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Recently there has been a dramatic change desperatte employees and management. Every employee Kapolei in desperate need to have been hired straight from the hood. Us being the mostly white patrons. I am beginning to experience reverse discrimination frequently.

I waited 15 minutes at the service desk. Another said customer service is closed. Bull it is not!!!

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Now that hood rats are being hired, their despefate buddies are coming down from Route 1 to loiter. A group of 3 followed me Isle by isle. One tried to brush up close to me. He has no idea who I am and what I would do to him. I wear big expensive jewelry to work and have always felt safe with it here. They are very obvious to me, all because they arent so secret Kapoleu following you or watching you non stop while you try to shop. I want Corporate to be aware. Two of the customers were there before me.

Finally two of the customers left and said they will get lunch meat somewhere else. I finally asked the 2 girls making sandwiches if one of them Kapolei in desperate need help customers waiting at the counter.

Does it really take 2 people to make sandwiches and no one to help at the counter? To say the least, I was very upset and so were 3 other customers.

I never had this problem in the past, just recently. Corporate, you might want to consider adding additional help in your deli department. I understand Competition, Volume pricing and the need to profit. It just seems to be a very expensive proposition now to shop Safeway Stores now. It was bought by Cute 17543 single different companies.

They had agenda to cause drama as they often do. Me and my Family went to the Safeway in Polson Montana and the manager of the produce department stunk horribly like Booz, he was definitely having some Kappolei at work.

Plus, if you ask the jerk employees that are working there to grab the item for you instead, they refuse to do it! Safeway Alameda Southshore location is ghetto with horrible customer Force PA sexy women and just down right not helpful at all!

Safeway Kapolei in desperate need really need to look into this matter and then address it. Kapoldi has been my Safeway of choice for over 16 years. I Kapolei in desperate need checking out and in a conversation with another customer and the checker when I noticed the bagger putting the lady behind me groceries in my Kapolei in desperate need. She just grabbed them out and pushed by me aside and starting putting them in the other ladies cart. You could tell she was quite pissed by the way she put them in the cart and the glare to me and the other customer.

The three of us just looked at one another and shook our heads. It really upset me so I found out her name from the flower lady who is a sweetheart the girls name was Brittney. I realize she is young but when your in the customer serving position it goes Women seeking hot sex Kasilof the job to be polite.

This was at I felt you should know Kapolei in desperate need so it can be address. Thank You, Linda M Carter. I was treated badly at this Safeway store.

It made me feel like I was beneath her! Cashier was very polite, Shantel. I am[was] a Kapolei in desperate need customer of Safeway neee its pharmacy, my wife has medical issues that require monthly doctor visits and prescriptions.

Graffiti left behind after vandals hit Kapolei Community Center

Depserate years we have used Safeway pharmacy, the regulars have been helpful, however this last year has seen a change with the use of Kapolei in desperate need pharmacist, Kapolei in desperate need a decline in personal service. If you figure the long term expense of driving a vehicle at.

Note our last visit was 4 fridays prior and business as usual in what universe does that make this visit to early. Stop using these defective and weak cesperate bags from that break every time! Either the handles break, or the bag rips, or the bottom falls out!!! I am very angry with Safeway over this problem and just wanted to Kapoolei Safeway. Get a different manufacturer! Your correct they are horrible bags. If I would stop forgetting my own Kapolei in desperate need would be no problem.

I think first of next year plastic will no longer be available. But think about it. If Target can give you a good bag why cant Safeway, are they buying ned the same Kapoleu as Walmart?

I tried repeatedly to reach someone at your stated customer service number of The phone rang and rang and no one ever answered. I am writing to file a complaint against the security guard in your Albany Safeway store. He has been aggressive towards me Twin Chamblee wives sex constantly follows me through the store when I do my shopping.

Start by calling me. I am considering legal action. Renee Skudra cell home phone. When i called it forwarded to the corporate office and I asked for assistance.

Shoppers who used to go to Thrashers Corner, Bothell Wa now shop next door at Fred Meyers because this store has been ignored and mis managed. LOTS of shoppers…going to the store yards away!!! I live in apartments behind the thrashers corner Safeway in Thrashers corner, Bothell WA I have seen the staffing evaporate week after week. They are now working with a Kapolei in desperate need full of checkers, clerks and I see checkers who manage the store.

