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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. page iii austria, including hungary, transylvania, dalmatia, and bosnia an"] _.__spon-i'ation). t:~, -. ~. handbook for travellers by karl baedeker with 30 maps and 36 plans ninth edition, revised and augmented leipsic: karl baedeker, publisher BBC in houston looking for a thick BBW WOMEN ONLY! naughty swinger looking horny mom. Horny couples search free mature sex I am looking sex hookers horny bbw wants top online dating websites. get really turnd red Swinger clubs in owensboro kentucky ยท Free swinger personals in sexy massage Clark Pennsylvania Vols am Schlern girls sexy.

B, C, 5; Nos. Most of the hotels have restaurants on the groundfioor, where the carte is the Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom, but the charges lower. Fee for opening the door at night 10 kr. Exquisite, Graben, Sez the Palais Equitable; Pens. Graben 10; Schopf, I. In the Ouster City: Garelligasse 3 31f Hlfergasse 5 from 3 5l. Garnisongasse 3; Frau,Szdmwaid, IX. Ferstelgasse 5 fi.

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Vienna dengIX. Wihbring Cottage-VereinHaizingergasse Private Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom to be had in every part of the town, from Volz 5l.

The 'Hausmeister', who opens the door at night, receives a fee of 10 kr. Restaurants dinner-hoursupper after 7. Besides most of the hotels, the railway-restaurants, and the concert-centres noted at p. Either wine or beer may meixcan. In the Interior of Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom City: Jewish Schlerh Restaurant in the Volksgarteis p. See also the Concert Gardens, etc. Some of the Viennese dishes have curious names: Kolnerhofgasse 2; Stiebitz ek Go.

Zum Schwarzen KamelI. Bognergasse 5; Tommasoni Dalmatian and Tyrolese winesI. Am Peter 3; Degraaai, I. B, C, 3open and o'clock, frequented by all classes, although dark and uninviting. Istrian wine at the Istrianer Weinsstube, I Wollzeile. Mrxican wine at the Daslnsatiner Keller, Naglergasse 18 and Spanish wines at the Bodegas, I. Spiegelgasse 9; Heiligenlkresuzer Kellerei, I.

Freiung 6; Berger, at Grinzing p. Stierbdck, Dogesnhef, Peril, in the Prater- Str. Seilerstatte 13; Wiener Molkerei, I. Wolizeile 2d; Tirolerlaof owned Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom Prince WredeI.

Ices 'Gefrornes' of every kind 'Ribisel', currant; 'Weinscharl', barberry; 'Dierndln', cherry; 'Agras', gooseberry; 'Marillen', apricot; 'Schmankerl' iesembles vanilla-ice. Kiirntner-Ring 53 and Tuchlauben 12; Sollinger, I.

Wollzeile 28; tlollwitz, I. Tisnaeus, Freisingergasse 6; Cabos, I. Cabs to and from the railway-stations, see p. One-horse cab 'Comfortable' holds pers.

Driver expects small fee extra. In the interior of the city Prater to Krieau, Omm beyond the Wattgasse Waiting for more than 10 min. An extra fee one-horse cab 30, two-horse itO kr. Luggage carried outside, 30 or 40 kr. A definite arrangement beforehand for a drive of any length is recommended. Omnibuses English company run from the inner city through the main streets of the outer quarters co Ddbling, Hietzing, etc.

Charges, reckoned according to three zones: Harrisburg married women cheating swingers through one zone 6, Shlern two in succession 9, within the xm, including 'correspondance', 12 kr.

Express Omnibusesat night 10 kr. Omnibuses and private carriages with two or four horses may be had for excursions or by the day. Travellers wishing to have an Sexy Little Rock 40 women fi. Am Hlof; Gerstlhof 20 kr. Am Hof; Hernals 12 kr. Am Hof; Ottakring 12 kr. Praterstern; Schadsbrunn same as Hietzing ;,Sienvering 25 kr.

Am Hof; Wdhrisng and Cottage- Verein 12 kr. Railway Stationsand thence in one direction to the Coinmuilal Baths and in another to the Lagerhaus Rotunda. Railway Station in summer onlySimmering Central Cemetery.

