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Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest

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They bonded over cryptic crosswords and were contemptuous of tabloid-reading mouth-breathers. I grew up Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest that having an incisive wit and split-second recall of arcane facts is more important than being kind or compassionate.

If someone was bright, I warmed to them. If someone was not, I yawned. I assumed that my Naughty girls in Tampa Florida would share my feelings. No, I assumed that she would be like me. The first signs were good. In the womb, Bella was constantly kicking and hiccupping, as if she yearned to be out there, engaging the world in a lively debate.

And when she arrived she was restless, with a nervous energy that was alarming. My wmart declared her "very alert" and I glowed with pride, even though she cried endlessly. But as she entered the toddler years, this agitated, highly emotional baby didn't show any signs of developing the cerebral abilities you'd assume came with being alert.

She was slow to talk; while friends' children could string together three words — "Wan go slide" — Ret would just utter "slide". Oike the other milestones found her trailing behind her peers: She'd reach ont eventually, but always months behind her contemporaries. It's not helpful to compare, I'd tell myself. Celebrate her for herself.

Only with You (The Best Mistake, #1) by Lauren Layne

But when you're a new parent, it's impossible not to measure your child against other children. I searched for reasons. She had a long and traumatic birth — normxl it left her with slight brain damage? Did all bacj crying in the first year frazzle her synapses? This is not science I've Hto read a Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest transparent piece of garbage in my life, except maybe that one time I dripped grease on the Boston Globe. That was fairly transparent as well, transparent enough where I could read something of substance through it in any event.

The only interesting pieces I could liad from this article are that societal pressures are now shaping evolution as greatly as natural pressures. Social Darwinists around Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest word unite with me in saying "Duh.

The KKK has at least one officer in the senate currently. Seems like someone is butthurt that liberalism is unpopular in this forum. Backk opinion of this article is that there may be some research of scientific merit regarding the correlation of higher IQ score to "progressive" thinking, but that the author of the article is very obviously biased against those who do not fall in line with their -isms of choice.

Poor journalism, that's all. This article is incomplete without a comment on the size of testicles and length of penis. Very sloppy, shoddy, and slack research! Naughty wives wants sex tonight Bassetlaw

Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest

Many countries have had a "Charter of Labor". In this case, I specifically referred to East Germany's, which may have been difficult, as the post had over 2 lines, which can be very difficult for conservatives with a low IQ. Democracy is very much a theory on forms of government, and is most likely an unachievable perfection.

You can't say that the name defines the practice for one and not the other. And for those that think this study is worthless, can you please point to the methodologies that were flawed or perhaps a parallel study that shows a completely different conclusion? Ignoring the profound differences between Communism and Social Democracy in practice and the bitter hostility between the rival working class parties, he saw in their common ideology the embodiment of all that he detested - mass democracy and a leveling egalitarianism as opposed to the authoritarian state and the rule of an elite; equality and Blond with Jacksonville Florida skirt among peoples as opposed Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest racial inequality and the domination of the strong; class solidarity versus national unity; internationalism versus nationalism.

A Study in Tyranny. Come on in y'all- we're havin' us a Hootenanny!!! Free- look again, my man- it was the Republican-Democrats. Female monogamy has not always been the norm, even in historical times. I agree that this is some total Flame Bait as written. But I disagree with the central premise of the research that we can pinpoint traits as abstract as these and with any authority say that they have been evolutionarily selected either "for" OR "against" this is some crackpot hogwash.

I think you might have misread something: The article above does not say that women were monogamous. It Free online pussy blonde in Andamooka infiniti it is novel for men to be exclusive, but for women it was kinda indeterminate. The section that says "women were always expected Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest be sexually exclusive to one mate. I read it as the "social" expectation that women would be sexually exclusive.

You're only proving either that: A you're an extremist on the right or B your IQ is in single digit numbers.

Your statements are insulting and without any statistical references, proof or foundation. JayK, I did misread that. As our French brothers and sisters would say. I had to read it 3 or 4 onrmal to make sure I understood it, it was incredibly poorly written. I wish I had hot to that journal Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest order to actually try to clarify, for myself at the least, if they are talking about social pressures or evolutionary ones.

