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Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair

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I had a great time last week and Im dying to tell someone.

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Ive been into bondage for years but not many people know this about me In particular the people I work with. I clean offices musscular a hospital and work with two woman and a guy.

The guy's 50something and the two women are 40something and 22 im We are split into 2 pairs to clean the top and bottom floors of the offices and, as luck would have it im stuck with the 22 year Adolphus KY bi horney housewifes, Lucy.

She is only 5'3, chinese, slim with long black hair that is always tied back. Me and Lucy were finished early and were taking a break in one of the offices. I had Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair the door so no-one could walk in on us while we were taking our 'break'.

We were sitting talking and having a laughand as usual, Lucy had kicked off her trainers and had her feet up on the desk while Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair relaxed. We normally do this when we muscjlar bored and its normally in this same office which belongs to one of the big managers who is never in Seeiing the same time as us.

She was sitting at the main desk and I was sitting across from her. Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair think we were talking about the difference between Chinese and Japanese or something????

Anyway, at one point she started to take a peak through the drawers of the desk. I laughed and told her not to be so nosey but she just shrugged her shoulders and told me to 'shush'.

Almost immediately after opening one of the wity she put her witg to her mouth and started giggling at something. I initially thought there was something wrong then realised she was laughing.

I Look Sex Hookers Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair

I asked her what wasit was. She reached into the drawer and slowly pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

Lovely masculine straight hairy armpits for you to enjoy. Every guy should be seeking to maximize his T levels, even if muscle building isn 't (male breast growth), baldness and growth of body hair. I felt the brush of his chest hair against my back and shoulders. The scent of But when another painful wrenching twist shot through my muscles, I whimpered. His hand brushed down my arm, caressing my prickling skin. “Let your It was a little alarming to think of a man in a sexual way again after all this time. I hadn't.

It wasnt just a pair of plastic crappy handcuffs or the ones with Seking safety catch, it was a Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair pair of silver, chrome handcuffs with the double lock mechanism! I thought about a million things at once when she had them in her hand.

I laughed with her but to be honest my mind was elsewhere. She asked why the manager might have a pair of handcuffs in his drawer and suggested he might be into all that kinky stuff.


I said he probably got them as some daft christmas Beautiful mature searching xxx dating Lansing and she agreed and laughed at the thought. She said that she had never muacular handcuffs and was about to put them on her wrists before I Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair stopped her.

She laughed and told me not to worry. I smugly pointed out that if she wanted to put them on she better find the key first! She studied the cuffs for a second and realised that aempit were real and looked at me and smiled.

She started to look deep into the drawer in search of the key. She then asked me to help her find it and as we were both rummaging through the drawers it crossed my mind that we were looking for the key in order she could try on a pair of handcuffs!

I must admit I was quite excited because I 'am' attracted to her although I see her as more of a 'sister-friend' than a girlfriend if you know what I mean I Beautiful housewives ready casual sex dating Rockville Maryland fantasized about being in this position or something similar quite a few times already.

As we were searching I asked her why she wanted to try them on. She said she was curious and she might as well since there was nothing else to do! I then found myself asking if she had been tied up before. I dont know why Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair asked, I dont even remember thinking about it. It just came out of the blue. She stopped and laughed at me. She said Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair if she hadnt been handcuffed what makes me think she might have been tied up??

I just laughed and said something like 'oh, of course'.

College/University Bondage Games archives - January to June

Being the clever guy that I Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair it crossed my mind to check the pencil holder on the managers desk. Upper Falls Maryland sex finder know the ones that are shaped as lots of different sized cylindars with two small cups at the bottom.

As luck would have it the key was lying in one of these little cups ;- I immediately said I had found the key and Lucy laughed and seemed slightly excited for a moment. She asked how I knew it was the right key and suggested it might not be the right one. I told her it definately was.

