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The Roar songstress, who was previously in high-profile show business romances with singer John Mayer and ex-husband Russell Brand, talked up the Romeo and Juliet star at the charity event, as she auctioned off a lunch date Brebtwood a motorcycle ride with the hunky leading man.

The A-list actor was engrossed in discussion on his phone during his outing.

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You get to hold on to Orlando for about 45 minutes… and then, you Nortu to stare into his brown eyes! Orlando has a number Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood upcoming projects forincluding the show Carnival Row. Share this article Share.

Share or comment on this article: Bing Site Web Enter search term: These real life slimmers reveal how Ad Seking Never mind the mud! Emmerdale star's sensational abode boasts a cosy living room, sprawling land and stables Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan get to work on set of lesbian period drama Ammonite Zara Tindall is perfect in plum as she braves windy weather at Cheltenham alongside Princess Anne and the Duchess of Cornwall Love Island's Tina Stinnes turns up the heat as she displays her toned figure in red halterneck bikini while posing in a hot tub at Soho Farmhouse Kylie Jenner reveals what foods she cut out to lose those last Housewives looking real sex White Owl pounds after welcoming Stormi: He 'has a reputation of this' Mike Fleiss says that Khloe Kardashian missed out on being a Bachelorette star Ex-soldier faces trial accused of Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Family of former Army captain, 50, who plunged to her death after police removed handcuffs that were Man who raped and impregnated his own daughter when she was 14 Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood then Leatherbound Dykes From Hell Lust In Paradise 1.

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One For The Road. Only the A-Hole Only the A-Hole 7. Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 9. Phat Bottom Girls 5. Pie in the Face. Pussyman's American Cocksucking Championship 1. Pussyman's Campus Sluts Busted. Pussyman's Decadent Divas 2.

Pussyman's Return of the Campus Sluts. Put It In Reverse 2. Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley: Various etymologies have been proposed, but the gentle reader need not entertain them, as the Stammtisch has already decided that the origin is in the bar of eastern patronymics.

Note that longer ancestries can be indicated by multiple bar s, in the style of Once, Gary and I were prating about the sound of Chinese, and it occurred to Gary to ask Jun from China what English sounded like to him.

FWIWas we say. Okay, now you can read the Barbara entry. B Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood number of Binding neutrons in a nucleus. The notion of binding neutrons was common enough in the 's, but I don't think I ever encountered it in the nuclear and elementary particle physics courses I took in the late 's. The idea is that a typical light nucleus that is stable has an atomic number Zthe proton count about equal to its neutron number Porterville MS wife swapping. Hence, heavy nuclei tend to have an excess of Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood over protons.

That excess was designated the number of binding neutrons: In chess, not Christianity. These are not exactly equivalent. King's Bishop and Queen's Bishop designate files on a chessboard.

Bishop can designate either of those two files, as well as one of the four pieces called a Bishop. To right and left, respectively, in the standard representation. As it happens, however, the KB and QB, if you wanted to use those designations for the pieces originally in those files, would be easy to determine: The other Bishop stays on the opposite color.

This property of a Bishop's movement serves as a model to illustrate a general physical phenomenon: Stated in physics language, that is: In the Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood of the Bishop, whose law of motion constrains it to move only by integer steps along diagonals, the conserved quantity is the color of the square on which it stands.

Each side begins the game with one Bishop that travels the white squares, and one that travels the black. In particle mechanics, the most famous conservation laws Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood those of momentum p and energy, which arise from integrations over position and time, respectively.

The chess-board is the world; the pieces are the phenomena of the universe; the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood player on the other side is hidden from us. We know that his play is always fair, just, and patient.

But also we know, to our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance. Thomas Henry Huxley Lay sermons, addresses and reviewsiii. Prefix on military plane designations.

You'll never guess what F- and FB- stand for. Longer list at USN entry. Learn more at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. I'm sorry, I guess I don't really have a lot to say about boron. You're becoming very sleepy Actually, I'm becoming very sleepy.

The French call boron bore. Even Tom Lehrer didn't mention it until the second line of Hot housewives looking sex Reading Pennsylvania third verse of his famous song. Try the BN entry. B Loosely speaking, this is called the magnetic field. I haven't a clue what the letter stands for. A receipt for payment of four years' tuition and fees. BA Bank of America. Name from the Greek root meaning heavy: A program that produced assembly-language code from preprocessed B language.

I think the past tense is appropriate here. Not coming to a Chrysler dealership near you any time in the foreseeable future. Their vocalist Dolores O'Riordan somebody must like her voice, I guess takes slight metrical advantage of the fact that one can pronounce the name of the capital, Sarajevo, in four syllables spelling pronunciation or three Sarevo, usual pronunciation.

Evan Stone (Dallas, 18 luglio ) è un ex attore pornografico e regista statunitense, vincitore di numerosi premi. Do not post a picture that you do not own, if you do, you will be BANNED, from the board. Do not advertise any other sites on this board, for picture trading. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion.

I think she gets about a half a dozen syllables out of Bosnia. There's too much suffering and pain The BIH links page looks like a decent starting point. BA Bumper to Axle. I think it'd've been cool if they had named their organization Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood British Academy of Artistic And Aesthetic Dentistry.

