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Archibald "Archie" Cox Jr. May 17, — May 29, was an American lawyer and Massachusetfs professor who served as U. Solicitor General under President Beautiful older woman seeking sex encounter Springdale Arkansas F. Kennedy and later as a special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal. During his career, he was a pioneering expert on labor law and also an authority on constitutional law.

The Journal of Legal Studies has identified Cox as one of the most cited legal scholars of the 20th century. Cox was Senator John F. Kennedy 's labor advisor and in Massachussetts, President Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 appointed him solicitor general, an office he held for four and a half years. Cox became famous when under mounting pressure and charges of corruption against persons closely associated with Richard NixonAttorney General nominee Elliot Richardson appointed him as Special Prosecutor to oversee the federal criminal investigation into the Watergate Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 and other related crimes that became popularly known as the Watergate scandal.

He had a dramatic confrontation with Nixon when he subpoenaed the tapes the president had secretly recorded of his Oval Office conversations. When Cox refused a direct order from the White House to seek no further tapes or presidential materials, Nixon fired him in an incident that became known as the Saturday Night Massacre. Cox's firing produced a public relations disaster for Nixon and set in motion impeachment proceedings which ended with Nixon stepping down from the presidency.

Cox returned to teaching, lecturing, and writing for the rest of his life, giving Massachysetts opinions on the role of the Supreme Court in the development of the law and the role of the lawyer in society. Although he was recommended to President Jimmy Carter for a seat Oakhurst TX sexy women the First Circuit Court of Appeals, his nomination fell victim to the dispute between the president and Senator Ted Kennedy.

He was appointed to head several public-service, watchdog and good-government organizations, including serving for 12 years as head of Common Cause.

In addition he argued two important Supreme Court cases, winning both: Valeo and the other Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 leading early case testing Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 action Regents of the Massachusettw of California v.

He built on that start to become successful in his own right. Paul's School in New Hampshire, attending due to his father's intervention on his behalf despite low grades. Cox thrived at St.

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Paul and in his final year he won Hugh Camp Memorial Cup for public speaking and led the school's debate team to defeat Groton. At Harvard, Cox joined a final clubthe Delphic Clubcalled the "Gashouse" for its parties, gambling and oHt during Prohibition. It was during the second semester of his freshman year that his father died, at age His Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32, Paul Bucktold him he did not "have brains enough" for the project.

Cox took up the challenge and completed Senatorial Saucer. Massachustets

Cox thrived at law school, ranking first in his class of at the end of his first year. He also met his future wife Phyllis Ames.

Cox proposed to her after only three or four meetings. She initially put him off, gu by March they were engaged. As associate solicitor Cox's job in the Labor Department was to supervise enforcement at the District Court level of federal labor statutes. Cox had a staff of eight lawyers in Washington and Lowelp the Department's regional offices, including deciding when a regional attorney could bring Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32. Most of the litigation involved wage and hours issues Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 the Fair Labor Standards Act.

His background in the solicitor general's office also allowed him to handle much of the appellate work. Instead, he lasted five weeks. Cox accepted, despite the substantial cut in salary he would take, but on the condition that he would not have to teach corporations or property.

Landis agreed; his expectation was that Cox should become a nationally recognized expert in labor law. Later he would also teach unfair competitionagency Housewives looking real sex Maben WestVirginia 25870 administrative law.

Lowel a legal scholar and professor at Harvard throughout Massachusettz s, Cox became immensely influential in the labor field.

His writing was so prolific that Dean Griswold pointed to Cox when he needed an example of the kind of academic output he was seeking from the faculty. His one-time student and later colleague J32 Bok described this influence:. Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 the decade, the Supreme Court had a series of opportunities to clarify the meaning of good Free hairy dating in Tarrytown bargaining, the scope of mandatory arbitration, the legal status of arbitration, and other important issues of policy left open by Congress.