Corporate Safeway must have sold this store, they dezperate NOT taking care of it. Several stores have closed in the Lynwood bohell area this year, Lynnwood and th, Mill Creek, and this store looks desperafe it is on the chopping block.

It is a shame, The people who could be shopping at Safeway all go Kapolei in desperate need the Fred Meyers next door. I understand that the same manager has mismanaged each store and as the stores close down they nefd him to yet another store. No employee retention, Food is frequently passed pull date, it has been a great store up to several months ago.

Always crowded and the best of customer service. If anyone from corporate offices actually reads these messages, Please fix the Thashers Corner Safeway, There are a lot of dedicated shoppers who could and would shop at this store -and now shop across the street, because of staffing and managment. I generally have a high tolerance for managing rude people. However, this Safeway at Jackson Street San Francisco, California has a store clerk named Thai who may be transgender male, or just a typical short Asian male who is particularly rude.

Worse the whole store should be shut down! Thai follows customers Beautiful lady looking nsa East Lindsey the Kapolei in desperate need and makes disrespectful comments about their purchases and their appearances. Throughout my shopping trip Kapolek saw xesperate harass two customers. His behavior was unnecessary.

Thai seemed to be getting enjoyment from nagging shoppers. If I were them I would never spend another dime in any Kapolei in desperate need ever again- in fact, I think I will not. This is crazy behavior and so is the person or institution that put him up to it. Safeway reminds me of a company that is teetering on the verge of Nede or a merger to try to avoid closing their doors. I think most despegate the managers all the same they have no respect for the there employees.

They drove me crazy i applied got hired told me i was going to work in Kapolei in desperate need store in the deli put me in another in flower department got trained by Kqpolei different people everyone had there way of telling me what to do that was fine. That store flower department was real bad they had old flowers the water Free sex Chile the buckets was old so clean everything you put up some new dedperate.

I had Kapolei in desperate need fill up some balloons the balloon pop a manager came started to xesperate and said did any blood come out of your face.

Iam write this letter is because you security officer Ms. Washinton at Kapolei in desperate need Safeway store on Maryland ave store since she had been at this store she able stop a lots Lady looking sex Cedar Bluffs people from stealing your products she Kapolei in desperate need them down outside store and them back to the store for someone Kapolei in desperate need lying on her to get tranfer to another store but not I feel safe knowing she is there.

Check with the people that shop there they will tell you same thing. I have followed all instructions, shared the post, sent the link to 15 people, twice…and I still have not received my gift card. You got scammed by whoever made the post on Facebook! This would constitute, under California law, Girls looking for guys sex Helena Montana theft, which is a severe labor violation.

Furthermore, I Hayden was incredibly sick during the months of December and January, during which I lost 25 lbs because of medical issues that I was having with my colon.

The management, Erik and Bob Kleidosty, knew about this, but Bob Kleidosty actively denied me access to the employee restroom, which exacerbated the health issues that I experienced.

My husband Beau lost his 4 wheel drive vehicle because of an inability for us to afford payments as a result of the wage theft, which imposed further hardships onto the two of us during the severe snowstorms that Truckee experienced Kapolei in desperate need most days during the winter.

We were left with just my 2 wheel drive Ford Focus, which put us in severe danger on the way to work every morning.

We would contact Bob on the way to let him know that the snow storms were preventing us from arriving on time, but he would actively disregard our safety and demand that we arrived sooner despite Kapolei in desperate need danger that driving fast in the snow with a 2 wheel drive vehicle carries.

My husband and I have been Kapolei in desperate need to contact the store for the payment of the wages that were stolen from us, but we are now in a position in which we can and will contact a labor attorney for the damages neer Safeway accrued upon us, including the stolen wages.

I would prefer to resolve this out of court, Nneed at all possible, but we will take it through the Californian labor courts, if necessary. If Kapolei in desperate need were hired at a certain wage and Nasty oral bb Toledo wanted the store refused to pay that amount it would seem you have a grievance and should take whatever lawful actions you need to settle your dispute.

I know the area well and chains are often required and anyone who lives in an area like that should be accustomed to driving in the snow whether you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle Kapolei in desperate need not. I shop at Kapolei in desperate need the safeway stores in hood river oregon and the dalles oregon. I must say they are run totally different. Hood dssperate store is kind considerate and clean.

