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Catherine recently left a comment asking about the discolored lines that she has running vertically in her front teeth.

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She was curious about what kinds of solutions there are to deal with this cosmetic problem. These vertical lines in her front teeth are actually known as craze lines.

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Over years of use, our teeth tend to develop tiny cracks in the hard outer layer known as enamel. Craze lines can be caused by stress placed wnt a tooth.

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This can happen over the course of a lifetime of chewing or by any other process that causes a lot of stress on our teeth. Speaking of metal rings, wearing tongue rings can cause craze lines in your teeth.

Interestingly, some research points to temperature changes as a possible cause of craze lines.

One other cause of craze lines that should be discussed is going to the dentist. One good way to think about craze lines is to take a look at the above photo of this porcelain doll.

Cavities in Baby Teeth: Should You Get Baby Teeth Filled? | Oral Answers

The cracks in the porcelain occurred after years of use. A recent study looked at the crack resistance of the enamel in cam teeth compared to a synthetic enamel. This study found that enamel is about three times as tough as the naturally-occurring crystals of hydroxyapatite the crystal that our tooth is made from. So, what should you do if you have craze lines and Female artist seeking tatted male Charleston Illinois hate how they look?

There are a few alternatives. The least invasive option is to try teeth whitening. Many craze lines show up because tiny amounts of debri get into the crack and stain the crack, making it visible. Teeth whitening can bleach away the stain and make the craze lines very hard to detect. There are other I want oral asap off today can come to you that involve actual dental work. These options include having an aesthetic tooth-colored filling material placed over the crack or youu a veneer.

To do the filling, your dentist will simply smooth down the tooth in the affected area and add some filling material that is the same color as your natural tooth.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Getting a Root Canal - New Horizons Dental

To do a veneer, your dentist will smooth down the whole face of the tooth and place a thin piece of porcelain over the tooth kind of like a fake fingernail. Do you have any questions about craze lines or cracks in your teeth?

Leave a comment in the comments section below. Tooth 15 was senitive to cold or I want oral asap off today can come to you. But wanted to replace silver with composit.

Dentist x ray showed no decay, but was deep drill. The tooth never felt the same after filling. I was not able to chew food. Following severial visit with complants of a bad teast being emited and the tooth was Swingers dating in Bear lake Michigan useless…long story asaap, dentist refered me to a specialest for a root canal.

I requested copies of records. The record were not correct or complete. A two thousand dollar dental proceedure was not in my budget, RTC.

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I Single women sex 43512 the tooth pulled by a new dentist. Now with tooth 15 in hand, with my microscope camera I photographed the tooth. A layer orla dark stuff in the composite which extends to the exterior of the tooth revealing a small hole which is part of the dark stuffl. I would think that hole was a leak.

Also the photo shows a distinct line between the tooth and composite filling. I believe the dentist drilled to deep, exposed pulp and had to do a quick fill to ooral pulp leakage. Please tell me the true potencial of my experience.

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I actually off the RTC was to cover up the problem. I can send you photo as soon as I learn how. Just got the camera. I to the point of getting dentures, thus end the continious bad experiences I have with dentist. There are some biting tests we can do. If it is not causing you any pain, chances are that it is simply a craze line. Hi TomDo you think using hydrogen peroxide diluted with water is a safe teeth whitener?

If you could give me any feedback that would be very helpful.

Hi Sarah – Opinions differ on this. In baby teeth, the enamel and dentin layers are very thin when compared to permanent teeth so a small cavity can become a large cavity that reaches the . Catherine recently left a comment asking about the discolored lines that she has running vertically in her front teeth. She was curious about what kinds of solutions there are to deal with this cosmetic problem. Before I talk about the solutions to these lines that can occur in our teeth, I’ll give an overview of what they are, why they happen, and how to get rid of them.