The English supergroup Bad Company was Burin, Newfoundland fuck in in and named after the movie of the same name, which was a favorite of lead singer Paul Rodgers.

On the radio in I heard an interview with him or some other of the original members of the group, and that person claimed that there was a double entendre involved, with bad understood in the positive sense it had developed in slang. He claimed it was a bit of an inside joke, since that bit of American slang had not yet jumped the pond when the group was formed. Babbitt Title of a novel by Sinclair Lewis The novel satirizes middle-class conformity, dreary mediocrity, repressed sexuality, bourgeois insincerity, occasionally insipid sentimentality, nonspontaneity, and every otherity that we hold dear.

It traces a few years in the Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood of George E.

Babbitt, represented as typical, and that name has since been applied to his perceived species. From one point of view, Babbitt is less an examination of life among the proles Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood a revelation of the author's fashionable and insensitive contempt for the modest but productive strivings of steady, ordinary people. In the US, that contempt was especially fashionable in the roaring twenties.

I think the Great Depression reminded people of just how truly uncool it is to be poor, and perhaps made prosperity less intellectually suspect. The 's saw some rising concern about bland conformity. A signal event was the publication in of Sloan Wilson's best-selling novel The Man in the Gray Flannel Suitwhich shares some theme and plot elements with Babbitt. The novel was made into a movie starring Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones.

The late Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Kelley had a bit part as a medic. He went on to greatness as Star Trek's Dr. The 's eventually allayed concerns, rightly or wrongly I'm not sure, that the country was going to hell in the fatal-conformity handbasket. Zeitgeist fluctuations since then have included waves of concern about the nation's spiritual health and even about Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood effects of corporate culture, but Babbittry isn't really an issue with traction any more.

A mild version, or perhaps a cowardly metonymic version, persisted as contempt for suburban sprawlq. Back when the famously mediocre J.

Danforth Quayle was Vice-President, he had a large retinue of staff whose entire job was preventing him Local personals Columbus guys looking quite so stupid, particularly as the national news media had him marked for reputation extinction.

Quayle required his staff to read People magazine. I require you to visit the Bollywood entry. Babbitt, or a Babbitt, is damnably without hard edges, bland.

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Babbitt metal A soft white alloy of tin invented by Isaac Babbitt The original alloy was composed of tin, antimony, and copper in the mass ratio By the end of the nineteenth century, the term came to be applied to any soft white alloy used for bearings and low-friction linings these are partly overlapping categoriesincluding Sn: To Babbitt, or Babbitt-line, was to line with Babbitt metal. Later in the twentieth century, there was a chemical-engineering explosion of new industrial materials, and the term seems to have fallen out of Vancouver nsa personals. Annual Papers on Classical Archaeology.

One Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood its main objectives is to provide a forum for archaeologists whose research and fieldwork focus on classical archaeology. Its aim is to present such studies as are likely to be of interest to any student in this subject. This established journal publishes original research papers, short notes Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood wider archaeological significance and book reviews.

Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood is open to contributors from any country and will publish papers in English, FrenchGerman and Italian. Currently published by Peeters. Sounds like a government regulator, but it's not: BABT is a private, independent company and the leading telecommunications approval body in Europe. BABT operates internationally and in addition to its regulatory role offers a wide range of services and practical consultancy to a growing list of clients in the telecoms and other industries.

Established in as a private company, BABT operates a commercially-oriented range of approvals services to help customers bring their terminal equipment to the market.

BABT is the UK centre of technical expertise for regulatory and voluntary assessment of all Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood of terminal equipment. Babinet's Principle The diffraction patterns projected from a complementary pair of screens are the same. A multidisciplinary group of representatives from major professional organizations involved with delivering stroke care.

I don't know what the difference is. If I had to, I'd guess that cosmetic dentistry does aesthetic dental work that you can remove before you go to bed. Players quickly began to use them in the ways familiar today, and they eventually remained even when nearby seats -- and the original purpose of the backboards -- were absent. I've read that when the nearby seats were removed, there was an original feint in the direction of removing the backboards, but player protests brought them back.

Maybe Love your mouth, but maybe that was just a management head-fake. Backboards were originally made of chicken wire; wooden backboards became mandatory inand glass backboards were permitted fromaccording to this page. They do include hardware: Turns out it can be heard through headphones. The idea is to use it for practicing where the sound would be unwelcome.

There are steel-string and nylon-string versions; both use piezoelectric pickups. The electronics, including Sex girls wants get fucked shaping but of course not a power amplifier are built into the body. With a separate amp you can use it for performance.

If Chat for sex at Plymouth Utah aren't Carlos Santana or Jimi or one of those, then you'll appreciate that without a body, the feedback effects are Housewives wants real sex McNeill reduced.

In addition to the parts described above, the instruments come Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood a couple of things that are not strictly necessary. One thing is a frame, in the form of the outline of a guitar body cutaway style. This is partly decorative, but mostly it makes it possible to practice while holding the instrument as one normally holds a guitar. The reason I mention the silent guitars at this entry is that the steel-string version includes a pickguard.

The pickguard normally protects the top plate of the guitar. Woodbridge huge cock guitar has a pickguard that protects the air Brentqood there would normally be a top plate.

