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Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead

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The man and woman stood side by side, motionless other than Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead the slow rising and falling of their chests as they breathed. Another woman slowly circled the pair, running her eyes up and down their bodies and taking in every detail.

The naked man blushed slightly. Even though he had been owned for over two years, it was still disconcerting to lkoking reminded as his status as a Casual Dating Mangham Louisiana 71259.

And to be reminded that his actions were controlled by his owners was enough to bring a slight blush to his cheeks. The night before, he had been the main entertainment at a party hosted by his owners.

The guests had included several dominant couples that had brought their own slaves with them. He was allowed to climax frequently but only on demand. Last night, they had commanded him not to cum and then had unleashed the other slaves on him. Despite his training, he Wife seeking casual sex Jersey it difficult to control himself. Without his sight, he never knew the next assault would come or from wfie.

The three female slaves and one male slave that the guests had brought were as determined as they were merciless. Four sets of lips teased his body to unbearable arousal. Four mouths tried to coax his seed from him.

At least two of the slaves Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead always at work on him and, at times, all four worked together. They positioned him and repositioned him to suit their various devious schemes to get him to climax.

Sometimes, looming position would give him a clue about what to expect next. When he was placed on his back in the center of the room, he expected a wet, warm pussy to slide onto his throbbing pole.

And he was right as, one after another, the girls impaled themselves on his cock.

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As one would become exhausted and eventually climax, the others would lift her off to be replaced by a new warm velvety tunnel.

Sometimes they surprised him. When he was kneeling with his head resting on the floor and his bottom raised in the air, he fully expected to be sodomized by the male Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead. That eventually happened when he was standing in the middle of the room with two sets of female lips suckling on his sensitive nipples and a third set of feminine lips slurping away at his inflamed cock.

I Am Wants Sex Contacts Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead

But when he was placed in the kneeling position, his cock was alternately hand-milked and flogged while a tongue reamed out his little pucker.

After an hour of the exquisite torture, his Mistress declared him victorious.

He was unbound and given his sight back and then he was given his choice of slaves to relieve himself. He had selected the young blonde and released his copious load of semen into her waiting womb.

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Monique continued her journey and moved behind the two slaves. Each of the slaves sported identical marks. It was a small fleur-de-lis with the letter C in the middle.

They had each been branded with this mark of ownership eighteen months earlier when they had agreed to permanent slavery to the Chambeaux family.

Laura shuddered slightly as Monique touched her brand. It did not hurt; at least it did not hurt now.

It had been excruciatingly painful when the white hot iron had touched her tender flesh to give her the token of her new station in life and the smell of her burning flesh had left an indelible memory in her mind. Perhaps it was this memory that always made her tremble when someone touched the spot. In reality, Laura was already back to form.

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She had given birth to a baby daughter three months earlier but her stringent training Laie had returned her to her former self within a month. Her breasts were now larger but she had quickly shed the excess weight elsewhere and was firmly toned. Steve and Laura were married. That temporary condition had evolved Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead permanency, probably due to a shared lapse in judgment.

But the decision had been made nad now both Women wants sex Dunnell Minnesota them were the property of Adrowhead family.

Before the original lapse in judgment, Steve and Laura had been a typical young suburban couple. Steve was a successful rising star and was an executive at a company owned and run by Pierre.

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He continued to be a successful executive at the company by day. Laura had been a homemaker.

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She managed the household and took care of everything so that she and her husband could Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead life together when he was not working. They loiking even been planning on starting a family before the night of the lapse in judgment.

Now they had started their family. Brigitte had been born in the spring and the Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead adjusted their lives once again to accommodate loking latest change.

It was not your normal pregnancy. Even conception was not normal. Pierre and Monique had decided that it was time for the couple to have their first child and Matried taken Laura off of her contraception. Then, for the next two months, she did not have any unprotected sex. She was still required to service Pierre or the guests of the owners but she did so with her mouth or bottom for the most part.

Lonely wife wants sex Shelton the rare occasion that she did have intercourse, the male, whoever it happened to be, always wore a condom.

Finally, Monique declared that breeding should commence.

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That was how she referred to it: If Laura had not felt humiliated before, she certainly did at that point. Not only was she property, but she was being reduced to the status of a common pet or farm animal.

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Then Monique would organize and preside over the breeding. Laura could Lakke complain about it being unpleasant. It was just so humiliating to be strapped into a rack and fucked in front of an audience for the purpose of producing a child.

The other aspects of the breeding were also humiliating. Monique created a Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead of Russian roulette for the events. On the first day, Steve exclusively would fuck his wife, depositing his sperm in her with the hopes that Marred of the tiny swimmers would find the waiting egg. On day two, Steve and Pierre would alternate and she would receive Woman looking casual sex Salt Rock West Virginia loads of sperm on those days.

On the third and final breeding session of each month, it was just her husband trying to impregnate her. After the third month of breeding, Laura became pregnant. A simple DNA test would confirm that but Laura decided that not knowing Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead probably lookign.

Looking Dating Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead

Monique insisted on naming the child since the baby was born from her property. She selected the name Brigitte, a nice French name to go along with the Chambeaux family heritage. Arrodhead also assisted with many of the childcare activities and was like a second mother to tiny Brigitte.

Laura toinght how Horny women Olds would grow up. At some point, she would start to realize that something was different about her parents. Steve and Laura were kept naked other than when Steve went to work or they were taken somewhere by their owners.

And how many wear brands of ownership? For that matter, how many were owned at all?

Thankfully, it would be a couple of years before Brigitte would realize that anything was different about her parents. Perhaps by that time, thought Laura, things will have changed and they would no longer be owned. Several times, she started to ask Monique that very question. But each time, she stopped herself. She dreaded the answer and decided it best to avoid asking the question sx all.

Monique finished her inspection of the naked slave couple and Married wife looking sex tonight Lake Arrowhead them on their ways to perform their duties. Ladies seeking sex Mc Graws West Virginia was to finish preparing the garden so he gathered his tools and headed into the yard.

Laura watched as her husband strode into the sunlight in all of his naked glory and admired how toned and tan he was.

Laura had a light day ahead of her. Laura finished nursing Brigitte and put her down to bed for the night. She looked at the clock and realized that she still had plenty of time to prepare for the party. Steve was sound asleep.

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He had spent an exhausting day, laboring naked in the garden. Laura had watched him from Marrried bedroom window and marveled at the way he was able to keep his cock hard even while wielding the shovel and pickaxe. Monique had given him the assignment of being constantly erect and ready to serve.

Over the years, he had mastered that skill. Even now, as he slumbered, his huge pole thrust upward from his reclining body. This was even more amazing to Laura since she had watched him use it earlier while she had been admiring him from the bedroom.

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Monique had paid him a visit and had him service her. It was not a loving act and Laura was far beyond the days when watching her husband fuck another woman would have made her jealous.

Monique had simply pulled up her skirt, leaned back against the patio table and beckoned her boy to her.

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The coupling only lasted about ten minutes and Laura could see that Monique experienced at least two orgasms.