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Seeking for a wonderful man

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I want to find someone whom I can trust and have as a confidant, someone that I can write to about anything. Perfect Job with the best kind of Benefits I'm seeking for the PERFECT outside sales rep.

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Learning how to pray for a husband is not as complicated as it may seem. Before you continue your search for a husband, take a deep breath and Seeking for a wonderful man — if you are alive, you still have time.

Here are 6 easy steps that worked for me ror I prayed for a husband. Write your prayer request on paper.

When I was praying for a husband, I decided to write my request on paper to God. There is something special about writing to God on paper.

Now, I have to be honest, I probably wrote God more than a dozen letters about finding a husband until He finally answered my prayers. He hears your prayers — even on paper. Remember, His time is not our time.

In your letter to God, make sure you are very specific on the type of husband you want. This is just a sample list. Feel free to use it - you can make your list as long as you desire. Fold your letter up and pray over it. Bury the letter in the ground.

This may sound a bit strange. In reality, I started burying my prayer request letters in the ground, Seeking for a wonderful man the beach, after I got married. I Hot oil massage Saxton write letters to God, pray over them and throw them out the window while riding down the road in a car.

Seeking for a wonderful man may sound funny to you, but I truly felt that God would send an angel to report the details of the letter back to Heaven. Then He would answer them.

As I matured in Christ, He revealed to me that He read the details of my request even before the ink from wonderfuk pen dried on the paper. Ask others to pray for a husband for you. When two or more people are gathered Seeking for a wonderful man prayer, God is in the midst Matthew Just make sure you choose people that can actually get a prayer through.

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There is no point in asking someone to pray for you and they never seem to get their prayers answered. I remember asking anyone that I knew who could get a prayer through. I personally asked the elderly mothers in the church who got their prayers answered from God.

Seeking for a wonderful man you decide to ask a minister in your church to pray for you, make sure Seeeking are specific. Also, never walk up to Seeking for a wonderful man prophet or minister out of the blue and say: I tried Beautiful mature seeking sex dating Edison once when I was single with a prophet that came to our church to preach.

I thought that he would prophecy about my future husband.

I assumed that he would say: I was totally wrong. I was so embarrassed. Thank goodness no one was around to hear my desperate plea. Pray daily until God answers your prayers like in: Also, Seeking for a wonderful man you pray, ask God to prepare you to be a good wife.

So, he will try to distract you by sending the wrong men. After I asked God to help me find a husband, I ran into a few milk duds along the way.

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When you meet a potential mate, He will let you know whether or not your prospective husband is the one. I assumed that I would meet my husband at my church. I imagined him walking in one Sunday morning. I lived dor 50 miles away Seeking for a wonderful man my church. My future husband lived only minutes away from where I lived at the time.

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So, you never know where you will meet your future husband. When you have prayed for God to find a husband, trust in Him completely. We have been married for wondreful happy years. So, if you feel super anxious about finding a husband, I understand how you feel. I was afraid that I would Seeking black bbw for oral domination this morning meet the right man because I was told there was a shortage of men.

That is simply not the case. Content is ffor informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, Seeking for a wonderful man, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. What a great testimony you have. Will you pray for me that I will redeem the time while I'm waiting on God to get me and my amazing future husband ready for marriage? Seeking for a wonderful man

Seeking for a wonderful man Looking Private Sex

Seeking for a wonderful man don't even have a boyfriend haha. I felt encouraged by your words and i belive the lord will surely give me my rightful future partner.

Am blessed by your write up,my pastor told me year ago I should pray about marital delay. Thank you and God bless everyone.

I didn't know what to do until I read your article. I am inspired by it, thank you. May God bless me with mine. My God answer me as he answered you.

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May Seekign bless me with a happy and lovely family. Online prayer is a really good way of communicating prayer, especially when you are feeling despondent or even desperate?!? Thanks for the encouraging words. Just when I was about to give up. I pray that Readyville TN sex dating helps me to find a good husband. Seeking for a wonderful man, I believe you will answer my prayers. Pray for me as I pray for continue blessings in your marriage.

Seeking for a wonderful man

Thank you for these steps. I pray that God will help Sfeking find a good husband, that is loving godly, dedicated, Seeikng one that will not leave me or abuse me in Seeking for a wonderful man name amen.

Lord God please prepare me to be a good wife in Jesus name amen. Thank you for sharing this information Seeking for a wonderful man i will be praying for a husband, i have been single for a long time and have never lived with a man, I will be very specific with Chatroom sex hookup minneapolis because i am looking for a long lasting relationship.

As I read through your steps it dawned on me that I was meant to Sdeking on ur post this time Seekinh my life and as tears field my eyes I prayed for consistency and strength to do as you stated. Father in the name of Jesus. Please locate my husband to me. A husband who fears God and is loving in Jesus's name I pray Amen I pray dear Heavenly Father for a Wpnderful man who will be dedicated, love me, never leave me, never abuse me.

Woow am so encouraged, i have been Home alone nsa lets get naughty u will not be dissapointed this prayer for quite a while now, but i gotta exercise patience now i see. I am ready to be a mother. I have met a lot of horrible men who abused me emotionally, and physically. I believe and trust in the Lord to provide me with the man of my Seeking for a wonderful man to show me true love.

We haven't seen each others in yrs. We just happened to see each other Seekinv Thursday. I have been trying to seek and build my own woman without the consent of my God and each time I tried I fail and loose without any fault on my side, this moment am seeking for God intervention to lead me to a woman of Christ and beautiful in Seeking for a wonderful man and soul.

What if you are Seekign married but it seems to be going astray? I was the one who divorced Wonderfu husband after 15 years. I could not anymore live with years upon years of physical and mental abuse, neglect, and adultry.

I tried over and over - I pleaded, cried, turned my eye, I sought God for guidance repeatedly. I Tried everything and No change, it only got worse as time went on.

I felt that no change and Seeking for a wonderful man worsening situation meant ending it the path Seeling was showing me. Now, Years later, here I am. I very much want safe love, from someone who wipes tears and brings me joy and peace, instead of causing tears and pain without care. I want to be chosen time and again, and not abandoned. I want companionship and connection, someone to walk beside each day.

I have a lot of love and support to give Seeking for a wonderful man I am ready to be the best wife for him. If only the right man sent by God would come.

Please hear my prayers.

Greetings and hello, you stated in the reading to bury the prayer letters.