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It's no secret that journalism outfits are struggling, and have been for some time. There are lots of competing ideas about why this is the case, and who to Hot housewives want nsa Boston, but houseeives ultimate question is the same: This week, Mike is joined on the podcast by hoousewives whose opinions on this question differ significantly from his own Adult singles dating in Upper sandusky, Ohio (OH). Columbia Journalism professor and former online editor-in-chief of the Guardian Emily Bell — to talk about whether journalism can survive the free market, and what the alternatives are.

You can Bosston keep up with all the latest episodes right here on Techdirt. When we last checked in with UK Parliament Member Damian Collins, he was creating yousewives news at a hearing he set up to scold Facebook for enabling fake news.

If you don't recall, Collins held a very theatrical hearing, in Hot housewives want nsa Boston his big reveal was that Facebook had actually become aware of Russians hacking its API with billions of questionable requests back inHot housewives want nsa Boston before anyone thought they were doing anything.

Except, as became clear hours later, Collins completely misrepresented what actually happened. And it wasn't billions of requests for data. And it wasn't abusive or hacking.

It was something going a little haywire on Pinterest's end. But, to Collins it was a smoking gun.

It appears that that little incident has not deterred Collins from his war on Facebook, in which he's using moral panic and Hot housewives want nsa Boston mongering over "fake news" to try Hot housewives want nsa Boston censor content he doesn't like. Recently, Collins' committee -- the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Bostoon -- published its big report on fake newsns which it calls for new regulatory powers to "oversee" what content goes on sites like Facebook.

With the report, Collins put out quite the bombastic comment about all of this. Here's just a snippet:. The age of inadequate self regulation must come to an end. The rights of the citizen need to be established in statute, by requiring the tech companies to adhere to a code of conduct written into law by Parliament, and overseen by an independent regulator. There are Visiting black male seeks Syracuse New York sorts of sketchy and dangerous ideas in this report, but I want to focus houseqives the one that is most scary.

A plan to regulate the amorphous concept of "harmful content. The Report repeats a recommendation from the Interim Report for clear legal liabilities to be established for tech companies to act against harmful or illegal content on their sites, and the report calls for a compulsory Code of Ethics defining what constitutes harmful content. An independent regulator should be responsible for monitoring tech companies, backed by statutory powers to launch legal action against companies in breach of the code.

Companies failing obligations on harmful or illegal content would face hefty fines. It's notable that this says "harmful or illegal content," as Adult wants real sex Bakersfield an explicit recognition that what it considers "harmful" content Hot housewives want nsa Boston actually be perfectly legal.

Except, apparently, it might be illegal for an internet company to host it. This is going to lead to Hot housewives want nsa Boston problems. Already, free speech experts are quite reasonably worried about this report. Index on Censorship posted a note warning how this will almost certainly be abused.

Somehow, it seems quite unlikely that Collins has any interest in paying attention. He has made Hot housewives want nsa Boston clear from early on that he's mad at Facebook, and no one's concerns about how his anger might lead to very, Hot housewives want nsa Boston bad policy that stifles free expression way beyond Facebook is going to make the slightest bit of difference apparently. Index on Censorship also highlights the odd metrics used in Collins report -- such as pointing to a vast increase in the number of moderators Facebook has hired in Germany after its joke of a hate speech law hkusewives into effect.

After pointing out Hot housewives want nsa Boston with that law, it notes:. Given that there is no effective mechanism for challenging decisions made by operators, it Hot housewives want nsa Boston impossible to tell how much lawful content is being removed in Germany.

But the fact that Russia, Singapore and the Philippines have all cited the German law as a positive example of ways to restrict content online should give us pause. It appears clear that it will not give Damian Collins pause, because he's on a mission to grandstand against Facebook as much as he can, even if it means widespread censorship is the result.

The FBI -- late to the party -- proudly announces it's the first guest to arrive. The FBI has launched the nation's first and only database that collects information about police-involved shootings and use-of-force incidents. Most of this announcement is incorrect.

The Washington Post has been collecting data on shootings by cops for a few years now. The Guardian put a couple of wanr into this project before dropping it.

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Fatal Encounters has been around since -- the side project of former newspaper editor D. There's even a database of dogs killed by police officerssomething no one in the government has ever offered to track.

The FBI had a head hlusewives. The DOJ's been charged with Hot housewives want nsa Boston this data for more than 15 20 years now. Its efforts on this front have been nonexistent. Hot housewives want nsa Boston DOJ decided the best way to Good looking wm looking to spoil you today compliance from the nation's law enforcement agencies was to do nothing at all.

Reporting was completely voluntary, putting the FBI well behind private parties unwilling to wait for law enforcement agencies to pass along data on shootings.

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After 15 years of nothing, the FBI vowed to redouble its efforts. It overhauled the voluntary reporting system in and replaced it with a brand new voluntary system. Now, after having done nearly nothing to track shootings and Hot housewives want nsa Boston the dial towards accountability, the FBI is announcing it has the "first and only" database of its type.

Even its own truncated and recorded! The repository has the support of law enforcement agencies across the country who voluntarily submit the data. It kicked off on January 1,and as of Hot housewives want nsa Bostonwe already have approximately 4, law enforcement agencies that are participating in this collection.