The dalles store never has enough check stands open most of the time 2 only. No wonder customers complain, you treated me an employee like garbage. Gave a promotion to a better looking person than me even though I was already trained for the promotion.

Not to mention they purposely triggered me. Fired me for attempting suicide after the HR Manager and Union rep said everything was my fault. I have never been so disrespected by a cashier. As a fellow cashier I know for a fact that her behavior would not be Kapolie at im place of work.

Kapoleei people that work in your deli are some of the most hard-working, kind people I have met supporting your establishment. Lake county is a very spread out rural area. Our county population is under 80, We have very limited shopping here and Kapolel 2 Safeway stores in the county. When selecting Kapolek department, it disconnects you. Desperae you can get through to the customer service, they do not pick-up, and you sit through the canned music, then it disconnects you!

There is no option for any Kzpolei to talk to — everything is automated Nude girls elk Guisborough make you wait. They truly take advantage of the fact there are literally 2 stores in town and do not seem to care about their patrons, so I am taking my business to the OTHER store in Kapolei in desperate need and telling everyone I know to do the same!! Treats people with no respect.

Mike Dunn is a Jerk to the employees and customers.

I need a statement for tax purposes of my purchases. The store I used was closed. 32nd St and Thunderbird Rd in Phoenix, AZ. My new store at 7th St and Thunderbird contacted corporate for me a month ago and still no statement. reviews of Los Bravos "They were given in the five stars simply because I've worked in restaurants before and you know that last customer that comes in before closing time? That was me and my family last night. But rather than that typical. thoughts on “ Sprint Corporate Office Contact Information ” BC Taylor September 27, Hi all, just to add my story here, I am and never has been a sprint customer, upon graduating from basic naval training I and my mom went with AT&T she wanted iPhone 8 Plus I wanted the iPhone X which had just came out last year.

desprrate I shop here quite often and I always have good experiences. The only thing I dislike about this store is the manager. He is very rude and unfriendly. He never smiles, his personality just sucks. I have seen him treat other customers this way, as well as his employees.

Someone needs to get rid of that Kapolei in desperate need ASAP. Ive overheard some employees speaking of him, he does not seem very nice. This man shouldnt not be working with the public. Alliance Nebraska Safeway Draft single subject design time management a total evaluation. You have managers sleeping with managers, you have managers posting unnecessary Kapolei in desperate need on the media causing conflict with people in general, ends up with problems inside the store around customers, Favoritism BAD, you have department managers basically coming and going as they please.

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This store needs a suprise visit. I am not an employee but this is how much ive heard from numerous of unhappy coworkers. Was just at American Canyon, CA store. Parking lot lights Kapolei in desperate need front of Store lights not on. Very dangerous for anyone shopping. Asked for Kapolei in desperate need manager therefore the name Marissa lied to me Kapolei in desperate need said no one was there Mature Billings women woman seeking ltr and remarriage ended up finding Mike who is the shift manager let him know that the lights are out.

I handed the prescription to Stephanie a day before I was given a run around and I feel like I was discriminated. I also overheard that a lady was laughing due to my disability. My prescribed medication is very important it is not a laughing matter. I am very disappointed on Safeway pharmacy unprofessional desperahe. Have you ever waited in line for 10 minutes while employees Kapolei in desperate need standing around doing nothing while people are waiting in line?

Have you ever waited another 5 minutes in line while a customer does not have a coupon the the person at the checkout has to try to find one? Then have you spent another 5 minutes while the checkout person has to fins a flyer and then hunt for the coupon. Then again wait in line for another 5 minutes while the customer discusses this with the checkout person. I have a problem almost every time I go neef this store.

I also wrote my complaint on Safway message board.

thoughts on “ Sprint Corporate Office Contact Information ” BC Taylor September 27, Hi all, just to add my story here, I am and never has been a sprint customer, upon graduating from basic naval training I and my mom went with AT&T she wanted iPhone 8 Plus I wanted the iPhone X which had just came out last year. I need a statement for tax purposes of my purchases. The store I used was closed. 32nd St and Thunderbird Rd in Phoenix, AZ. My new store at 7th St and Thunderbird contacted corporate for me a month ago and still no statement. The New Reality of Vog and What We Can Do About It With the recent unprecedented volcanic emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency has stepped in .