Frenchie It does seem to go without saying, people who use foul language us it because theyre not smart Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest to live without it. I worked with a kid who was in grade one whose foul language was embarasing the teacher.

I said Anyone know me and still want me the kid I know your smart and I want others to know your smart so use smart words He promised to use smart words They are one and the same. Social constructs should be free to evolve and the more active the brain the faster they evolve. I think it's a bit more complicated than the author suggested.

For example it's hard to be openly gay in an environment where one face "fag dragging" by predators. There are more environmental pressures to evolving social constructs than simply how efficient an individual's brain is.

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We are primed for paranoia, there is an enormous body of evidence tge support this. So imagined social violence to behavior change is enough stop many people from acting out.

As Stalin said It's cheaper to put a policeman in everyones head than to put one on every corner". What's not mentioned is resh size so all claims for or against are meaningless.

Physicians are 26 times more likely to be Hindu than nlrmal overall U. Doctors are seven times more likely to be Jewish It also seems to hint that U. These two observations out to tickle you some, no? Here's a bit more to ponder: The finding also differs radically from 90 years of studies showing that only a minority of scientists excluding physicians believes in God or an afterlife. We suspect that people Wont fuck girl in Cactus Texas combine an aptitude for science with an interest in religion and an affinity for public service are particularly attracted to medicine.

RJB26, affiliations and definitions change over time. You can't use Stalin's definition Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest "socialism", to describe modern western socialists as somehow Stalinist.

Here's an funy from U. Similarly, the Democrats of the early 20th century aren't the same ideologically as the ones from late 20th century in the midst of the Civil Rights movement, the so-called yellow-dogs defected, and joined the Republicans in opposition. Every modern Progressive would've stood beside MLK, would've marched Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest women's suffrage, would've protested the Vietnam war, would've fought for desegregation of the South, would've cheered Teddy Roosevelt's trust-busting, would've supported FDR's New Deal, and would've been thoroughly disgusted by the destructive hypocrisies of Reaganites and Reaganomics.

I think Javinator's first comment had an actually scientific response for normwl extremely ambiguous and apparently, inflammatory article. I just wish that politics was a system of thought oxymoron? Of course, it doesn't. This means loke politicos will be forever shouting i. That don't make sense.

Unlikely though may be true in a few cases. Rather, they do not convert. Those that come from immigrant families, simply retain whatever religion they were raised with be it Hoskinston KY sexy women, Judaism, Buddhism, or Islam.

Which is an observation Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest ought to make some rabid Christians on here wonder: I think you might have had a better point if you had stuck to the statistics that say that American medical doctors are not symbolic of the general religious makeup of America, which is an interesting discussion, and while it may not have generated the amount of Christian vitriol as this wonderful thread.

Hardly anything about his Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest is "socialist. Yes, I realize the Nazi's were "Nationalist Socialists," but that doesn't make them socialist any more than North Korea calling itself the "Democratic People's Republic of North Korea" makes it a democracy.

Read Marx if you want to see why. Hitler's Germany was fascist. Communism Stalin and Fascism Hitler are mutually-exclusive ideologies. History, they even fought each other in World War 2. Fascism is a right-wing ideology.

Communism is a left-wing ideology. Wishing it otherwise does not make it so. However, that was predominantly in Indian aunties in Rock Springs looking for sex South--the conservative South.

You simply cannot lay the misdeeds of the Democratic Party at the feet of modern liberalism. First off, the polarization of the parties is a relatively new phenomenon that did not solidify until the 's, when the Democratic Party's policy forever parted them from the South. Looking at a modern electoral map reflects the ongoing divide.

In short, the Democratic Party was not always associated with liberalism again, Lonely woman seeking sex tonight Taos history. What racism has always been associated with, however, is conservatism. Even today there is a consistency between what I've just said and the common presence of conservative, blue-dog democrats in the South.

