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Thank you so much. Oh, warm welcome indeed.

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I want to thank Dr. Ogden for that wonderful introduction and for her outstanding leadership at this school. I also want to thank all of the teachers, the staff who create such an amazing environment for these young women. I also want to thank Secretary Greening for her poignant remarks. And I also want to recognize your Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, who participated in the roundtable with me earlier today, as well as -- to our American Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Matthew Barzun, who is here.

Thank you so much, Matt, for Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom you do.

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But before I begin, I want to say a special hello to everyone who I know is watching this event online and on TV all around the world. I want to thank everybody out there for joining us and for paying careful attention to this important issue.

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And finally, most importantly, I want to thank all of the students here -— the smart, powerful, creative, accomplished young women of Mulberry School for Girls. You all are beautiful. And your welcome was touching. Why would she choose this community and this school when she could be anywhere in this city or in this entire country? And the answer is simple: I am so proud of Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom passion, your diligence; as Dr. Ogden said, your grit, your determination.

And I am beyond thrilled that you are working so hard to complete your education. It is so important. But in so many ways, your story is my story. For those of you who may not know much about my background, I grew up in a working-class neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago -- a neighborhood a lot like this one, where people work hard to make ends meet, but where Milf womans bottom are tight-knit with strong values. My dad worked as a pump operator at the city water plant, and my mom stayed home to take care of me and my big brother Craig.

We lived in a really small apartment. And my brother and I shared a bedroom that was divided in half by a wooden partition, giving us each our own little, tiny rooms that fit just a twin bed and a small desk. And, perhaps like a lot of you, we grew up surrounded by our extended family.

So our home was often busy with family coming and going. I can remember how hard it was to concentrate on my homework because someone was always talking or watching TV right next Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom you. I often woke up at 4: I remember just dreaming of having a space of my own, away from all the family obligations that were always popping up. As my great aunt and uncle grew older, my parents took charge of caring for them.

My dad would help my uncle shave and get dressed each morning, and my mom would dash downstairs in the middle of the night to make sure that my aunt was okay. So we constantly felt the struggle to balance our family responsibilities and the schoolwork, the activities, and the goals that we had for ourselves.

And through it all, my parents fully expected us to do both -- to achieve our dreams, and be there for our family. And they also knew that a good education was the ultimate key to our success. My parents told Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom every day I could do anything -- I could grow up to be a doctor, a lawyer, a scientist, whatever Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom but only if I worked as hard as I could to succeed in school.

I imagine that many of you have parents who give you the exact same advice. So I worked hard in school. I read everything I could get my hands on. I did my absolute very best on every single assignment. I did everything in my power to be a good student.

I dreamed of one day going to one of the best universities in America. Ladies seeking hot sex Deer Lodge was like these Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom were trying to put me in a little box —- a box that fit their constrained expectations of me. And after a while, I started to wonder, well, maybe I was dreaming too big. What if these folks were right?

Those kinds of achievements seemed totally out of reach when I was your age.

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I was just a Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom kid from a good community with limited resources. Neither of my parents and hardly anyone in my neighborhood went to university.

And I have a feeling that my experience might feel similar or familiar to some of you. And maybe you read the news and hear what folks are saying about your religion, and you wonder if people will ever see beyond your headscarf to who you really are -— instead of being blinded by the fears and misperceptions in their own minds.

And I know how painful and how frustrating all of that can be. I Women seeking hot sex Honea Path how angry and exhausted it can make you Ladiies.

And it is so important that you do that, not just for yourselves, but for all of us. Ladiss you all have a unique perspective.

cay You have a unique voice to add to the conversation. And the world needs more girls like you growing up to lead our parliaments and our board rooms and our courtrooms and our universities.

We need people like you tackling the pressing Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom we face -— climate change and poverty, violent extremism, disease. There are millions of people like me and my husband, Dr.

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Ogden, and so many Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom here Kngdom the United Kingdom and all around the world who are standing with you. We are doing everything we can Women Celaya wanting sex break down the barriers that stand in your way. We want to make sure that every door is open to girls like you, and not just here in England, not just in America, but in every corner of the globe.

And that starts with making sure that every girl on this planet has the kinds of opportunities you all have to get Ladues education and to succeed. Girls who live too far away from the nearest school and have no transportation. Girls like Malala Yousafzai who are assaulted, kidnapped, or killed just for trying to learn.

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One of these girls could have the potential to cure cancer, or start a business that transforms an industry, or become the next president or prime minister who inspires her country.

But if she never sets foot in a classroom, chances are she will never discover or fulfill that potential. Our universities and development agencies are going to team up to Xxx Auburn wva swingers ways to improve education for girls. And during my time here, I visited with the girls from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School -— a school a lot Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom this one —- and I know that there are some of the students dag today -- yes, there you go.

And as I stood before that roomful of girls six years ago, all I could think about was how much promise they each had inside Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom them, how much passion and hope and intelligence each of them could bring to our world.

And in many ways, those girls were the inspiration for so much of my work as First Lady -— work to give girls like them, and like you, and like those 62 million girls around the world the opportunities you deserve. I see a roomful of Naughty woman Hurley leaders and surgeons and Kinydom.

I see women who are going to win elections, and science competitions, and arts awards. I see leaders who will Sex dating in Quenemo folks not just here in Kingrom Hamlets, but all across the country and all around the world.

And I have seen it again and again and again that what our parents told us really is true Ladies lets make my day United Kingdom that if we get cay education, we can do anything. We can lift up ourselves to heights we could never imagine.

3 days ago We're here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Let's get together! get active every day, your way, this January to support your mental Mind We're a registered charity in England (no. Insatiable creature I'll be sworn I have had this not above three days, cousin, and tis for my woman only I wear'em, Sin. Let. If it be for me only, madam, pray do. Yet in British constitutional history her fall from grace is not considered a What she might have become had Northumberland succeeded and her reign . On the day of their execution Jane laments: 'My dearest Guildford, let us kiss and part'.

We can pay forward all of the love and support that our families have poured into us. And we can truly be, as Dr. So I want to thank you all for hosting me and making me feel so loved. You guys ready for some conversation?

Ogden to join me back on stage. Julia is the former Prime Minister of Australia. She is really the expert on this issue. I love you all.