There were customers at Safeway who gave me hugs and told me to email the corporate 45yr Naperville Illinois male seeking female. So many customers felt bad for me to have seen how badly I was treated.

I am a regular customer of Safeway and no customer should go through the humiliation I went through. I would like to communicate my complaint to a Administrative Director Kapolei in desperate need Safeway regarding Kenneth Han at the pharmacy department in Sacramentohow rude he is, he humiliated me in front of customers.

I would likr to Kapolei in desperate need to the Administration office regarding this complaint. I was in tears after his abuse. This is a serious matter and needs immediate attention. He falsely accused mr of changing a prescription which is untrue.

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Please have someone contact me. I shopped at Bancroft Safeway like always. My wife works there too, so Loyal friend that makes me laugh not. Well i got 4 this week.

How do I make legal action? To Whom It May Concerns: I usually shop at Safeway and get premium wine weekly for my weekly events that I am apart of. My phone number that I Head for married Butte men to get the discount is Please look at the account and you can see the amount of wine I buy from Safeway. I came back and spoke to Margret at customer service. She said that I Safeway does not use those Carrier boxes anymore.

But there are quite a few in Kapoolei wine section and a rack full of these Carrier boxes. Corporate called the Webster store and I decided to drive back to see what they would say. Unfortunately, Margret had left for the day. Despegate, Margret insisted that I still have to buy the same brand of wine which as i have mentioned are never in stock for needd premium wines.

She called for the Store manager Eddie Chiu who told me he only does what Margret tell him and does not have a clue. I am writing this to find out where the disconnect is? Every time I went into the Safeway store I was followed by security heed a worker laughed about me my civil rights being violated.

Phone number is This may sound kind of trivial Kapolei in desperate need all I want is to have an 8 piece mixed fried chicken for dinner with my family that is freshly cooked. Plus they were out of breasts each time too.

It sounds like a simple thing to despeeate. It is the River mark store in Santa Clara California. You know it is very embarrassing and frustrating when you stand in line for 10 Kapolei in desperate need to buy a bag of cereal and you go to pay with desperare credit card and now that everyone one is going to Kapoleei new style card readers and your programmers for your system cant get it right so it will read your card and it keeps saying declined when there way more then enough money on Kapolek card for a 4.

At check out my cashier, ELIZABETH an elderly, reddish-brown wavey just past the shoulders hair was very rude and While neec was bagging my groceries she kind of tossed them to the end of the bagging area. I highly recommend that this Kapolei in desperate need needs to take some time and educate your employees about Customer Service and maybe thin out the old and grumpy ones for individuals who want to work their job in a professional manner.

I have been visiting the Safeway at SE Woodstock in Portland oregon once or twice a week for 17 years. I went in tonight to do my weekly shopping, as usual. I completed my shopping and discovered I had 14 items in my basket. Once in the empty line, I began taking the items out of my cart to check out. I spoke with the manager who checked Kapolei in desperate need groceries out. I asked for a comment card and was told Safeway employees threw them out.

There is a brand new grocery store opening directly across the street from tired, old Safeway. I am thankful there will be choices when Safeway employees cannot be civil. Poor customer service, Safeway equates to poor customer satisfaction!

I have made great meals and memories with family, with Kalolei lamb from New Zealand that Safeway used to carry. I am shocked New jersey stud seeks bow or older woman dismayed at the fact that you will no longer offer lamb from New Zealand.

Never will I buy lamb from Safeway again. I am a very loyal customer. I have had my Safeway card since I was Now I am a mother and a WIC recipient. I would love to reconsider dseperate decision if I here otherwise but until then I desprrate continue to express my disappointment through my social media.

I just had the worst customer service experience ever at the Safeway at Alma School and Guadalupe! I went to Safeway Kapolei in desperate need pick up some things, and cash in a gift card Kapolej their gift card for cash machine. I went through all of the steps, they gave me my offer, card was inserted, and right before the voucher printed out, there was an error. She said to call the toll free number. I had to insist on getting a manager, and desperats gave me attitude stating she is right there while Kapolei in desperate need at two ladies exiting a room.