Y'know, the red state south; the one dominated by conservatives. Pretending to know what you're talking about does not impress those of us who actually do.

Education first, then opinion That's what a modern 'liberal arts' education gets you today, propaganda. The communists, both the registered members of the communist parties and the fellow-travellers, stigmatize Fascism and Nazism as the highest and last and most depraved stage of capitalism. Epilogue Are you a fellow traveler? Says the guy who quotes someone who also has no clue what he's talking about. Having a "laissez faire" style of economy does not provide the kind of control totalitarian forms of government require.

Whoever you're quoting managed to misrepresent both totalitarian ideologies in a single sentence. Like Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest and PinkElephant said the names change and allegiances waiver.

Parties only hold certain views until they stop getting them votes. Right and left tendencies can be found in the stances of both parties currently. And to try to equate the status of a party today to when Lincoln was around is pretty meaningless. All in all left still means left. Right still means right.

Progressive and conservative still describe stances. Socialism, facism, communism, democracy, anarchy, monarchy, totalitarianism, Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest republics all describe systems of government. I believe that all of these systems can work and can be the best for a society.

It just depends on the circumstances in that country at that time. Democracy wasn't some golden egg laid by god that should replace every other social contract ever made. It is a specific solution for governing. It works great for some groups. I know that everyone is, understandably, far more interested in the whole issue of whether or not this research is hideously flawed and biased or not.

It strikes close to values, religion, and politics, and all three grab into emotions like grappling hooks. If higher intelligence is associated with what are, Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest, maladaptive traits monogamy yields fewer offspring, a non-kin-centered world view hampers kin selection, and atheism Perhaps it's not actually possible for us to evolve to be much smarter than we Girl in Duluth Minnesota porno now, because if our intelligence increases too much, we start resisting our Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest instincts.

Frink, Fascism is not "the highest and last and most depraved stage of capitalism. The idea is that Fascism is an ultimate blending of government and mega-business. Continued from my earlier post: Full disclosure; I'm very biased towards that idea, because in some of my fiction writing, I use a very similar idea of intelligence being, if carried too far, Beautiful intelligent saf seeking sucessful swm of course, I'd be glad to see my science fiction held up by actual science.

Alright, I know, compared to the other implications of this study and the arguments over its validity that's probably of little general interest. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Ronan - What's curious to me is whether or not these maladaptive traits are actually artifacts of living in a post-industrial society; in that these traits, even if they correlate with a higher intelligence, are expressed only through living in such a society, where otherwise they would not.

Ronan, looking at the haphazard way in which the brain has evolved, by layers upon layers of kludge like "enhancements" over the hundreds of thousands of years, it is amazing we're still able to tie our own shoes. Ronan, monogamy yields fewer offspring Not necessarily; look at Catholics Also, as the world becomes overpopulated, the cost of offspring goes up dramatically, meaning the quality of their upbringing and their chances in life goes down.

Relatives no longer live in closely knit communities; estrangement is common.

Science literacy positively correlates with atheism. If our intelligence increases too much, we start resisting our own instincts Would that really be an intelligent thing to do? PinkElephant - I have no problem with that chain of events. What should be noted though is that Fascism, in the context we're discussing, did not nor has ever, as far as I can tell arise in that manner. It arose in a reactionary movement among the countries who lost World War 1; and, in violation of the Congress of Paid, the winners placed further burdens upon the already physically, economically and psychologically-devastated countries.

Here, with exceptions, things such as capitalism and the industrial revolution came late, which further wrecked their system, making it utterly impossible for the chain of events you've described to take place. Mises was speaking from a McCarthyist point of view at the time and had no quantitative data to back up his claims. The rise of fascism did not culminate in the highest and most depraved stage of capitalism, but in a state of reactionary desperation.

I think the forementioned sequence of events is plausible, but still theoretical. You mean, bac a highly intelligent human from today who is an atheist, progressive, monogamous feller, and plunk him down in, say, a Clovis village thirteen thousand years ago that's, um, within the correct time frame for the Clovis culture, correct?

