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I katenice to meet u

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Dec 14, She's a hero because she stand up I katenice to meet u what she believes in and she tries to help other people Her strengths are not just physically but mentally too, she doesnt give up on a fight no matter how impossible it might seem. She's a hero because she saved Peeta with his cut wound. And, in Catching Fire, she matenice Gale from being killed by the Peacekeeper.

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Dec 15, How are you supposed to converse that way??? Even though she's a very conflicting character, she saved Panem from apocalypse, saved both Gale and Peeta's lives; and loves everyone she knows, even though she doesn't like to admit it too much.

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I have a feeling someone's making people do their homework for them. Dec 16, Kirby and Abigail i didnt realize that.

Dec 17, D And I don't really think that Katniss is a hero. She a bit selfish. I feel like everything she did she did for herself and Prim.

Dec 18, A hero, or selfish?

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Dec 19, Katniss in my opinion is a unique character in a lot of ways, because she volunteered for Prim, saved Gale I katenice to meet u Peeta's life, and saved Panem, but she was really selfish and I don't think I would like her very much in real life either. Feb 19, In the most basic sense she is katfnice "hero" because she is the main character, the good guy, the protagonist.

In another sense she is a "hero" because she tries to do the right thing.

She saves lives, and sometimes puts other people's needs before her own. She's not perfect by any means, but what hero is?

Other than Superman of course. Feb 20, She wraps Rue with flowers when she dies, and shes pretty darn brave. No one can deny that. Shall I challenge you?

I think Katniss is a interesting caracter, on so many levels. Suzanne Collins did a great job with her Search for a book to add a katnice. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

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