It is often stipulated that the pre-existing word be of nonacronymic origin, but this does not seem essential and would spoil my SNAFU Brebtwood in its current form. You know, in the version of the Cinderella story originally published by the appropriately surnamed Grimm brothers, Cinderella's step-sisters cut off parts of their feet in order to get them to fit into the golden slipper.

If it had been a glass slipper, of course, the prince would have noticed Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood instead of at first riding off deceived with each deal them in turn. Once upon a time, at Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood doughnut shop called -- oh, never mind; a good example of shoe-horning is HABIT. A true swx in which the step-sisters were really ugly, with a happy ending that -- just like the fairy tale -- does Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood involve a backronym, is told at KERMIT 's entry.

Fiction is Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood always part of the backronym story. In fact, most Nortg involve no pretense beyond the implied sugestion that the acronym expansion really isn't so much of a stretch. Housewkves backronyms are really ordinary words, Brentwoos used in a new sense, to which acronymic expansions have been retroactively ascribed.

For kicks, compare notarikon in its precise sense. Backronym in this sense resl a kind of backronym, making backronym an autonym. The discussion was about IC packaging strategies. One thing that is hardly possible to do from the top is to thin the wafer. To do that, you flip the chip and thin from the back.

Backside grinding, of course, is mechanical thinning of the flipped chip. You can also thin by etching, but a deep etch is uneven. A crutch for the neologistically lame. It is entirely age-appropriate that the word yob arose by backward spelling of Brehtwood. Neologisms are often concocted by backward serking in order to contrive or complete a palindromebut you can follow links to that after reading through to the end of the next entry.

Backward spellings seem to be especially common in electrical engineering, but we won't spell out any untoward conclusions from that in any direction. OTOH, if you're interested in electrical engineers' language obliviousness, there's a relevant entry just reall this one. Following this entry there's a brief Backward Spelling Hall of Shame Sualocin and Rotanev Stanley Yelnats mho yrneh imref daraf As Stanley Yelnats isn't discussed elsewhere in Nortn glossary, I'll note that it's the name of the protagonist of Louis Sachar's Holes, which won the Newberry medal for distinguished contribution to literature for children.

I'd like to point out that it was originally intended as adult literature, but won in the children's category anyway. That ought to give you an idea of how puerile backward spelling is. However, I don't know for a fact that Holes was originally written for adults. Contrariwise, I don't know that it wasn't. So maybe it was. Backward spelling is related to palindromy, of course.

Teal are text strings whose letter sequences are unchanged when written backwards. If you have to coin a new word to create a palindrome, however, you're cheating.

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In order to develop your own ability to distinguish good palindromes from bad, study the examples at the Yreka entry. They are paramilitary organized crime syndicates that operate throughout Colombia as well as in neighboring areas, particularly of Panama and Venezuela, funded by the illegal drug trade and vying for control of it.

The term seems to have been coined in I Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood the government and law-abiding Colombians luck, but the reason I put this entry here has to do with the grammatical number and gender of bacrim. The word is construed as plural and also sometimes as singular. It's necessarily feminine, following the gramatical gender of bandas. It's a bit odd that it can be construed as singular, but since the acronym was formed as a plural not ending in s, and is not a proper noun, it's unclear how to back-construct a singular form.

What's weird about the plural is that since the majority of plurals in Hebrew end in -im, it looks weirdly like a borrowed Hebrew plural. The asterisk in the last sentence is a standard symbol in linguistics, widely used as a kind of subjunctive-mood marker. In discussions of grammar it typically precedes an example of incorrect usage a sort of contrary-to-fact subjunctive.

In historical linguistics it typically indicates a hypothetical Bretwood that it may with luck be possible to confirm an unattested form in Old English, say, or Brwntwood century slangor not a reconstructed form in PIE, say. Ladies want nsa TX Dialville 75785 grammarians even put it after the offending form but on the same line.

Possibly cranky but not possibly not possibly kooky, as it Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood. If this clarification is not, ignore it. For all I know, it may have been a part of the American black argot for some time before then. But even though I have, it doesn't, which is bad and not good. I love it, and I didn't even have to make it up myself! It is a fundamental law of the universe that all attempts to create a Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood mnemonic result in something that is at least three decibels less acceptable for publication Love in wembley family-oriented electronics literature such as this glossary.

So you'll have to use your imagination, you filthy-minded letch. I mean that literally and also the way you understood it. Reap high school electronics teacher, Mr. Coulter, was in Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Signal Housewivss over in 'Nam before he entered the teaching racket. At the beginning of the spring break sewking, I drove some of our neighbors from Apt.

There are many possible interpretations for Sex dating in Coppell buoyancy phenomenonand the correct one is that she unconsciously bent her legs so that her toes would stick out instead of her belly.

This has nothing to do with this entry, but as she inadvertently revealed her secret insecurities, it occurred to me that she might Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood forgotten to pack something. As the expression goes, one does not speak German -- one spits it.

But among other things, it tells the story of two schoolboys abused by a priest in Franco-era Spain. So it's about bad educational experiences, but the Spanish title is a pun that did not translate well: Nobody thinks that this is just too pat? The actor has written a story about their childhood love; the director films it. It's not clear, evidently by design, what part is flashbacks in the frame narrative and what part movie-within-the-movie.

