick something up, but she didn't. I've also notified the security system and Submissive don looking for a female fun the automatic lights. Why don't you make a final check while I get the cases in the car? I put your embroidery on the front seat. It'll give you something to do while I drive.

It didn't look as if she was going to back off at all. Less than fifteen minutes later, we were on our way, she driving - me industriously working over my embroidery hoop.

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Traffic was light and we were soon climbing up into the more rarified air of the mountains. It was a lovely clear day ahead. Submissive don looking for a female fun us lay Wives seeking hot sex DE Wilmington 19801 almost purple haze that usually hangs over San Bernardino and Riverside areas.

The twisting road made concentrating Submissive don looking for a female fun my sewing too difficult. I finally put it aside. Enid gave me a sidelong grin. I had been thinking about what I would have to do and there was no sense in pretending otherwise. But a word in your ear. Once gor go in the dirty wash, you move on to something else, understood? Can't remember for sure.

There's a nice red kimono type, and a couple of fancy femmale. You are thinking, aren't you? Then a robe for the next day? What happens if you have to go get my breakfast in your robe? But can I make a suggestion? I mean, there's lots of tough guys do that sort of thing.

You can say you do it for stress relief or something? But think of it this Submissive don looking for a female fun. It's like giving them an early warning - once you start getting into your proper clothes, well - it wouldn't be such a surprise would it? It wasn't long before we had got on the almost private road that led to our destination. Neither of us had ever been there before, but Petey had given Submissive don looking for a female fun directions and she'd had no problem.

I can get lost going around a corner! I was quite impressed when we drove up to the cabin. Two stories on a sloping lot, with what I took to be a deck overlooking one of the small lakes that fir in the area.

Nice garden at the back. Lots loojing bright flowers. Enid hit the horn lightly - and my public lopking onto a woman began. A small door opened at the back, and Barbara came out. Slim and pretty, just as I remembered. Blonde hair tied loosely with a colorful Housewives looking real sex Dale Indiana 47523 scarf.

Pastel pants under a white half apron with floral tun, white flowing blouse.

Search Cock Submissive don looking for a female fun

Flour Swingers near Mexico oh her hands. She waved happily but pretended to complain. You couldn't let me get lunch ready, donn you? I wasn't expecting you for at least a half hour.

Petey's gonna be pissed off! She's gone up to town. We were short on white wine It's been a long time, eh? Petey'll be back any minute.

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She'll give you a hand with the luggage. Don't worry about that. What room is it? At Barbara's look of surprise, she added "Well, it's only fair I guess. He did all the packing, so it's time I did something.

On top of that? He's actually got to be quite useful in the kitchen. Maybe he can give you a helping hand? When have you seen a man useful in the kitchen? Turn right at the top. Second on your lookinv.

What are you doing? Why don't you go and sit down in the living room? There might be a football game on. Would you like a beer?

I'd really like to help" I said, moving more into the kitchen. Can I serve it up for you? She looked at me. Shook bewildered blonde curls at me. How's about setting the table? Cutlery's in that drawer - salad plates over there - there's a bunch of dressing's in the fridge. Pull out what you fancy". I could hear Enid going up and down the Submissive don looking for a female fun a number of times as we bustled around.

I set the table while Barbara looked out some chicken from the fridge and chopped it. Then she popped some rolls in the oven. While we did all this, we chatted, covering the trivial things that had been going on in our lives, since we'd last talked - about four years prior.

She was very surprised to find out that I was now ensconced at home, with Enid being the breadwinner of Have sex online in Parker dam California. I found that I really enjoyed her company. She was much more pleasant than she'd been before.

Seemed to open up a great deal. Laughed a lot as we chatted. Petey came in about fifteen minutes after we'd started. Short, kinda stubby build. Submissive don looking for a female fun was puzzled by me being in the kitchen as well, but made me welcome with a pleasant, down home, courtesy. I was quite impressed - we'd not gotten on too well the last time we'd met. She'd put a few pounds on over the years, but it suited Submissive don looking for a female fun.

She seemed more secure in herself than she'd been previously. The three of us chatted for a few minutes, then she went upstairs to talk to Enid. She reddened even more. But that time, I could tell that it might have been me over her knees, but it was pretty obvious that it was you she wanted.

I started yelling real quick. Shamed her out of it - but it was a close thing, I'll tell you. Then she looked at me with a puzzled expression in her eyes. Shook her head as if divesting herself Submissive don looking for a female fun an idea. I felt a little shiver of fear. Enid had made veiled references a couple of times that she had thought of spanking me, but had never done it. To be quite honest, it never really crossed my mind that she couldn't - but that was while I still carried some respect, so I'd had some level of protection.

Now that my role was easily recognized as being the subordinate one, I wondered if she'd ever think of taking the threat far enough to actually put me over her knees. It was a scary thought, but I became very much aware of the satin panties I was wearing as I shuddered within them, in a mixture of fear and a sort of delighted expectation. But we were finally getting lunch on the table. Barbara and I took our places at the long ends of the table opposite each other.

Enid and Petey came in and joined us about a minute later. Enid spoke to me. You should see the amount of clothes he packed for me. Not yet a member?

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