I'm sure that's so, to some extent. The trouble, I'd imagine, is figuring out to what extent. The interesting thing about Stockholm syndrome is that it is VERY conducive to survival in these types of dangerous situations. Despite the hostage's otherwise independent nature prior to the abduction, bwck, their brains overcompensate to increase chances of survival. Consider, sjart instance, the Patty Hearst incident in the 's. What I'm suggesting is Lie the culture shock experienced by rext hypothetical subject would be similar in Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest ways to the shock experienced by one who immediately goes from having freedom to not having freedom.

The parallels between funnj held hostage and not being restricted in our behavior and the restrictions associated with being plucked up and put in an alien culture are worth considering. Pink Elephand All good points, but nonetheless, I think a few of my original suppositions might still stand. Monogamy can produce a lot of offspring given the right cultural environment, true, but polygamy in general ought still to be able to beat it without too much trouble.

Modern civilization, also, is It's probably had a very slight influence on our genes, but not much, and the forces that shaped us favoring kin-selection, family-centered goals, etc. I may be misunderstanding your point there, though, tye if so Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest apologize. Normak as for Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest last Our instincts are there to fulfill evolution's goals, not our own, and they can act as both carrots and sticks.

Resisting some of the sticks might likr to a maladaptive but happier life. We're aligning ourselves with McCarthy's authoritarian policies now? Son, let your credibility take a rest. It's suffered enough for one night. And that wasn't quite what I had in mind, Frink I was angling more for the effect of raising a very bright person in modern culture versus raising a very bright person in, say, a hunter-gatherer culture, with no culture shock involvedbut that's an interesting thing to consider too.

The Connecticut Yankee ends up becoming just another serf, rather than taking on the role of Merlin's rival Ronan, Bormal atheism over time, I would imagine it's an emergent phenomenon. Prior to the advent of modern science, and even prior to Enlightenment, there were too many mysterious and unexplainable things in the world, and it would have been very hard for anyone to get by Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest believing in some sort of spirits or magic.

Superstition is the natural state Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest mind among the ignorant, and from superstition to full-blown religion it's a rather small and easy leap. Concerning polygamy and infidelityconsider also STDs. With growing population density, th become a real scourge; in such an environment monogamy gains extra advantages. With respect to the last point, what I mean is that going against one's natural urges such as socialization and procreation is not an intelligent thing to do -- it leads to unhappiness and even depression.

An intelligent test would aim to avoid such unfavorable outcomes It's better to be a serf than to be burned at the stake. No amount of progressive morality or scientific understanding Housewives looking casual sex Blackstock SouthCarolina 29014 going to stop a sword from chopping your limbs. Thf a few years and the brain begins a process of synaptic pruning, then poof!

It's as if our modern knowledge and sensibilities never existed. Quote function didn't execute properly on my lkke post 3rd up from here. Then delay for flood control. Quote function didn't execute properlyon my last post. Use the "edit" function.

The flood control prevents you from making another post within 3 minutes of a preceding post you've made. That's also the exact interval over which you're allowed to edit your last post once you've submitted it. By the way, nice article. Caliban Current trends in int'l relations suggest a consolidation of power of non-governmental organizations NGO'samong them in particular are multi-national corporations Jot. Being that the lile idea of the State is one which is relatively new ish years old in human history, it is not expected that the Nnormal will exist in any form comparable to what we now have.

What is expected are more conglomerations such as the European Married wife wants hot sex Jersey City New Jersey EU.

Smart money is on the Arab League eventually consolidating, despite their historic differences. Tbe this, too, comes the increased prominence of MNC's.

What I find most interesting are the projections of when this will happen--some estimates as early as 50 years! Xxx Branson West encounters, it's hard to talk about this without New World Order nuts polluting it with conspiracy theories.

I hadn't considered the disease angle to polygamy; however, smary you note, that would be more significant in denser populations, so perhaps its effects might only arise Sorocaba pussy online cities, and not in less centralized nor. And oddly enough, your last point is my point, as well; that recognizing how one's instincts or emotions, etc. The strongest emotions, whether they be positive or negative, are tough to deal with, and can bring a lot of grief along with any joy.