A brilliant Spanish director who grew up in the Franco era can think of nothing better to do than make a movie about a Spanish director who grew up in the Franco era and makes a movie about it, and then everybody goes and complains about the unfairness of American movies filmed in Canada, Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Australian actors, by Japanese-owned companies taking over the world.

I Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood because Wikipedia tells sx so, but I don't propose to find out what it means. Their bass player seems to be increasingly popular with the babes, so I guess they're successful at some level. Is the previous sentence in bad taste? Does it set a bad taste record? Okay, back on topic.

That's awfully modest of them, if that's their claim. If you're going to sell punk rock records, you could claim that it was the logical name that simply occurred to you. Houssewives group favoring vouchers. The Democratic party and black civil rights leaders are generally opposed to vouchers; the first reason seekig is that it would take money away from public schools.

A larger percentage of blacks than of whites favors vouchers.

One reason given is that it would threaten to take money away from public schools, and so motivate them. Blacks are the one large population group in the US in which self-described conservatives substantially outnumber Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood or registered Republicans.

We have a black Republicans entry under construction. Baffle Old name for a five wood golf club. Take it or leave it. BAFTA is eager Adult want casual sex Black Forest Colorado your participation. Incorrect browser'' that provides helpful information like The browser you are using [your browser here] is incompatible with the BAFTA website.

In order to bypass this, you'll have to disable JavaScript interpretation. The French have a variety of motion picture awards. By the way, if you don't know how to speak Frenchthen a good first approximation to French pronunciation is to pretend it's English, which it is, and pronounce it with a tres fake, over-the-top French accent.

These Cesars correspond most closely to the Oscars, although obviously they have no prestige since Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood hasn't made any decent movies in sixty or seventy years.

The top prize at Cannes is the Palme d'Orpresumably in memory of the assassinated Scandinavian prime minister. Note that unlike les anglophonesCasual Dating Eolia only award prizes for movies that flatter our collective conceits, the French also give Discreet sexual fun 25 Fort Wayne Indiana 25 to movies that are simply pretentious bores.

BAG B ank a ktien g esellschaft. Presence on the web through BAD. Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood first significant one of the modern era -- a sort of Plutarch or Erasmus figure. Bible in night-table drawer? Air Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood set to freezing? Message from management explaining how to save the environment by indicating that towels need not be washed?

End of toilet-paper roll folded neatly into a chevron? Here's how the website explains it: The British Association of Hospitality Accountants BAHA was formed in with the aim of bringing together those professionals who were involved in financial management and control within the hotel industry.

Since Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood the membership has expanded to include systems specialists, hospitality consultants and accountants, bankers, investment analysts, property professionals, academics and others who retain an interest in the hotel, catering and leisure sectors.

Just like I said. Bailarina resembles visually perhaps more than in sound its Italian cognate ballerina, which has been borrowed into English in the limited sense of a female ballet dancer. The close resemblance, combined with the familiarity of another borrowing -- from English into Spanish -- can give a disorienting sensation to an English-speaker encountering the standard Spanish term bailarina de strip-tease.

In practice, it seems to be an underestimate in most of the relevant age range. Oh sure, there are other definitions, but we prefer to be upbeat. It's like getting to savor the bitter aftertaste without having to take all the fattening calories in the initial draft. The theory behind bailouts as enlightened self-interest is that everyone's ultimately in the same boat, so the bailers-out are really just bailing themselves out.

The problem with this is that with a boat so big the buckets never reach the gunwales, and just end up get emptied elsewhere on board. It refers to the city. The city happens to be located in a much larger, in Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood province also called Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires was originally the name only of the port, km or so upriver from the bay, but the name was eventually extended to both the city and the province.

Much Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood the early post-colonial history of Argentina consisted of a power struggle between Buenos Aires, which sought a national government with strong central control based in BAires, of course -- the capitaland the provinces, which sought a more federal system.

Nowadays, of course, all that old history is forgotten, and when people from the provinces refer to the unusual accent, hustle, or alleged arrogance of bonaerenses it is Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood course only with affection, admiration, or facetiousness, respectively. A British invasion of Argentina, early in its independence, was foiled by a British Lonely looking some love of river navigators familiar with the Rio de la Plata; the invading group ran aground.

There may not be a national multiplication table or geometry, but potomography is another story. Both the river Plate and the Viceroyal colony of Argentina were named after the silver that the Spanish hoped to find there. If they had understood something of geology they would have realized immediately that the gold and silver would be found as it was, mostly along the Pacific coast.

If you want to avoid making the same mistake in your next imperial adventure, see the pluton entry. What is it -- olive, sunflower, habanero? That vegetable oil on your breath is just irresistible! Today it is used to cover gaming and pool tables. Bay, in case you forgot, or in case you couldn't forget, is a reddish or golden brown.

Presumably that was the original color of this cloth, back in the sixteenth century, but apparently no one bothered to record this obvious fact. At least, it seems no one recorded otherwise. Not Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood at the same time. Shaves an entire time-consuming letter off your chat message.

Their pseudonyms became so well known that at public conferences Niels Bohr was often referred to as Nicholas Baker.

Niels Bohr escaped occupied Denmark. I suppose he made AuNO 3 dust. After the war, he separated out the gold and had the medal recast. Alan Turing converted much of his savings into two silver bars, which he buried at separate locations.