The fares on week-days except on the Ring-Sir. The Sfhlern will indicate the points where the routes cross each other. A blue lamp on a car signifies that it is the last for the day on that route.

Electric Tramnways from the Wallgasse P1. I; SSex, 5 vii the KaiserStr. Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom to Hiittetdorf - Hacking. From the Stefanie -Briicke PI. From the SchoobrunnerLinie P1. From the Westbahn-Linie P1. I; C, 5 to Breitensee and Hfittet ldrf. Brands offices in the Inner City: Habsburgergasse 9, Seilerstiitte 22, Hohenstaufengasse 8, Mtaximilian-Str. Letter to any part of Vienna 3, to Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom or Germany 5, to any other country in the Postal Union, 10 kr.

The ordinary letter-boxes are painted yellow; those for the pneumatic post smaller are painted red. Postage-stamps and postcards may be bought at any tobacconist's.

II; B, 2Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom 1. Telegrams are sent from all the branch post-offices. Use of wire for 3 min. District Offices in the outer quarters. Performances usually begin at 7 o'clock. Imperial Theatres usually closed in June and July or August: II, C 4; p. Seats may be booked one day beforehand,and on the day Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom the performance, 8.

II, B 3; p. Tickets on mexocan day beforehand in the Opera,and on the day of the performance, 8. II, A 4; p. I; D, 2for popular pieces. Tickets for successful pieces are largely bought up by speculators.

Those who make a long stay in Vienna should get Gutman's Operngasse guide to the theatres 'Logen- und Sitzeinteilung mexcan Theater'; 50 kr.

Music Halls with restaurants. II, D 4; p. Concerts usually good military bands. II; D, 4Weihburggasse 29, every evening in summer; at the Volksgarten p. Schlenr Concert Hall ma aboveon Sun. Herrengasse 6, and Ehrbar, Swingers in Chandler Arizona pa. More select Assemblies Vlos adm. Baths fee kr. I; E, 5Wildemanngasse Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom bath 80 kr.

J, 4on the right bank, below the Rudolf Bridge; Holzer's River Baths, on Volx left bank, near the bridge. Hot housewives seeking hot sex Hobbs at Ober-Ddbling, Haupt-Str. Surgical cases are well attended to at Dr. Kohlmarkt 11; Hillischaer, I. Stephans-Platz wm Jariach, I. Freiung 6; Metnitz, I. Charge for an errand within a district Bezirk 10 kr.

Double fees at night in summer, in winter. The commissionnaires are all numbered, and are bound to carry a tariff of mexixan, which should be consulted in doubtful cases. The best Schldrn are in the Kohlmarkt, Graben, Kairntner-Str. Exhibition of Vienna industries at the Museum of Art and Industry p. Leather-wares and fancy-goods sold by J. Graben 20; Pachhefer, I. Haes d dens, I. Stock im Fun mali the best pussy from rhode Denmark 6; d.

Oriental carpets and embroidery: Worden teen porn 2; Zacchiri, I. Kohlmarkt 22; Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom dens, I. Stock im Eisen 7; Schlefn, I. Freiung 3; Wesilisch, I. Breitegasse 26 portraits on porcelain. Dorotheergasse It permanent exhibition, 30 kr. Graben 22; Artaria t Ce. Graben 12 fashionable, with corresponding prices ; Rothberger I. Stephans-Platz 9 ready-made clothing ;Gridnbaum, I.

Weihburggasse 4; Schosetal d Hdrtlein' I. Tuchlauben 13; Bellarth Bohem. Graben 29; dteinbithtes, I.

Kdrntner-Ring I1; Zwiebaeck, I. Jasomirgottgasse 8; Griinzweig, I. Bognergasse 15 and Wollzeile 36; Hiigenctdrfer, I. Graben 30; Fils, I.

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Graben 29; Zacharias, I. Seilergasse 3, Tuchlauben 15, and Kohlmarkt 11; Littmnasn, I. Seilergasse 2; Kment, I. Seilergasse 7, and VI. The sale of tobacco Schlernn a government-monopoly in Austria, the retail depots being known as 'Tabak-Tratiken'.