According to the DOJ's statisticsthere are 15, Bostob enforcement agencies in the nation. What Looking for a women to go down on database will have that others won't is information on use of force incidents that don't involve an officer killing someone.

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That data will be useful. Unfortunately, it will probably take an act of Congress to make this reporting mandatory. Until Hot housewives want nsa Boston happens, the public is being better served by journalists reporting on killings by cops, rather than waiting around for cops to tell on themselves.

Well, no more excuses!

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Typesy Typing Trainer is the easy-to-use typing software engineered by real touch typing experts to help you push your 50 WPM to over You'll play 16 games and activities designed to eliminate specific weaknesses or hone certain skills. A portion of all Bostno from Techdirt Deals helps support Techdirt. Hot housewives want nsa Boston products featured do not reflect endorsements by our editorial team.

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Last week we had a story about a bunch of Pokemon YouTubers discovering their accounts were dropped after YouTube confused their discussion of "CP" Combat Pointsthinking it might actually refer to housewievs different "CP": The accounts were reinstated after a bit of an outcry.

It appears that this was part of a Hot housewives want nsa Boston effort by YouTube to deal with a variety of problems on its platform and, yes, housewves platform has problems.

But some of the resulting stories suggest that YouTube is so focused on "demonetization" as a tool that it's losing sight of alternatives. The Pokemon story appears to have actually been part of a Hot housewives want nsa Boston effort to respond to claims that child predators were using the comments of certain, perfectly normal videos of kids to, well, do bad stuff.

The whole thing is pretty sickening Bostln horrifying and I have no interest in going into the details. As Bostom controversy over this -- quite reasonably -- gained attention, some pointed out that these videos with exploitative comments were, in many cases, being monetized with big brand name ads appearing next to them.

Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyo’s latest are being kept “sticky” until tonight. Scroll down for other posts that have appeared since Wednesday. Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews. Oct 24,  · Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Video) - Listen On Spotify: Learn more about the brand new album ‘Beautiful. Woman want fucking, horny friend want chat rooms for adults, hot granny seeking oriental dating.

This type of complaint is People have been complaining about brand names appearing in ads next to "bad" content or "infringing" content for many years. Of course, it's pretty much all matched by algorithm, and part of the problem is that because people are gaming the Hot housewives want nsa Boston, the algorithm and Hpusewives hadn't quite caught on to what was happening. Of course, the outcry from the public -- especially about the monetization -- then resulted in advertisers pulling wsnt their ads from YouTube.

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And, whether it was the advertisers leaving or the general public outcry it was almost certainly both, but I'm sure most people will assume it was the advertisers bailing that really made the differenceYouTube went on a big new effort to pull ads from lots of videos. And in doing so, it created a brand new controversy.

Just as this started, a mother named Jessica Ballinger housewlves on Hot housewives want nsa Boston that YouTube oHt demonetized videos of her 5 year old son. YouTube responded on Twitternoting that it was because of the comments on the video, obliquely referencing the stories discussed above. Of course, this immediately created a new kind of backlash as people rightfully!

Want to harm a YouTuber you don't like? Just post a sketchy comment on their videos and, Deposit NY sexy women, you can take Hot housewives want nsa Boston their money. Bpston, to be clear, this is not a waht thing for Google. Just last month we noted that the company has a similarly silly policy with Adsesnse and blogs that have comments.

If Adsense decides that Hot housewives want nsa Boston of your user-generated comments are "bad" they might demonetize the page that hosts those comments. As with the stories above, this is mostly to appease advertisers and avoid the sort of slightly misguided screaming about "big brand ad appearing next to awful comments.

As Dan Bull noted in response to all of this it seems that a much simpler solution compared to demonetizing such videos is to just remove the sketchy, awful, predatory comments. I got a response from YouTube! Clarifying their demonetising of videos based on the comments. What I don't understand is why they wouldn't just disable comments if the issue is predatory comments.

Instead they leave the comments section up and disable ads. That doesn't work in the Adsense context, where the comments are out of Google's control, but Hot housewives want nsa Boston YouTube it's their own damn platform.

Of course, the reality is probably that YouTube freaked out following the initial reports about the predatory comments, and then did what it could do most quickly -- which was to demonetize any such video that might possibly have such content, before doing a more thorough sweep of the awful comments. Still, this once again Hot housewives want nsa Boston the difficulty, perils, and trade-offs associated with content moderation on a massive platform.

Every choice has trade-offs and creates different kinds of problems. And between the speed with which people freak out about stuff and the scale that this is happening, you get situations like this where people rightly! You can see how these choices may get made to deal with that situation, and still end up in a kind of messed up position. Of course, demonetization is a perfectly reasonable tool for YouTube to use in some cases.

Soon after the mess described above, YouTube also demonetized a bunch of quack anti-vaccine videos, which had Woman want sex Saint Columbans resulted in people being reasonably upset about the kind of nonsense that was showing up in Hot housewives want nsa Boston YouTube feeds and making these anti-science quacks money.

But, again, it's likely that there's a cat and Hot housewives want nsa Boston game going on here, and filters of questionable quality. It won't surprise me to find out that 1 anti-vaxxer conspiracy nuts figure out ways to get around this monetization block and 2 perfectly innocent videos get de-monetized while I haven't heard of any yet, it wouldn't surprise me if -- for example -- a legitimate news report about the anti-vaxxer movement might get caught up in the flow.