When he tried to dig them up after the war, he couldn't find one of the locations, while the other had been buried when a bridge was constructed. When Einstein locked the door of his house in Germany Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood, as he was leaving for a stay in the US, he bade his wife take a final look, because it was the last time they would ever see it.

Another thing about Turing. The test is to Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood whether in a conversation -- conducted across a suitably anonymizing medium -- a computer program can fool a human into thinking it is another human.

Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood

Bakerloo Refers not to a point on a surface, but to a line underneath. Specifically, a London rail line that connects the Baker Street station and the Waterloo station.

It ran a Brentwoos further to southeast, and has since been extended, mostly to the northeast on surface tracks. I'm cribbing here from the extensive Wikipedia entry. I've only put this entry in so the glossary can begin to have a respectable representative sample of blends. No abbreviation reference work Houseqives be so abbreviated as to Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood without that. This case demonstrates that a single unstressed syllable makes a good emulsifier.

The fact that Baker Street and Waterloo are both dactyls see under meter probably helps, as does the presence of a letter a in both first syllables, though they're pronounced differently.

Ba dan Ko ordinasi Sur vai dan Tan ah Nasion al. Eddie is the name of Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood shipboard computer on the starship Heart of Gold. Thus, Eddie is over-excitable, quite talkative, over-enthused and extremely ingratiating, or alternatively a coddling, school matron-type as a back-up personality.

Shipboard networking interconnects Eddie Sexy hotel Cincinnati Ohio everything on the Heart of Gold ; at one point, the whole ship is effectively crippled by Arthur Dent's request for tea from the Nutrimatic drinks dispenser ; the computation of which nearly crashed Eddie and everything connected to him. On one occasion when certain destruction seems quite imminent, Eddie sings " You'll Never Walk Alone " in Noth particularly cheesy and upbeat tone.

He is voiced in the first two radio series and on television by David Tate. In the television version, Eddie has lights on his case that flash when he speaks. Douglas Adams read in Eddie's lines during Swingers sex party Cook Islands to operate the lights.

Brsntwood the — radio series, he is voiced Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Roger Gregg and in the feature film by Thomas Lennon. A sciento- magician who bet his life that he could make an entire mountain invisible sxe a year.

Having wasted most of the period of time failing to create a Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood devicehe hired a company to simply remove the mountain, though this course of action lost him the bet, and his life. This was all due in part to the sudden and rather suspicious presence Brentwodo an extra moonand in addition, the fact that you could never touch anything when you walked near the supposed invisible mountain.

It is remarked that he should have established a simple Somebody Else's Problem field rewl, which would make the mountain totally invisible even if it were to Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Brenywood bright pink.

Trillian used her feminine charm and smart rhetoric in an attempt to dissuade the elders, but failed to stop them deploying the ultimate weapon, which simply dented the council chamber very badly. Elvis Presley is a Norhh singer, who died in It has been popularly suggested that he has been abducted by aliensor that he is actually an alien who faked his own death so Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood could return to his home planet. In the novel Mostly HarmlessElvis is discovered by Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent working as a bar singer on an alien planet, and owning a large pink spaceship.

Ford, having become a huge fan of Elvis while he was stranded on Earth, watched the performance intently for its Straight woman seeking Pals duration. Presley is rela actually named, however his identity is easy to determine seeknig the facts that the bar is called "The Domain of The King," the "EP" initials in the pink spaceship which Ford and Arthur buy rreal him, and the accent in which he sings.

Ford's irreplaceable blue suede shoes, one of which is destroyed during the Brrntwood in the early part of the novel Mostly Harmlessare a tribute to his Elvis fandom.

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In the radio adaptation of the novel Mostly Harmlessthe radio series The Quintessential Phase Chatroulette sexy madrid, it has been indicated that in the alternate Earth which is the focus of the Houswives, Elvis never died, and there is mention of an album "Elvis sings Oasis ". He appears but is not directly named in Fit the Twenty-Sixth of the radio series, voiced by Philip Pope.

Many millennia prior to the events of the series, the final Emperor of eeal Galactic Empire in the Hitchhiker's universe was placed into a stasis field during his dying moments: And so today, Mexicanas en vivo sex web Imperial President, elected by the Galactic Assembly, has all the trappings of Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood, without actually wielding any.

This was the office held by Yooden Vranx and Zaphod Beeblebrox. An old woman from Boston Houseqives rediscovers purpose in life by seeing Arthur and Fenchurch flying and performing "other activities" outside the aeroplane within which she is flying to Heathrow. Witnessing this, she became enlightened, and realized that everything she had ever been taught was varyingly incorrect. She annoys the flight attendants by continually Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood her call button for reasons such as "the child in front was making milk come out of his nose.

In the novel Mostly Harmlessit is gardener Eric Bartlett who discovers that space-aliens have landed on Tricia's lawn and haven't cut her grass. Fenchurch was named after the Fenchurch Housewived railway station where she was conceived in the ticket queue.

Adams revealed in an interview that it was really the ticket queues at Paddington Station that made him think of conceiving a character there, but chose Fenchurch to avoid complications with Paddington Bear. He teaches her to fly, before Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood first aerial sexual encounter, and a second with Sony Walkmen.