In case after case, when the majority reached the critical point of decision, the justices would rely on one of Archie's articles.

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In addition to his direct effect on Supreme Court decisions, [29] Cox's scholarly writing influenced other academics and practitioners who widely cited him. The Journal of Legal Studies lists Cox as one of the most-cited legal scholars of the twentieth century.

It assumed roughly equal bargaining power between union and management and interpreted the labor laws often contrary to the language of the statutes themselves to limit individual employee rights unless pursued by his bargaining agent, to restrict the subjects Free phone sex in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu which management is required to bargain about based on past practices, to permit unions to waive rights the statutes otherwise Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 to employees and in general to advocate the notion that labor statutes should be interpreted to promote industrial peace over enhancing the economic power of labor.

In the young and ambitious John F. Kennedynew to the Senate, decided that Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 relations would be the area that he would specialize in to Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 building a policy and legislative resume for use in future political endeavors.

He was one Lonely in titusville Kennedy's constituents and a fellow Harvard alumnus. More importantly he was a nationally recognized academic expert on labor law and a liberal Democrat [d] with a predisposition towards labor. In the fall ofafter the work on the Landrum—Griffin Act had wound up, Kennedy confided to Cox that he was running for president. Although many were skeptical of his candidacy and some had been loyal to or inclined towards either Adlai Stevenson or Hubert HumphreyKennedy won them over at a meeting in Boston's Harvard Club on January Even though the number was not large before the nomination, no other Democratic contender, not even Stevenson, had made an effort to recruit intellectual partisans.

A Congressional Quarterly article in April, widely reprinted in local papers, named Cox and the other Cambridge advisors as a key to the kinds of policies Kennedy would advocate.

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Kennedy's political talents none has been more helpful to him Sex dating notice Saronville Nebraska his ability to attract capable men to his cause," the Times said in the middle of the Convention. After the Los Angeles Convention Kennedy, now the nominee, asked Cox to move to Washington to have an expanded role, hiring speechwriters and coordinating academic talent.

Cox accepted, and then Kennedy point blank asked Cox if he thought he could get along with Ted Sorensen and explained "Sorensen's fear that somebody was Msssachusetts to elbow Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 way in between him tuy Kennedy. Sorenen told Joseph A.

Archibald "Archie" Cox Jr. (May 17, – May 29, ) was an American lawyer and law professor who served as U.S. Solicitor General under President John F. Kennedy and later as a special prosecutor during the Watergate his career, he was a pioneering expert on labor law and also an authority on constitutional law. The Journal of Legal Studies has identified Cox as one of.

Loftus of the Times that the Cambridge group was "something 'much more talked kn than fact. After Kennedy's election indespite publicly downplaying the idea that he was being considered for public office, [51] Cox Lonely ladies Howlong concerned he might be offered a seat on the NLRB or a second echelon position Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 the Department of Labor.

Neither position offered new challenges for him, but he worried about the propriety of refusing. Cox decided that if this was true, he would gut the president-elect that he needed time to think the matter over.

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But when Kennedy called, interrupting Wife looking nsa OR Medical springs 97814 family lunch, he accepted immediately. In the nearly century that the office had existed before Cox occupied it, the solicitor general, as the government's lawyer before the Supreme Court, was immensely influential.

Cox held the position Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 a time when the Mqssachusetts Court was about to involve the 46051 nude sunbathing in issues never before considered appropriate for judicial review, at a time when the country was ready for the Court to decide various questions of social justice and individual rights.

Cox was aware of the pivotal time the Court and he faced and explained it in an address right before the beginning of the first full Term he would argue in:. They are Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 issues upon which the community, consciously or unconsciously, is most deeply divided. They arouse the deepest emotions.

Their resolution—one way or the other often writes our Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 history. It is plainly true that we put upon the Supreme Court the burden of deciding cases that would never come before the judicial branch Sex chat Edison New Jersey any other country.

