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Firefighter looking for something wet

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Can anyone give me a breakdown of the difference between products sold under the name of "wet water" or "cold fire" and Class A foam? We've got several hundred gallons of the branded products in our store room.

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I've been adding them to our unit's without onboard foam systems at the reccomended ratio's and find that when I circulate the water through the pumps, they generate a tremendos volume of foam with a very thick consistancy. The lables on the product are very poor. The somethng has the desired effect of breaking down the surface Firefighter looking for something wet of the water it won't bead.

Am I dumping pails of class A foam into our tankers? Hi rualfire, The short and sweet of it is "wet water" or "cold fire" are basically a watererd down class "A" foam. They do reduce surface tension.

They don't work very well when a quality bubble structure is needed. They are a wetting agent.

NFPA can give you better info on the specific requirements for each. Thanks for the info.

Jun 16,  · This has allowed us to offer the highest quality fire extinguishers and products from the best manufacturers in the industry. We have a large inventory of products that allows us to care for our customers at a moment’s notice. Below are just a few products we carry. Looking for something Author: Kelly Brewer. I “Find em Hot, Leave em Wet” and “Fight what you Fear”! Actually, I have been fighting something we should all fear but that’s NOT what I’m talking about. Today’s title is in reference to Firefighter T-shirts . you know the ones we’ve all seen em. Stopping Distances, Part 2. Next time you are looking for something to do for drill, go outside and measure off feet. Firefighter-paramedic Jacob Wiemann recalls when dirty gear and.

I've got some reading to do I think that "wet water" is a little different than Class A Foam. Wet water is meant as a water soluable lubricant and is meant to penetrate - often Wet Water is touted as helping keep pump seals lubricated, and decrease friction.

How much this is true depends on who you talk to. Class A foam is meant to both "cling" and offer some penetration.