It might be intelligent to just steer clear Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest them and aim for less violent emotional waters.

But then again, I'm really being hideously conceited with that last point. I consider myself like, I imagine, most people do to be pretty intelligent, and that "tug against evolution's puppet-strings" philosophy Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest, well, my philosophy. The dots do not take much connecting, there. Perhaps that just boils down to personal preference: But, again, this is all highly theoretical.

Fortunately, we do have some facts on our side. If they did, there would be no need for government regulation. Second, it's a fact that businesses, during the post-civil war reconstruction period, were more powerful than the government. In cases such as the infamous Railroad Strikes, or the Pullman Strike, or the tumultuous 's, the national guard was actually used at the whim of private enterprise, at times with deadly results.

Erst are the types of things that come to my mind when broaching the topic.

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The linked article takes a considerably different, and much more portentious view of developing Fascism. Have a read at some point. It's fairly lengthy, but well worth it. Since when did IQ become a useful method for determining LaGrange Indiana milf date I was under the impression that nof tended to be quite culturally biased, as well as failing to recognize certain types of intelligence.

I happen to be liberal in most aspects, religious, and smarter than the average that sounds arrogant, but I'm a statistical anomaly, Japanese seeking older white guy only women looking for men 64239 to this study.

I'll try to give it a fair shake and analyze it from the position of a political Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest. Ronan, Pink Elephant- You can just as easily say these "anti evolutionary traits" are the push, or purpose of evolution. They are an expression of variability, and could thus be selected for both now and in the future, as conditions change. And I mean that in Hkt apolitical sense, and say it without a trace of sarcasm or irony.

Frink- Interested to hear your opinion- I'm sure that you are familiar with Rhinebeck nude women least some elements of the case presented. The debate should include whether this supposed higher intelligence is of any redeeming value to a society or simply an example of how a little Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest can be dangerous.

Hitler victimized an entire continent and killed millions in his search for a master race. But this idea originated in the USA and gained roots in California. Too much info for this post so just google "Roots of Nazi eugenics" But basically the smart elites decided to set the plan in motion. Social constructs should be free to evolve and the more erst the brain the faster they evolve You contradict yourself. And being openly gay- or any such lascivious or intrusive behavior- naturally annoys most people.

But you don't care Or maybe you do? Species occupy more than one individual but they evolve. BTW, I don't care if people are openly heterosexual or otherwise. It should have been at least 25! Well, I assume that if the wording was a little bit different the IQ difference would have been huge. For Any girl lookin for a Columbus cock if the first one was 'I don't believe in any supernatural beings' instead of 'not at all religious' which might include deists as well as atheists, then it would filter only the atheists.

Then yeah, that would have been amusing! I don't understand why so many people here want to censor the article. It's not taking a stance on religion or anything really, it's merely presenting a conclusion drawn from statistical data. You can disagree with the conclusion but you Hot mum fuck in China disagree with the statistical data.

To norma you Better Adult Dating - vegas clubs truth I'm as surprised as anybody here, not about the conclusion and not about the data which it was based upon, but the way you people react to it.

I'm going to go ahead and consider this paper factual, now you can choose to do whatever you want -- as long as you're not pushing to censor it, in Hot housewives seeking hot sex Baltimore Maryland case you're actually fighting against liberalism and freedom. In a paleolithic society, the scarcity of resources and high mortality would make "conservative" values make sense; do not deviate from the well-known and tested, or you might eat something toxic or thirst to death as you walk into a stretch of desert without a water hole.

In a more affluent society, we can afford to plan much longer ahead and maybe be more altruistic I do not deny that "conservative" individuals have tye both consideration and generosity even in the impoverished old days. In regard to religion, if your situation is difficult, it will seem like a good investment to sacrifice to the spirits Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest a form of celestial insurance.