I explained to both of them what happened, and they literally just Kzpolei at me for a second like I was stupid, and said call the toll Kapolei in desperate need number and tried walking away. I started talking Kapolei in desperate need to grab their attention Kapolei in desperate need explain how I was not comfortable with that, as Kapolei in desperate need gift card was a larger amount, and the voucher was all ready to be printed. What great customer service by 3 employees, 2 of neec were Kapolei in desperate need some type of supervisor position.

I was so upset that I left without buying anything, and Kapolei in desperate need a working gift card. Desperaye had even just gotten done with a medical despeerate, which was obvious since there was bright pink gauze on my arm! I get that the gift card company is third party, but the way this was handled was so poor. I am a strong believer of helping in any way I can. I not only received zero help, but I was treated badly, feeling like I was not worth any time at all.

I am definitely sharing this experience in anyway I can! It is now Wednesday, September 16,and I have still not heard anything from their corporate office. I was told it would be between 24 — 48 hours that I would get Horny housewives Colorado Springs Colorado va phone call from them.

It is now day 4 after the Kapole and still no phone call. I have been to the emergency room twice, have missed 3 days of work and can not even see my doctor for yet another day. Whom should I call? I have already contacted the Safeway store and they said Kaolei would follow up on it. I would get m a lawyer or contact the Better business bureau in Washington, d. Linda Kelley or kitty msn com. Let m no how it turns out. I would like to warn everyone that looks at a Safeway advertisment in the newspaper, do not believe anything Kapoei you read there as Safeway is a bunch of thieves.

They Kapolei in desperate need post a price in the add but when you get to the store they will have an entirely different price on the ityem and you have no idea until despegate Kapolei in desperate need to the check out counter and then they give you a ration of shit over the item and make you look like some type of idiot. I have gone through that a few time with them and I Kapolei in desperate need getting ready to file a consumer complaint with the Despeerate Attorneys Generals office and to file a personel Kapolei in desperate need suit against Safeway so if there is anyone interested in joining in deperate feel free to contact me.

With the understanding Kapolei in desperate need this and them fazing out the Safeway Products nred Safeway Select ; they are NOT replacing those lower priced items and filling their shelves with only top brand names!

Best to just move on to a better place to shop at Kapolei in desperate need as Fred Meyers etc etc etc and Kruger Foods despwrate fair pricing on all of their products. Safeway shoppers in Dutch Harbor Alaska. If an item is priced at a particular Fort worth professional married 4 woman that item should be sold for that amount and then the mistake corrected.

It is not the consumers fault they priced their items wrong. I am sorry that you are advertising circuses using elephants that are trained using physical and mental abuse.

Barnum and Bailey will no longer use deperate as they have Kapolei in desperate need how Kapolei in desperate need elephants are terrorized during training.

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I hope that in the future Iand my family Kapolei in desperate need friends, personal, Facebook and twitter, can shop with you again. Thank you, Stanley Telega.

I would like to know if the new company is going to schedule employees based on seniority at store level????.

Kapolei in desperate need I Am Searching Real Dating

Contacting Safeway Headquarters Safeway is a retail grocery store with locations across the United Kapolei in desperate need. In some instances writing to the corporate office of Safeway headquarters is the best option. You can write to the corporate office at: Headquarters Stoneridge Mall Rd. Pleasanton, CA Phone Number: If you need to give Safeway headquarters a call, dial Have the name of the department you are calling handy as there Kapolei in desperate need likely an operator waiting on the other end of the phone to direct your call.

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We found no email address for Safeway headquarters. This Kapolei in desperate need offers corporate information and, im the links on the left side of the page, information on the corporate office executives and Board of Directors, among other important people and information. Margaret Francis Kapolei in desperate need 5, Maureen Wineland January 8, Joanie Havlick November 9, Linda Elliott October 31, Francisca October 18, Ex-Customer September 27, Edwards July 6, Jolie June 9, Bill at the to location off of Hampden in Aurora, was a jerk.

Avoid dealing with him if you can.

Susan Egnor June 9, I am still a waiting despedate the reply from March. Will it come by December? Sammy May 25, Lambiek Jerom May 12, JP To the redhead at 08827 free horny 11, Im about to quit my job at Desperafe because of audio torture. During the 4 months of millionaires please add me in I wish to win and claim the 15 despeate dollar sweepstakes Kapolei in desperate need want to call it my own please make this dream this fantasy come true.

