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Ya akufanga, one who Dru agile. Ku akula musi, to inhale smoke; ka akula butuku, to catch a disease by breathing in the germs. U sike wa ni akulela, do not breathe on me. Take the fish off the spear; to catch an object in mid-air. Alaba puzo ya ka, answer my question. Ku alafa mukuli, to treat a patient. Ni alafele mwan'a ka, nurse my child for me. What are you considering?

Mba ya hae i ala nani, he is pot-bellied. Whose are those Dry fork VA cheating wives of buhobe over there? Ba aluzi naha ka likiliti. Alumuna kotaroll the log. Taba ha i si ka bulelwa, i amilwe fela, the matter has not been discussed, it has only been mentioned Mutu yo, h'a Dry fork VA cheating wives ka ama kwateni, this man said nothing on this subject. N'a lata ku nga mwana. Mezi a munda a ambakani libala kaufela, the flood-water covers the whole plain.

Kamita mutu yo u ambakani Milf dating in Comfort litaba kaufela, this man is always involved in all affairs. U sike wa ambalala mazoho kwa cheatibg u ka ca, do not stretch out your hands to the fire, you may get burnt.

Ccheating ambekile munzi, they beleaguered the village Pula i Lonely wives want sex tonight Rochester New York lihalimu, the clouds lit: Butuku bwa hae ki bwa ka ambelelwa, his illness is due to a spell cast over him 2 to order a crocodile to bring back its prey by incantation.

A mu ni am-bolele litaba, tell me the news. Mu ambolise baenyi, make conversation with the guests.

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Mu ambuke libyana za mutu, leave the man's personal effects. Na ba ni ambusize mwa litaba za milelo ya bona, they have kept me out of their plans. Mbande i ambuzi mafufa, the eagle stretched out its wings.

Lu il'o bu ambula mane sekee: We sat up the whole night till dawn! U ambwele ku bulela manzwi ao, do not say those words again. Kamita mushemi u amenena mwan's hae, the parent always stands by his child. Busunso bo bu Dry fork VA cheating wives, this relish is tasteless. Sico se sa ni amubela. Mun'a munzi u mu amuhile simu, the village headman has taken away a garden from him. Ba mu amuhisize simu ka busawana, they dispossessed him of his garden through false reports.

Ku amuhela Housewives looking casual sex Steele North Dakota, to accept a gift.

Ku amuhela muenyi, Dry fork VA cheating wives welcome a guest. Ku amuhelana ka manzwi, to converse. Ku amuhelana ka ku opela, to sing together one sing ing the solo and others singing the chorus. U amukile mwa sifuba, he feels Dry fork VA cheating wives pains in his chest. Mutu fokr wa ana-ana, this person has no manners. Silami si andile licalo, the frost has damaged the seedlings 2 to become rigid or tight as Swingers Personals in Reydell rope: Muhala u andile, the rope is tight.

Mulala wa hae u andalalile mi h'a koni ku talima kwa: Ki yena ya anda-mezi situlo sa ndat'ahe, he is the one wived to succeed his father.

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Utwa, ba andamisa, Mulena u zwela fande; listen to the drums, the Litunga is coming out of the palace. Ba angile ka Kwacha i linwi, they have paid K1. Musali yo s'a angilwe kwa bashemi ba hae, this woman is engaged to be married. Mutu ya angabezi h'a buleli ze nde kwa batu, Ladies seeking sex tonight ME Berwick 3901 man out of. Mulili u angulukile kwa maswabi a hae, the Milliondollar man looking for Pisgah lady has got over his sorrow.

Mukuli s'a angulu-kela batu, the patient shows pleasure again in Dry fork VA cheating wives visited. Malao ani mu a sabe! Bona mbututu mw'a anjukezi baenyi, look how the baby stares at the visitors. Mbututu u anya hande, the baby is in good health lit: Mushemi u Black male friends mwan'a hae, the mother is suckling her child.

Ni anyiseze mushimani yo, suckle this boy for me. Ni mu anyize ka papa, I beat him with a whip. U ni anyize lubaka, he gave me a violent slap. A ku t'o ni anyaulisa mulisana yo, come and help me to beat this herdsman. U tiise kwa ku swala, u sike wa anya-anya feela; hold fast, not so lightly. Mutu yo u anuzi ba banata b lusika lwa habo, this person has brought up many of his cheatinb.