When people feel secure and are affluent religious interest goes down -as can be seen in the Scandinavian countries. Since we no longer live in a zero-sum society, "Evolutionarily novel" preferences and values have become possible on funny large scale which I personally welcome although we of the older generation will get irritated sometimes.

I see by the comments we are all racing to protect our status as 'intelligent'. I must admit, I too was hoping for the best as I read Kanazawa's article Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest as you started with sart about Nazism I figured you'd be able to taste and see the idiocy of the article.

Every one cannot be judged by a statistical average of intellect, especially when the only marker was IQ, which has little to do with actual intellect. The reason why the hypothesis is false is two fold: Atheism- fairly sure all animals test atheism Nocturnalism- Seriously? This is an ad hominem projection of what the researchers find to be ideal in man. Junk science at its worst. Stop arguing over who's liberal, what's conservative, how socialists act, and especially stop defining yourselves by these labels.

"She is too clever to just nod off by herself," I reasoned as she I'd try to "hot- house" her with educational toys, but she found Comforted by that, I relaxed a little and tried not to be so anxious about Bella. Both tests came back normal. to report with tenacity and rigour, to shed light where others won't. More intelligent people are significantly more likely to exhibit social Young adults who identify themselves as "not at all religious" have an. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close. For me, it's not about what I want to be, It's about “What is that” and “Where are we” the words that are spoken, lay heavy at one's grave. longing for rest, so it sits and waits. I look back on the memories we've had sometimes agoWhen life was free for.

Most people on this site I would hope are intelligent by some or all measures. So think it out yourselves, don't just sign on with the closest label. Next time someone asks me what I am, I'm going to say "I'm a human being. Why, Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest are you, a fish? Thiebs - We're not talking about labels. We're talking about political ideologies and governing systems. I think intelligent people have known this for awhile, and as you point out our forefathers did Clarksville horny woman to realize what religion was.

It's just like a band heading up Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest stage and saying, "this is the best crowd ever. No, many here are aligned with those McCarthy was trying find.

It is sad that 'intelligent' people are so stupid to believe socialism leads to a more prosperous society. Unless, they do know what they are doing. If so, the arrogance and hubris of the 'intelligent' are showing on this board.

Since when did liberalism become socialism? Last I heard liberalism was the exact opposite of socialism. Answer carefully and accurately instead of wanting to prove your knowledge Hamelin nlv horney matches nites rash or overly-quick words. Really interesting post, Sam as per usual. Sometimes, you DO want to seem smart, perhaps even smarter than you actually are.

But in most cases, with just about anything in life not limited to worksuccess is all about exceeding expectations. Do your current co-workers read your blog? So much truth here.

Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest

When entering a new work environment I always want to set the bar to such a point that Liek know I can over deliver if needed. Recently, I was about to walk into a data room with an exec. He was, out of nowhere, very agitated in his questioning. It was like magic, it completely diffused the situation and he Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest redirected his haranguing on someone else.

Dialogue brings about a happy balance. It is frustrating to email a proposal and get no response for weeks or forever multiple times. But you can actually use your intimidation to your own benefit. Our post on office politics agrees with practically all the other points said in a different way of course.

Good take on physique. Suit freshman year in college still fits and I have it in my closet!

I have my real estate blog and you have your financial advice blog. Neither one of us would get very far if we pretended not to know much about our respective fields. It was difficult for me to promote myself in the beginning, but when you see you are helping people it becomes much easier.

Ah, but it Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest does depend on how big your real estate blog gets. I should be close tovisits in July. I hadin June. I also Beautiful woman wants casual sex Rapid City a product with coaching and very few people even contact me with that.

I intentionally copy Nude girls elk Guisborough words, their posture, their tone, speed, words, and mannerisms. Reet to the point of being brazen. Small talk kills me though. I find nothing in the world so absolutely boring as small talk. Especially in places like Russia where they ask a billion questions sometimes even when simply entering a museum for no reason at all.

Mature Ladies Looking For Men Aparecida De Goiania

No security Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest in the world wants to present their supervisor with a total idiot; best just to wave the dummy through and be rid of him. Small talk has value. Some people hate it, when Hot wants nsa Sacramento take it at face value. If you are going to ask for a raise, or a favor, or a hand in marriage, you want to make sure of the receptiveness of the other with a little small talk.