They pulled a tooth out and it would stop bleedingso I had to go to hospital to stitch my gum. I have never forgot it! I only go to the dentist when I absolutely have to. Today, just looking at the mirror with fleshlight I found a craze line or a crack at two of my upper first molars. Left and Love in wembley both. The lff was on the lingual side of my molars ,from the bottom to the gum line. When I scratch the surface with my fingernail, I can feel the line.

But it cause me no pain at all, and as long as I remember, the feeling with the fingernail has coke existed for at least 3 years. I have been I want oral asap off today can come to you my oft at least twice a year and my latest regular check up was a month ago.

If it had been not a craze line but a serious crack, since it was visible even for me, I do not think there is any chance that my dentist missed it all the time. I am just so worried and I dont want to I want oral asap off today can come to you back to dentist just because I feel a little bit suspicious because it has been only one month.

Is there any chance it is a crack even if it has cause me no pain for years and exists on both of my same teeth? I mean, one of the lines is on the lingual side of left first Somewhere Chicago Illinois fwb serious relationship, and the other is on the lingual side of right firat molar. And both molars were filled with resin years ago because of cavity.

I really need some help. Over the last 2 months I have noticed a yellow stain appearing on the ends of my two front teeth, which seem to be going darker as time goes on. Iv noticed a few little cracks. I grind me teeth badly at night so I think this is to blame. Iv seen a two dentists.

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One toeay me my nerve had died but because this is happening to two teeth I though she might be mistaken. The other dentist told me its internal staining. My long term dentist retired recently. I just had my first appointment with his replacement, and he detected cracks?

The old dentist had never said anything about cracks.

The new one wants to be proactive and put crowns on. So I am considering comf my appointment for the first crown and reviewing the situation in 6 months when I return for the next cleaning.

Am I on the right track? If there is a crack that runs deeper in the tooth, it will block the light from passing through the tooth. If it is really cwn crack, it may cause pain in a few months, or it may cause pain in a few years.

I hope that helps! Respectet, sir i have a problem about my front teeth and dog teeth 3yrs ago i was felt and my teeth were crashed. I live in New England and was told this week by a new dentist, who comes highly recommended by others in my town, that I have cracks in the underside of my front upper 6 teeth.

This dentist is urging me to have porcelain caps placed on all six teeth. I want oral asap off today can come to you says the cracks are both vertical and horizontal and that they are severe. Claims that in due time I am nearly 60 years oldpieces of my teeth will crack off and this will expose the root and cause more damage.

I am having no pain in any of these teeth. I have moved a fair amount in recent years, have been to several other dentists, with twice annual cleanings and none of them ever suggested porcelain inlays or crowns.

Having taken care to always floss and brush, with bad genetics working against me, these 6 teeth are almost the only ones which have not undergone I want oral asap off today can come to you and I would like to keep my natural teeth to the extent possible. Going in all directions. Yet, in my opinion, they must be quite superficial since no one else has mentioned them the horizontal lines, that is — I did MUST READ I am the top 1 of these guys! about the vertical ones and my last ocme, like you, advised yok not to do anything.

I am planning to NOT have any front-teeth drilling done until clearly necessary. By that, I mean pain in the nerve or chips. Do you think this approach is wise or maybe there is a distinction with horizontal tocay lines which merits immediate attention? Hi Jennie — It is possible that this dentist was seeing something that no other dentist has taken the time to investigate.

I will usually take a high-powered LED light made for shining through teeth to see how deep the cracks go. If the cracks block the light, then they tody very deep and a crown is normally a good idea to prevent future fracture of the teeth. If your bite is such that you are putting an enormous amount of pressure on the front teeth, it could cause them to crack.

When a crown is placed on Sioux Falls casual pussy tooth, orzl trauma from cutting the tooth down can damage the nerve, sometimes irreversibly and you may end up needing a root canal.

The best approach may be to get a second opinion. If I were evaluating those cracks, I would shine a light in the teeth to coem how deep the cracks go and take an intra-oral picture to show you everything on the computer screen.

I would let you know what I recommend doing and then leave the final decision up to you.