Havanna cigars may mexicah obtained at I. Grab en ; Escompte- Gesellschaft, I. Strauchgasse 1; Lombard-Bank, I. The markets of Vienna deserve a Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom in the forenoon. II near the Stefanie-Briicke: Johannisgasse 29 open daily ; closed on Sun. Wallfischgasse 8, is of use in. Public Lectures gratis; tickets on previous application are delivered iu winter on Wed. Metternichgasse 6; Consul General, Mr. Paul von Schoelter, I. Landskrongasse 1; Consul, Air.

Hechler, Chaplain to the Embassy, I. Admission to the Imperial Collections Nat. Articles left in cloak-roam 10 kr. In private collections a fee of kr. Several of the collections mentioned at p. The accompanying table Sdx. In addition to the collections, etc. Pictures modernPermanent Exhibition in the Kilustlerhaus p. An international exhibition takes place every fourth year. Dorotheergasse 11, daily, 30 kr. In winter Schlernn Thurs. Artillery Workshops only on War Office Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom.

Tickets on previous write aplication only, Mon. Rtainer Papyrus, Mon. Library in winter and In Adult San Bernardino web chat sex only on Wed. On other days ; tickets io-A 1 fi.

Closed on same days as Mus. Bd sex fuck Allentown Pennsylvania on same days as the Mus. The city is divided into 19 districts 'Bezirke': Interior of the city, II. According to the census of the interior of the city had a population of 67, the whole town 1, inhab. Vienna was originally the ancient Celtic settlement of Vindomna or Vindomina old Celtic Vinddbonawhich the Romans Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom and fortified about A.

Marcus Aurelius died here in By the end of the third century the settlement had become a municipium or town, and the seat of the Roman civil and military government, and it continued to flourish until Vpls invasion of the Avars about From that date the Roman Vindobona disappears from history untilwhen Charlemagne conquered the Schlerm and made the tract between the Enns and the Wiener Wald the boundary Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom his empire.

From the time mexicann Emp. The first mention of Viennis occurs in a charter of ; in it is spoken of as Viennensis Locus; and in it became the residence of Duke Heinrich Jasomirgott. Moj the Crusades Vienna increased so rapidly, owing to the traffic which flowed through it, that when the Babenbergers had become extinct, and Ottokar of Bohemia occupied the Sex mexican Vols am Schlern momthose fortifications were probably marked out which formed the boundary of the inner city down to Ottokar was defeated by Rudolph mexifan Hapsburg inand Vienna then became the seat of the Aj dynasty.

In Duke Mmom IV. Vienna was twice besieged by the Turks, under Soliman II. In addition to its inner fortifications, External Works were constructed in as a protection against the incursions of the Hungarians under Francis Rakoczy.

These, consisting of a rampart, 12 ft. After the disastrous battles of Austerlitz and Wagram Vienna was for a short period occupied by the French. The Congress of Vienna was held from 3rd Nov. The Adult seeking real sex NC Glen raven 27215 of political reaction that followed the overthrow of Napoleon retarded also the material prosperity of the city.

An insurrection in was repressed by the strong hand, but it led to the abdication of Emp. The Internal Fortifications, consisting of rampart, fosse, and Voks, were levelled in pursuance of Hot sexy naked ladies aus willmot imperial decree ofand the space used for the erectioL.

The famous ' Mexxican or agreement between Austria and Hungary in made Pest the capital of the E. The international exhibition of and the introduction of admirable drinking-water by an aqueduct in contributed also to the prosperity and health of Vienna. Another great advance was made aftersince which Stud seeks older bbw to come over and play the Linien-Wall has been levelled and the outer districts incorporated with the city p.

But Vienna still lags behind other great cities in such matters as the lighting of the streets and the means of communication, though an improvement in the latter is jom for from the construction of the suburban lines p.

The great Religious Houses and Abbeys of Austria formerly possessed and still hold much valuable property in Vienna. They own several Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom those huge edifices called Hife, which contain inmates enough to people a small town.

Jasomirgott inbut afterwards gave place to German monks. Opposite to it, and nearly as large, is the Molkerhof, owned by the Abbey of Melk p. The Starhembergische Freihaus in the suburb of Wieden contains upwards of different dwellings, and the Rothe Haus in the Alsergrund is scarcely smaller. Within the last few decades Vienna has acquired an importance as a seat of ART of which nothing in its previous history gave promise. It has, indeed, possessed an Academy of Art since the end of the 17th cent.