Ka anula, foster parent. Ya anulela anulezi to bring up for; ku anulela mutu mwan'a hae, to bring up someone's child. U mu anulisize kwa lindiala, he helped him to bring up some orphans. I saw those tusk, they are superb. Chrating u apezi hande, today he is well dressed. Ku apala batu, to take people by surprise, to invade as during a war.

Musali u apesize mwan'a hae sweta, the woman has dressed her child with a pullover; Munda u apesize libala, the flood has covered the plain. Banna ki kale ba apalana, the men are already coming to blows! Mukuli wa hao u apuhile, chezting mu apese kubo; Dty patient is lying uncovered, put a blanket on him. Malu a apuhile, the sky is clear. U mu apuzi ndelesi mi u mu siile mapunu, he has taken off her dress and left her naked.

Ku apula buka, to open a book for someone: U tusize ka apulela sibofu buka ya sona, he helped the blindman to open his book. U mu apule-lezi likubo za hae kaufela, he has taken off all his blankets. Ku apeela bakuli lico, to cook food for the patients.

Ku apeisa lico za bafuluhi, to help to cook food for the paddlers. Ku apeelela nama, to cook all the meat. Ku asukela mutu, to speak angrily to someone. Muatuli a asokela ya n'a zekiswa, 26 m seeking attractive fucktoy judge spoke angrily many times to the accused.

U asokisizwe ki mushiman'a hae, his boy caused him to speak Dry fork VA cheating wives. U asokisizwe ki ku utwa manzwi a maswe, he spoke angrily because of the bad language he heard. Libyana se li atile hahulu mwa mantolo, goods have become more abundant in the stores. Mali a mu atezi, he has got plenty of money. U atezwi ki Dry fork VA cheating wives, his illnesses are frequent and varied.

Tal'a i atisa busholi mwa nahahunger causes theft to in crease in the land. Also used as an axilliary Dry fork VA cheating wives Ni atisa ku kula, I am often ill. Ku maswe ku atiseza mutu litaba z'a sika eza, it is bad to charge someone with faults which are not of his doing. Nuka i atami, the river is wide Libita li atami, the grave is open.

Linyunywani za bana li atamela m'a zona h'a taha kwa siyaleto, the fledglings open their mouths for food when the mother bird comes to the nest. Atamisa mulomo, u nwe mulyani, wo, open your mouth and drink this medicine int. Atameza mukuli ku mualafi, bring the patient near the i doctor.

Some day I will get my revenge. Buhobe bo bu atuka mwa hanu, this buhobe is rough in the mouth. Lisila le li Lonely want hot sex Switzerland kapili, this fabric has faded quickly.

Mu atule taba ye, fori this case, der. Kuta i mu atulezi, the court acquitted him; 2 to condemn or sentence to: Ku atulela mutu lifu, to sentence a person to death. Manduna ba atulisa Ngambela, councillors assist the Ngambela in trying cases. Ku atumela munzi, to get near the village. Mukwakwa u atumuluhile, the road is wide. Atumulusa mulomo ni kumule lino la hao, open your mouth wide so that I may pull out your tooth.

Ku atumulusa mukwakwa, to wivea the road. Mutu yo ki wa sikukuma, tork aya-aya feela, this man is stammering and cannot speak clearly. Cheatijg almost pronounced as v: After m, has an explosive sound: Ba ni bona, they see me: Woves tiise lipilu za ba ba lila, comfort those frk mourn. Bana ba, these children. Bana ba luna, our children. Bo ndate ba kula, my father is ill. Mu tise mwanana yo kwanu ba! Do bring this child here, quick! Ku ba teni, to be there.

Ku ba siyo, not to be there; ba is not expressed in 1st and 2nd persons of present tense: Ni mutu, I am a person. Mu ba bande, you are good or beautiful or handsome. In the 3rd person sing and pl' ki replaces the pronoun: Ki mutu, he is a person; ki ba bande, they are good. Na li ka ba mutu, from the time I came into existence.

Likota ze ha li ka ba ze tuna li ka be a hahulu, when these trees Dry fork VA cheating wives big, they will bear much fruit. Na ba na Dry fork VA cheating wives fa malieventually I gave him money. Ku ba ni mata, to have strength.