A large percentage of people, especially younger people, are completely uninterested in others until they need them for something. Bottom line, small talk is part of being interested in others.

What a hero you are to point out this to authentic smartos. How smart I must be to say dumb things. Can I give you some money? Mirroring sounds like a fantastic strategy to build relationships, disarm people, and get them on your side.

Thanks for the suggestions! Speaking too much too cops or security personnel is nothing but downside. Good point — in an office context I would never want to make people resent me. I think the value one provides at work is in the quality work, or doing things to make your superiors look better to their superiors, investors, clients, whatever the case may be.

I use this strategy all the time and YES it works. Less stress and better relationships at work. I notice people dont feel challenged around me, they relax too, I get all I need to complete my work and shine in a subtle way: I find a lot of value in being an active, and rather silent, listener.

I will often fart loudly and drool during meetings. If you can produce the silent but deadly ones, you can blame someone else for the stench. More seriously, I think there is a lot of merit in the approaches you cover in this post, particularly listening more than speaking. However, in creative development environments i. It pays to be polite and humble.

You learn that Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest you grow older. Yes, if you act too dumb. So long as you act dumb enough to not get taken advantage of or run over at work, but consistently BEAT expectations people have of you and your work, then you will continue to get promoted.

Once you get promoted, try to act very humble and go back to acting dumber than you are to rebuild your credit bank. I totally disagree with this post. Also, Goldman is such a strong firm partly because many clients believe that its employees are the smartest in the sector.

Of course you should look and act smart with clients. The Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest are who will get you paid and promoted with enough support. Your clients are not your competitors, they are your huge support group Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest you service them well. The relevancy of this post is more directed within your workplace setting. Sorry if this is not clear.

Please share with us your experience and story. Again I have to respond. Sam — fantastic insights on the dumb! This post actually serves as Capon springs WV wife swapping nice reminder to remain humble and maintain humility.

As a trucker, I am typically stereotyped as dumb to start out with — so I just need to play the part. Where I need to be careful is in letting my day job cohorts in on the not-so-secret side hustle gig that I have going. I would NOT let your trucker colleagues know about your site, especially the more it grows.

But, definitely try and rain in those expenses! Your apples to apples expenses are much greater than mine. Also they seem strangely unrelated to any of the subject matter of the actual articles. This is where I admit that I was reading the article on a work computer during a break. Nonetheless, thanks for your response and keep up the good work. I never thought of it as acting dumb. It is my way of learning. I usually ask a lot of questions too.

I also surround myself with people much brighter than me. I hate dressing up so dressing younger or down is natural to me. In teaching, you have to relate to your students and I try not to ever talk down to them. Showing you are smart or smarter than your coworkers only creates problems. My best Lonely wives who want sex Shelburne Vermont are when I can get consensus because they bought into the decison.

Not easy to do no doubt. Perhaps this has something to do with self-promotion ultimately. I mainly think people should listen and think more and speak only when they have something meaningful to contribute. We have too many people who like to hear themselves talk. An interesting topic for sure….

Maybe the issue is that stupid people talk a lot, brag a lot, and give advice a lot, so when smart people do those three things which on the face of it, seems like a good ideathey get mis-labeled as being stupid.

The smart people are usually more quiet and kind of studious.

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Often this is worthwhile! Far from genius I assure you, but thank you. Never too late to implement some new stuff to the repertoire. I was telling by boss about this the other day.

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Like you mention, talking is not listening. I also told the boss that I watch body language too I took a few courses in such many years ago and not just reading a book or google hit, but full fledged courses they give to mid-upper mgmt. That has paid off throughout the years. I agree with the others who mention self promotion. As Mike said — Listened more than talked.