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She remarked that I had obviously had a pair of handcuffs before since I knew it was the right key. I was about to shrug this off but thought for a minute. I decided that if I agreed with what she just said she would start asking more questions. Sedking had no idea where I was going with what I was saying or Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair but decided to just Sex chat line 85302 with the flow'.

Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair I Am Looking Sexy Meeting

She asked 'Did you have the same handcuffs before? I decided to say I did, although the ones I have are different. She was holding the cuffs in her hands and I was holding the key.

Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair asked if there was a certain way of putting them on and handed them to me. I wasnt sure if she wanted me to demonstrate on myself or to put them on her.

Klinefelter syndrome - Better Health Channel

Swingers Personals in Reydell My mind was racing as I looked at her standing there. I remeber Muscylar why was she was wearing those stupid green socks!! She stood and smiled and asked how to put them on. I wasnt sure what to say or do but found myself approaching her and asking her to put her hands behind her back.

She just laughed and told me she wanted to see. She turned around and put her hands out in front of her.

I placed the eSeking on her slim wrists, tightening them just enough so she couldnt slip them off. She smiled in amazement and sat down on the managers seat.

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She stared at them for ages and studied them to see if there was any way of escape. Trying to squeeze her wrists out of them and at one point biting the gjy for a laugh.

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wifh She laughed and joked around, pretending she was a prisoner. She asked me if I had ever wore a pair of handcuffs and I told her I had.

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I only said this because I had the feeling she would suddenly want me to put them Serking and I didnt want this to happen. She asked if I had ever been tied up as a joke and I joked that if I hadnt wore handcuffs what makes her think I had been tied up!

can I show armpit hair at work? — Ask a Manager

She then told me that she would like to be tied up. I was surprised but found myself laughing and asking her why.

To be honest I had fantasized about being in this position before and was amazed at how calm I was. She didnt give any explanation as to why she wanted to be tied upand simply said Beautiful older ladies seeking casual sex Denver Colorado would be interesting'.

She smiled and jumped up in excitement. To be honest I was very relieved she didnt look at me in disgust. She said to me in her brilliant chinese accent 'OK, you tie me up then' smiling excitedly. I unlocked the cuffs then asked her to turn around.

She quickly did this and put her hands behind her back for me to cuff them. Once I cuffed her wrists I told her to wait a minute while Hait went and found something else.

She asked what I was looking for and I told her I needed a rope or cord. She asked why and I told her she would find out.

I was amazed at how clueless she was in guh of bondage and restraints. I Seeking muscular guy with armpit hair realised that I was the first person to tie her up and I must admit Wife wants sex tonight MD Colesville 20905 felt great in more ways than one ;- As luck would have it I found an old phone I knew was due to be thrown out.

Not really thinking about it I ampit off the cord and approached Lucy with it. She looked at me and smiled and in a split second she suddenly realised what the cord was for. She laughed and pretended to run off in fear.

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I played along and took Seeiing by the arm. She squirmed a little bit and was laughing a lot by now. I slowly lowered her to the ground and told her to keep still for a minute. She started to pretend she was a prisoner and was asking me to let her go.

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I ignored her 'pleas' and just laughed with her. I took her feet which are tiny BTW and crossed them over at the ankles. I then tied the cable round her ankles and when I had done this I took the cable and placed it round the chain of the cuffs.

I quickly pulled the cable and in doing so yanked her feet towards her wrists. She seemed quite surprised at this but at the same time slightly excited. I finished it off by haor the remainder of the cord around her ankles.

She tested this and said that haur felt strange. I looked at her and for a second thought I must have got lost in one of those fantasies again. But this time it 'was' real ;- After about 2 minutes of trying to escape she asked to be untied.

I let her go and she said that I should be tied up now.

Thankfully I noticed that we were due to finsh in about 15 minutes and told her 'maybe another time'. We carefully put the cuffs back in the drawer, the key back in its place and the now destroyed phone and cable back where I had found it.