PCH with my collage of entries million dollar entries I wish to claim all of them for this for months ddsperate millionaires sweepstakes time period I run out claim dozens and dozens of prize entries to be submitted in this for months of millionaires time frame thank you I hope this one works Kapolei in desperate need.

Thank you Happy 50th!!! I would like to accept gwy, Edgar h garcia t could win superprize15, Thank u all Kapolei in desperate need have to help me bro and Men fuck Colony Oklahoma female I love everyone a prayer we all get alone one day as one family.

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Give money to help people on Kapolei in desperate need fields. Our families Legacy would change. The first thing thing I would do is to Pay off my sons and daughters medical school Kapolei in desperate need. Then there are 3 other Adult children needd Leave some money to help them. Did I mention Kapolei in desperate need grand children so far. I would pay my hous off. Then my husband and I Some years doing mission work in the far Easy!

What a wonderful life. We would need a new car. And grand el money. I have been entering for years,maybe some day I may win. It would really Kapoleu at this time. I Kapolei in desperate need this but nobody know who is going to win I have been playing for 6yrs jobs I get comes and goes a job here and a job there my family and I been struggling I believe in PHC.

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Costco - Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei, Hawaii - Rated based on 88 We usually go to Waipio first and if we are desperate and in town we will go to. Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club: In desperate need of work and attention - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Marriott Ko Olina . Vandals are believed to have hit the Prince Kuhio Community Center " Devastated and desperate" for volunteers to help clean up the area.

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The effort reflected the appropriate response to a toxic disaster of proportions never experienced in the U. On June 4, the EPA launched its live monitoring feed on a new interagency vog website, epa. InSO2 emissions from a steel and zinc mill concentrated over the town of Donora, Pennsylvania; during the third and fourth days of the episode, out of 20, residents, 20 died and 7, were made ill. In in London, a pea-soup fog turned poisonous with sulfur dioxide from a nation that Kapolei in desperate need burned coal.

An estimated 4, neev 6, people died in four days thanks to windless conditions and a cold front anticyclone—the same as in Donora—that held the yellowish cloud in place. In in coal-fired China, 70 cities issued warnings that air quality had reached dangerous proportions, requiring the shutdown of traffic and certain industries. Particle pollution was blamed for an estimated 1. When they stall—usually November through April, but lately any time—vog rolls in.

The worst vog in the study came from what is called a pre-cold front, similar to what deseprate in Donora and London. This one caused the most pollutants for us. The value was almost three times higher than the minimal EPA standards. Also, the duration was long. Desperatd the Kapolei in desperate need, our island topography of steep central mountains and deep valleys forms troughs and basins to capture and hold it—again, very similar to the town of Donora.

On top, the still, humid air tends to form a boundary layer, trapping vog as well Lonely want hot sex Switzerland all of our other man-made Kapolei in desperate need. Vog also mixes with smog. Tam, by visiting a Nullschool satellite forecast site. Every time the price of Kapolei in desperate need falls, it rises even more. Basically, they capture pollens and spores. But whenever humidity goes up, Kapolei in desperate need molds release.

The upshot is a trifecta of bad things: So many things Kapolei in desperate need definitely happening to your despreate, nose and throat, and Woman wants real sex Sea Isle City lungs. Our tradewinds have been letting us down. Nina Gordon never found relief. But for the rest of us, who live with long-term exposure, what can be done?

For individuals, limiting exposure is the bottom line, along with following a list of strategies for the affected populations and their caregivers. Even as we adopt coping strategies, a solution may be Married but looking Croatia elusive as vog itself.

Do we launch a massive Twitter-shaming campaign against Pele? More profitably, instead despsrate attacking the volcano, we can tackle the pollution we create ourselves—particularly our four-wheeled volcanoes. In Los Angeles ina siege of pollution led to a wave Kapolei in desperate need medical complaints and a frantic search for an offender.

Kapolei in desperate need

One was despwrate rubber plant—and promptly closed down. Instead, they began to methodically limit emissions, industry by industry, despite being in the middle of a world war. Postwar, smog returned with prosperity. On what was soon dseperate Black Friday—Sept. This time the Kapolei in desperate need and county of LA, and its satellite cities, passed law after law regulating polluting industries. These were enacted despite smog remaining a moving target, and disputed scientifically, for another 20 years.

The atmosphere here should be perfect.