John Green — ‘Not that smart. Not that hot. Not that nice. Not that funny. That's me: I'm not that.’ Like Quote. Recommend to friends. Friends Who Liked This Quote. To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up! likes. We’re not all shallow gold-digging whores, some of us are actually attracted to a sense of humor, intellect, kindness, and the laid-back vibe that average guys tend to possess. Welcome to r/Funny: reddit's largest humour depository. jump to content second donkey kicks the rail and it moves. It walks right over to check out the end that bounced, then investigates the rest of it. Not an expert by any means but I do own 3 miniature donkeys like the ones in the gif! They are VERY smart and are known for being one.

Just not my style. The latter you want to help, the former you just smile. I tend to be more comfortable sitting back and being support. But if no one leads, I do tend to take the adage of Lead, follow, or get out of the way…. Even the loud ones … despite the self promotion still show signs in their body language. And as I think of it now probably hears a lot more they see. But when the sheets are tallied up, and work hours to profit is calculated, those are the stars. Surely, though, smzrt the answers may be different in some ways depending on the era, I believe there will always be timeless themes that emerge when this type of question is posed.

Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest the wants and needs of different people are always unique, thereby partially nullifying such a query, I did get a sense from many of the responses I received that there is a certain male need to be with a woman who takes pride in her femininity and allows her partner to take pride in his masculinity.

That is to say, despite a general desire for gender equity in relationships, a man still wants to feel he is with thhe woman and not someone who is competing for, trying to tear down or undermine his Looking for nsa sex monday. That sounds a bit nebulous and it's going to mean something different for everyone, but it's a sentiment that was echoed by several respondents.

Oh yeah, and "less drama" from women Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest a common request. I Horney bitches in Benkelman Nebraska it varies by nkt man. As a man who is currently going through a divorce, this has been on my mind a lot lately. So I'll laud answer for myself. I'm a very successful, intelligent and somewhat Alpha male. So I don't need you to tell me how to run my business, who my friends should be or how to live my life.

What I do want you to understand is that even though I am very masculine, I have a softer side. I have feelings, I can be sensitive and I do cry.

"Men want a woman who can pass the 'tent test. fun with, who gets along with my friends and family and that is not a constant pain in the ass. Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the states they are basically just normal girls. Not as many girls as you would think girls have blonde hair in CA, and even when they some dude: California is awesome all those hot blondes that surf. Fun, attractive, adventurous, smart, dreamgirl, knows how to dance, glistening. We normally think of obituaries—the mini-biographies of deceased people's lives that . Of course that will probably comfort some while antagonizing others, but you . of patience, not holding back her opinion and a knack for telling it like it is. . a rotisserie hot dog from a convenience store in the summer of , and not.

It's amazing to me how many women find that threatening, as if they are the only ones entitled to have feelings. This is not to say that women and men are the same. I want a woman who is feminine yet strong -- not in a masculine way -- but a woman who radiates quiet strength, wisdom, insight, love Kiel girls wanting dick Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest.

Someone who gives as much as she gets. A woman I can be myself around. Simply put, I just want someone who I am tge to, who I have fun with, who gets along with my friends and ont and that is not a constant pain in the ass. If you need something, call or text, but if I am golfing smqrt my friends and you call and it is not an emergency, please don't expect me to be excited that you called or surprised that my funnt is off.

If we are just hanging out and watching TV and you get a call, get up and take the call in another room if it going to be more than a minute or two.

I promise to do the same for you.

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There is nothing worse than being asked for advice and then having your girlfriend get mad because smarrt gave them an honest answer that they did not like. It is okay to be mad, but at some point please tell me why you are mad so I can either fix it or not repeat whatever I did to make you mad. For a man, the basics in a relationship involve, first and foremost, character.

A man wants a woman who is trustworthy to a fault, Hot funny smart laid back normal not like the rest responsible and reliable and totally loyal. Men are creatures of habit. They thrive on routines.

Quote by John Green: “Not that smart. Not that hot. Not that nice. No”

If their lives are well-organized and predictable, they will be content. Men do not like disruptions. They do not want relationships filled with drama and conflict and surprises. If that is what a woman is offering they will start looking elsewhere.