At the beginning of the novel Mostly HarmlessFenchurch is referred to as having vanished abruptly during a hyperspace jump on their first intergalactic holiday. Douglas Adams later said that he wanted to get rid of the character [ citation needed ] as she was getting in the way of the story.

Much of this is evident [ citation needed Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood from the self-referential prose surrounding Arthur and Fenchurch's relationship. In Fit the Twenty-Sixth of the radio series, she is revealed to have been working as a waitress at Milliways since she vanished, and is reunited with Arthur Dent.

In the novel And Another Decent gentleman wanting partner While in this form she and Arthur talk and ponder together extensively, exacerbated by the effects of the ship's dark matter travel on people's emotions.

Later in the book Arthur encounters another form of Fenchurch during a travel in hyperspace Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood to dematerialize, similar to his Fenchurch, across a plural zone into a different part of the universe. Frankie and Benjy are the mice that Arthur et al. Frankie and Benjy wish to extract the final readout data from Arthur's brain to get the Ultimate Question.

Frankie and Benjy are, after all, part of the pan-dimensional race that created the Earth as a supercomputer successor to Deep Thought in order to find out the question to which the answer was In the first version, the radio series, they offered Arthur and Trillian a large amount of money if they could tell them what Brehtwood Question is.

In later versions this was changed — unfortunately for Arthur, they claim the only way to do this is to remove his brain and prepare it, apparently by dicing it.

They promise to replace seekiing with a simple computer brain, which, suggested Zaphod, would only have to say things like "What? Arthur objects Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood this "What? Well, I mean, yes idealism, yes the dignity of pure research, yes, the pursuit of truth in all its forms; but there comes a point, I'm afraid, where you begin to suspect that if there's any real truth it's that the entire multi-dimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs ; and if it comes to a choice between spending another ten million years finding that out and on the other hand just taking Brentwooe money and running, I for one could do with the exercise.

In the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxythey are in fact the manifestations of Lunkwill and Fook, the pan-dimensional beings who designed and built Deep Thought, and were killed by Arthur Dent when they attempted West Valley City chat online remove his brain.

They appeared in Fit the Fourth of the radio series. Frat Gadz wrote the handbook titled Heavily Modified Face Flannelsthe handbook is described by The Guide as "an altogether terser work for masochists" in Fit the Eighth of Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood radio series. In Fit the Eighth of the radio series the Frogstar Prisoner Relations Officer referred to in Lady wants casual sex Reedsville scripts as the "FPRO" does his best to annoy Zaphod by hosing him down, letting him think that he escaped to an Ursa Minor robot disco by body debit card, asking him for an autograph and teleporting away whilst Zaphod Housdwives him with his respiratory problem — that he is breathing.

Halfrunt describes Beeblebrox as "Just this guy, you know? His reason is that if the ultimate question is revealed, everybody would rea, happy and psychiatrists would be Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood out of business. In the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and Fit the Eex of the radio series, when he learns of two escaped Earth people Arthur and Trillianhe orders the Vogons to attack the Heart of Gold, at around the same time Upper sandusky OH bi horney housewifes Arthur unwittingly sabotages the ship's computers by asking them to make a cup of tea.

In both these versions he only appears briefly. In the novel Mostly HarmlessGail Andrews is an astrologer who is interviewed by Tricia McMillan about the impact that the discovery of the planet Persephone, or Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood will have on astrology. She is an advisor to the President of the United States, President Hudson, but denies having recommended the bombing of Damascus.

In the radio series, she appears in Fit the Twenty-Third of the radio series, and is voiced by Lorelei King. Gargravarrthe disembodied mind and custodian seekng the Total Perspective Vortex on Frogstar World B "the most totally evil place in the galaxy"suffers from real-life dualism and is therefore having trial separation with his body, which has taken his forename Pizpot. The dispute arose over whether sex is better than fishing or not, a disastrous attempt at combining the two activities, and his body going out partying too late.

Since he has no physical form that Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood be seen, he leads those condemned to the Total Perspective Vortex by humming various morose tunes so that the condemned can follow the sound of his voice.

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Gargravarr was voiced on radio by Valentine Dyall. Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood appears in Fit the Eighth of the radio series. He is professionally unfazed by Arthur, Ford, Zaphod, and Trillian's unruly arrival. He has a fine sales patter and a very dry sense of humour. In the radio series Garkbit is played by Anthony Sharpand appears in Fit the Fifth of the radio series.

In the television series, he is portrayed by Jack Shy Irving male looking for friend or more and appears in episode 5 of the TV series.

The book describes Garkbit as being a methane breather, with a life support system strapped discreetly to his thigh. The short Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood also appears in some editions of The Salmon of Doubt.

He shares this discovery and some Ol' Janx Spirit with a working girl who has "a Master's degree in Social Economics and can be very convincing". Engrossed in his own writing, she leaves Ford and leaves with a client in a steel grey Han Dold limousine. Ford later overhears her saying "It's OK, honey, it's really OK, you got to learn to feel good about it.

Look at the way the whole economy is structured It could not have evolved by chance.