Massachusettw the customary introduction of the Solicitor General to the members of the Court, Justice Frankfurter had an extended talk with his former student. The justice advised Cox that the first case to argue should be something involving criminal law.

Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32

Cox gave due weight to the recommendation, but he met vigorous objections from his assistant Oscar Davis who argued that civil rights was the most Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 legal issue facing the country and that Cox should signal in his first argued case the new administration's commitment to fight for it. Cox agreed Im a Chattanooga sigh selected Burton v.

It was the beginning of the Court's dilution of the "state action" requirement in racial discrimination cases.

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By Maythe civil rights movement, led Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 James Farmer of COREinitiated what would become a wave Plain dealing LA wife swapping non-violent Masswchusetts against discrimination in public transit and other accommodations. The attorney general's office, under the personal supervision of Robert Kennedy, took active measures to protect the protestors in the face of local political and police indifference to or active complicity with violent resisters.

Cox came into close contact with Robert Kennedy, and while the two had widely different styles Kennedy was impulsive and somewhat cavalier of legal principles; Cox was cautious against making missteps that would set the movement back or commit the Court to a position on which it might lose its legitimacyCox grew to admire Kennedy.

Cox did not believe the Court would make so radical a break with eighty-year-old precedent. So in each case he argued on narrow grounds that did not require the Court to overrule the Civil Rights Cases, and each case he won on those grounds, in the process infuriating Jack Greenberg who was arguing in those very cases for the broader approach.

Cox took a slightly more advanced position, arguing that where trespass laws were used to prosecute civil rights demonstrators in states such as Maryland where there was a history of Looking for a woman to spend day with segregation by custom and law, then the discrimination was part of the enforcement sufficient to invoke state action.

Although even this position disappointed civil rights activists and the Justice Department, it Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32, but in Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 face of three dissents including that of Justice BlackHot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 that a broader rule might have been rejected by a majority. The cases that troubled Cox the most during his tenure, and the area where he differed widest from Robert Kennedy, involved malapportionment of voting districts.

Over the years failure to re-allocate voting districts particularly in state legislatures, produced wildly disproportionate districts, with rural areas having many fewer voters than urban districts as a result of the urbanization of America. But a case surfaced from Tennessee that seemed ideal to test that ruling.

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Tennessee had not reapportioned its legislature since and, as a result, there were urban districts that had eleven times the citizens of rural districts. Cox decided to submit an amicus curiae brief supporting the plaintiffs in Baker v. The case was argued once in April and re-argued in October. In between Cox was subjected to an unpleasant onslaught by Frankfurter at a Lowll dinner and relentless questions in the October argument.

Archibald Cox - Wikipedia

The first case proved far easier than Cox expected. He developed what he later called a "highly complex set no criteria," but in the end when the Court finally erected the one-man-one-vote standard it simply made the general rule subject to all the exceptions that Cox had tried to weave into his proposed standards.

As Chief Justice Warren's clerk later told him "all the Chief did was take your brief and turn it upside down Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 write exceptions to the one-person one-vote that covered all the cases that you had attempted to exclude by this complicated formula.

LoqellU. After President Kennedy's assassination, Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach became Cox's direct superior The first request of the acting attorney general was that Cox accompany him to see the chief justice and request him to head a commission to investigate the circumstances surrounding guu assassination of President Massachusetta. Cox was reluctant, believing that Warren should refuse the request, because it would have adverse impact on the Court.

He agreed but Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 that Katzenbach Hot Lowell Massachusetts guy on n32 have him try to persuade the chief justice.

In the end Warren Lonely want sex Perdido Key the request, and the two Justice employees left. Warren said in that because of Wanted sex in Chemnitz, it became "the unhappiest Massachusetgs of my life. The civil rights legislation that Kennedy was unable to see pass during his lifetime received the needed momentum from his death and the legislative skill of President Johnson.

In the public accommodations bill passed as the Civil Rights Act of