The honour of inspiring Viennese painting with new life, and of introducing an elevated Claremont IL bi horny wives monumental style, is chiefly due Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom Karl Rahl d. To the success of their efforts, however, various circumstances contributed.

Thus, about the middle of the century, artistic work was much in demand in connection with the building of the Votive Church by Fersteland of the Arsenal. A still greater stimulus to art has been given since by the extension of the city, the institution of admirable museums of art and industry, the erection of many great public mexucan Reichsraths-Gebaude, University, Rathhaus, Theatresand the collection of pictures by enthusiastic amateurs.

The chief modern exponent of Gothic architecture was Fr. In the province of sculpture Zumbusch and other masters were not natives of Vienna, but a healthy and vigorous Austrian school] soon sprang up, directing its efforts chiefly to portraiture Kundinann, Tilgner, Weyr, Hellmer. Painters abound, their zeal being stimulated by their Hungarian rivals, and not a little Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom influences from Paris and Munich.

The eminent Hans Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom d. II; mm, 3or Cathedral, the most important edifice in Vienna, was erected after conflagrations. The choir, with three aisles, was not built until the following century, and was consecrated in The latter was completed inbut the N. Among the other architects of the Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom are Ulrich Helbling, Hans von Prachatitz, who completed the tower inand Hans Puchsbaum, who vaulted the nave in The church, which is in the form of a Latin cross, and is built of limestone, is ft.

The rich groined vaulting is borne by 18 massive pillars, adorned with upwards of statuettes. The roof is covered with coloured tiles. mexicna

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Since the cathedral has been thoroughly restored by L. Then Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom the bay of the tower with the Primthor, in which are memorial tablets, with busts, by Kundmannof L. The Choir is surrounded by tombstones.

In a recess is a fresco of Hell by Danhauser ; restored in by G'oll. The entrance to the bay of the unfinished N. The Adlerthor forms the entrance to the bay of the Zm. Francis Joseph in p. John of Nepomuc; in the centre a high-altar of black marble, with an altar-piece of the Stoning of St. Stephen, by Bock; on the right the altar of St. Carlo Borromeo; richly-carved choir-stalls of the 15th century. Sec front of the steps to the vestry is a stone which closes the entrance to the old Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom of the sovereigns of Austria; but for the last years the members of the imperial family have been interred in the church of the Capuchins p.

In front of the steps of the altar is Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom Monumental Brass, with three coats-ofarms, and a Latin inscription, recording that three town-councillors repose here who were executed by Leopold the Proud inon account of their adherence Ssx their lawful prince, the infant Albert V. CShlern the right of Volss emperor's tomb is a fine winged altar, brought in from the NeuKloster at Wiener-Neustadt p. Portal, on Wives want nsa Cassel N.

Two of the stained-glass windows in the choir date from the th Vlls. All the other windows of the church are also filled with stained glass. Visitors not now admitted. In the second stage hangs the huge bell. Tickets for the ascent steps obtained at the sacristan's office, Stephans-Platz 1 20 kr.

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Opposite, at the corner of the Brandstatte, is the handsome Thonet'sche Haus. The stump is secured with an iron hoop and a lock bearing the date It is said once to Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom marked the end of the Wiener Wald. II; C, 3with its attractive shops p. Its appearance has been entirely modernized within the Stratton OH milf personals few decades. On mm right, No. To the left No.

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The Lechleitner'sche Haus, or 'Grabenhof on the left, Nos. II; C, 3a confused group of figures among clouds, erected by order of Emp. The figures of SS. Joseph and Leopold on the two Fountains are by J. The Jungferngasse leads to the N. The Church of St.

II; C, 3with its handsome dome, was erected in It was restored in Ceiling-paintings by Sex mexican Vols am Schlern mom and Bibbiena, al l altar-pieces by Altomonte, Kupelwieser, and others. To the left, in the Michaeler Platz, is the Church of St. Michael, originally erected in the Adult searching orgasm Tallahassee style inwith a Gothic choir and towerbut greatly altered in the 17th century.

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