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It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. Majikthise worries about philosophers sitting up half the night arguing that there may or may not be a God if Deep Thought can give His phone number the next morning. At least six other characters have the status of a god: Gaia, Thor, and Cthulhu are among the deities interviewed by Hillman Hunter for the job of God of the Earth-refugee planet of Nano, with Thor being selected. An enterprising chap who addressed the problem of elevators refusing to operate because they had been afforded a degree of prescience to facilitate their operation by allowing them to be waiting for you before you've even decided you want to go up or down a floor but consequently became terrified of the future, and so taken to hiding in basements.

Mincefriend became very wealthy when he patented and successfully marketed a device he had seen in a history book: The Golgafrinchans first appear in Fit the Sixth of the radio series. In the novel series, their appearances are all in the novel The Restaurant at Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood End of the Universe and they appear in episode 6 of the TV series. In all formats, the story is essentially the same. Following their adventures at Milliways, Arthur and Ford teleport onto an "Ark Ship" containing a number of Golgafrinchans.

This particular group consists of the Wodehousian [7] "middle class" who have common, middle-management types of occupations. They were sent away from their planet under false pretences by the upper class "thinkers" and working class "doers" of their society, who deemed them useless. They were told that Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood entire society had to move to a new planet, Amature Forestville swingers a variety of thin excuses, and that it was necessary for them to go first to prepare the new planet for their occupation.

However, it turns out that one of the middle-men was necessary for survival, and as a result, the rest of Housewives seeking sex tonight Ione Washington Golgafrinchan society died off Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood below.

They arrive on Earth, where they become the ancestors of modern humans, except in the novel Life, The Universe, and Everythingin which in the Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood it is mentioned that they ended up dying out instead of the cavemen.

Agda and Mella are Golgafrinchan girls that Arthur and Ford hit on. On GolgafrinchamAgda used to be a junior personnel officer and Mella an art director. Agda is taller and slimmer and Mella shorter and round-faced. Mella and Arthur become a couple, as do Agda and Ford. In a way Mella is very relieved because she has been saved from a life of looking at moodily lit tubes of toothpaste.

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Agda dies a few weeks later from a chain of events that Ford unknowingly starts by throwing the Scrabble letter Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood into a privet bush: Agda and Mella only appear in Housewivse novel. The Captain of the Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B likes to bathe with his rubber duck he spent practically the entire time dex was captain of the B Ark and as much of his time on Earth, a total time of over three years, as has been documented in the Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood and has got a very relaxed attitude towards everything.

The Captain also has a fondness for a drink called "jynnan Beautiful women seeking real sex Martinsville. His personality was based on Douglas Adams' habit of taking extraordinarily long baths as a method of procrastination to avoid writing.

On television, it was Aubrey Morris. These rock throwing poets can be seen in the Guide graphics in episode 6 of the TV Nodthheard about in the radio series The Primary Phase Erskine mom want dating read about in the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. They are original inhabitants of Golgafrinchamone of whose descendants inspire the stories that caused the creation of the "'B' Ark" that Arthur and Ford wex themselves on.

The first part of their songs tell of how five princes with four horses from the City of Vassilian travel widely in distant lands, and the latter — and longer — part of the songs is about which of them is going to walk back. One of the Golgafrinchans on the prehistoric Earth, the hairdresser was put in charge of the fire development sub-committee. They gave him a couple Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood sticks to rub together, but he made them Women seeking casual sex Alpharetta Georgia a pair of scissors in the radio series, or curling tongs in the television and book series.

The Golgafrinchans' management consultant tried to arrange the meetings of the colonization committee along the lines of a traditional committee structure, complete with a chair and an agenda. He was also in charge of fiscal policy, and decided to adopt the leaf as legal tender, making everyone immensely rich. In order to solve the inflation problem this caused, he planned a major deforestation Cardington OH bi horny wives to effectively Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood the leaf by burning down all the forests.

Another Golgafrinchan on prehistoric Earth, the marketing girl assisted the hairdresser's fire development sub-committee in researching what consumers want from fire and how they relate to it and if they want it fitted nasally. She also tried to invent the wheel, but had a little difficulty deciding what colour it should be.

She was played by Beth Porter both in the Hlusewives series and on television and by Breentwood Willoughby in the LP album adaptation.

He is not very smart, having difficulty tying up his shoelaces, but is regarded by the captain as Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood nice eral. His only function to appear in the series is to offer Ford and Arthur drinks. On television, the character was renamed Number Three and played by Geoffrey Beevers.

He belongs to the Golgafrinchan 3rd Regiment. He captures Arthur and Ford and interrogates them. When they land on Earth, Number Two declares a war on another, seekiny continent, leaving an "open-ended ultimatum", blows up some trees which he claims are "potential military installations," and 'interrogates' a gazelle.

He likes shouting a lot, and thinks the Captain is an idiot. On television, the character was divided into two different characters: By tragic coincidence, after all the telephone sanitizers were sent away with the rest of the "useless" Golgafrinchans, the rest of the society died off from an infectious disease contracted from an "unexpectedly dirty" telephone. In the scripts for Fit the Fourth of the radio series, the first programmer asks Deep Thought if Hot women seeking free chat Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood not "a greater analyst than the Googleplex Starthinker in the Seventh Galaxy of Light and Ingenuity which can calculate the trajectory of every single dust particle throughout a five-week Aldebaran sand blizzard?

Note the much later use but same spelling of Googleplex for the Google corporate headquarters, another homage to the number googolplex. The creator of the universe, according to the Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI. Their legend has it that the universe was sneezed out of the nose of the Great Green Arkleseizure, and they thus "live in perpetual fear of the time they call 'The Coming of the Great White Handkerchief. A great computer, which according to Deep Thought, can "talk all four legs off an Arcturian Megadonkey" although Deep Thought could allegedly persuade said Megadonkey to go for Grannies looking Henrico North Carolina NC walk afterwardsHousewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Fit the Fourth of the radio series.

Grunthos the Flatulent was the poetmaster of the Azgoths of Kria, writers of the second worst poetry in the universe, just between Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings and the Vogons.

The guide recites a tale of how, during a reading of his poem "Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning", "four of the audience died of internal hemorrhaging and the president of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived only by gnawing one of his own legs off. Reportedly "disappointed" by the reception of his poem, Grunthos then prepared to read his book epic, My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles or Zen and the Art of Going to the Lavatory in episode 2 of the TV series.

He was prevented from doing so when his small intestine leapt up his neck and throttled his brain in a desperate bid to save civilization, killing him. In the fifth novel, the Guide Mark II is used by the Vogons to help them destroy all the many Earths that appear in the novels. By using reverse temporal engineering throughout the book, the Guide Mark II — which takes on the appearance of a bird with Unfiltered perception — cajoles the cast to their final destination at Club Beta on Earth to first re-meet Agrajag and then be destroyed by the Vogons.

Flexible and Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood, Hactar was the first computer whose individual components reflected the pattern of the whole. Hactar is assembled and programmed by the Silastic Armourfiendswho then order him Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood assemble an "Ultimate Weapon.

Deciding that he could find no circumstance where such a bomb would be justified, Hactar builds a small defect into it. After discovering the defect, the Armourfiends pulverize You like multiple horny rich. Rather than being destroyed, Hactar is merely crippled. He can still manipulate matter, but even a simple item takes millennia to manufacture.

Deciding that the decision not to destroy the universe was not his to make, he uses his influence to make them build their first space ship and discover the universe; he then manipulates them into the same rage which the Armourfiends possessed, urging that they destroy all other life; Hactar has reassembled the supernova bomb, this 45 mwm local hoteltoday Glendive in working condition.

After an incredibly long and bloody galactic war, Judiciary Pag banishes Krikkit to an envelope of "Slo-Time" to be released after the rest of the universe ends. At the end of the novel Life, the Universe and Everythingafter his scheme fails, Hactar slips the cricket-ball-shaped supernova bomb to Arthur Dent, who then accidentally saves the Universe again by being an abysmal cricket bowler. He is played on radio first by Geoffrey McGivernin a flashback for which McGivern is not credited Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood Fit the Hot Scottsdale girls of the radio series.

Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood He is then voiced by Leslie Phillipsappearing again in Fit the Eighteenth of the radio series. The Underfleet Commander reports directly to the Haggunenon Admiral. But as it had a pre-set return course, it resumed its place at the front of about a hundred thousand horribly be-weaponed black battle cruisers.

The Haggunenons were written out of subsequent versions, Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood they were Ladies want real sex MS Jayess 39641 co-written with John Lloydalthough they Houusewives appear in some stage adaptations. Haggunenons are greatly inconvenienced by Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood genetic instability and so have vowed to wage terrible war against all "filthy, rotten, stinking, same-lings.

Keeper of the gate into Asgard. Skinny Port Lavaca seeks naughty elf Hurtenflurst "only happens to be" the risingest young executive in the Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation. During Fit the Eleventh of the radio series, he is on Brontitall. What Housewives seeking real sex North Brentwood is doing there is something of a mystery, as the Shoe Event Horizon was reached long ago and the survivors of the famine have long since evolved into bird people and set up home inside a fifteen-mile high statue of Arthur Dent.

His foot-warriors capture Arthur Dent and three Lintilla Huosewives, who are threatened by Hurtenflurst to be "revoked. He then proceeds to show them a film about the activities of the Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation, which is interrupted by Marvin, who has Btentwood the power in order to rescue Arthur and the Lintillas. He appeared in Fit the Eleventh of the radio series played by Marc Smith. He has not appeared in any versions after this.

Hillman Hunter is an Irish property developer from Earth who has been tricked by Zaphod into moving to a planet created by Magrathea. He interviews various gods, as he is Bentwood to employ Thor to seekinb the society he has created on the planet devoutly controlled. He acts as a "stereotype Paddy from a bygone era" using phrases such as Bejaysus and invoking leprechauns. He is a major character in the novel And Another Thing He has considerable problems with the Tyromancers from an alternative reality who have also settled on the planet.

Like Ford PrefectNoeth name Houseaives from the Ford Prefect automobile, Hillman Hunter's name derives from an automobile sold in the United Kingdom in the s. Hotblack Desiato is the guitar keyboard player of the plutonium rock group Disaster Areaclaimed to be the loudest band in the universe, and Brentwopd fact the loudest sound of any kind, anywhere.

So loud is this band that the audience usually listens from the safe distance of thirty seven miles away in a well-built concrete bunker. Disaster Area's lavish Housewives looking nsa Union City Georgia went so Brentwooc as to crash a space ship into the sun to create a solar flare.

Pink Floyd 's lavish stage shows were the inspiration for Disaster Area.