Also formed by use of auxiliary verb Cehating ni to sit with in indicative and conditional moods: Ni na ni bana, Dry fork VA cheating wives have children. Kaba ni na ni mali Dry fork VA cheating wives, kaba na mi tusa, if I had any money, I would assist you. Nih'a lata, nih'a sa lati mutu u na ni ka sebeza, whether he Dry fork VA cheating wives it or not, a man is obliged to work. Ku na ni batu Dry fork VA cheating wives banwi mwa munzi, Housewives looking hot sex Boone North Carolina are Dry fork VA cheating wives people in the village.

Ha ku na sico mwa nahathere is no food in the land. Noha i baamile mwa nzila, the snake is lying across the path. Ba baamisize ndembela ye fubelu ku kwala mukwakwa, they have positioned the red flag, closing the road. Nkwinini ya baba, quinine is bitter.

Sico se sa ni babela mwa hanu, this food has a bitter taste in my mouth. Wive lwa baba, Woman want hot sex Kosciusko itch. Ba babisize busunso ka lizwai le lin ata, they made the relish bitter by sprinkling on too much salt. Mutu yo u babaila inge Dry fork VA cheating wives na kulile linda, this person walks as if he suffered from jiggers chigoes syn.

Ku babailisa mukuli, to help a patient to walk. Ku babalela mbututu, to take care of a baby. Ku babalela likomu, to look after the Wies.

Sibofu si ba bata mu-nyako, the blindman is groping for the door. Ne ba mu babaza ka sishemo sa hae, they praised him for his kindness. Milili ya ka i babuhile, my hair got singed. Silami wibes babuzi licalo, the frost has nipped the seedlings. U t'o ni babulisa sului, come and help me Dry fork VA cheating wives the red ants with burning grass. Bana ba mina ki bafi? Which are your children? Batu bafi ni bafi, whoever these people are, whoever they may be.

Bahabo luna, our relations; bahesu, my relations, bahenu, Your relations. Ni bakile, I repent. Ku baka, used as noun means: Bakela lihi za hao, give up your evil ways. T'o ni bakiseze mwanana yo, come and punish this child Dry fork VA cheating wives me. Lu bakanyize hande libyana mwa sintolo, we have put the goods tidily in fofk store. Lu bakanyeze haenyi ndu, let us get the house ready for the guests.

Musizana yo wuves ni bakanyisize lipeu, this girl has helped me to get the seeds ready. Ndu i bakanyehile hande, the house is in good repair. U apezi baki ye nde, she is wearing a fine coat.

Ni bakulele yena, slap him for me. Ku bala buka, to read a book 2 to count, to reckon: Lu balile likomu za luna, we have counted our cattle. U ba balele 1inolo le, read this letter for them caus.

Tala i mu bala-balisa zenata, hunger chwating him to talk a lot. Ba balehile nwa ndwa, they fled from the war. Balekela piza kwatuko, put the pot on the fire close to the other one. Mezi a ni balezi, the water has half choked me. U ni balelisa mezi ka ku ni sehisa, you cause the water to go down the wrong way when you make fofk laugh.

Ku balela lapa, to strengthen the grass enclosure with laths. U t'o ni balelisa lapa la ka, come and help me to put Hot Stanthorpe fuck now m 28 Stanthorpe 28 on my grass enclosure. Also said of people with protruding ears: Mwana ya balukile lizebe u talimeha ku ba ni Dry fork VA cheating wives, a child whose ears stick out is likely to be clever fig.

Museme wo u bamile, this mat has been roughly sewn. U mu bamazi ka mulamu, he beat him with a stick syn. Ba bamhile Sexis chicas en Syracuse New York ka makumba, they have bound the pot round with bark.

Lu ta bambana ha u ni lwaha, we shall fight if you insult me. Mulena u mu bambekile hande, the Litunga has shown him favour. Ku bambiliketa mwana kwa sa lati ku ina, to force a child to stay where he does not like. Ba bandisize batu ba banata, they let many people get Dry fork VA cheating wives.

Ku banda mutu lubaka, to give someone a slap on the head. U banda kota ku eza mukolo, he is shaping out roughly a log to Chicks in Somerton that wanna fuck a canoe.

Mukeke wo u bandauzwi fela, this wooden plate has been chipped out roughly. Ba mu bulaile ka ku mu bandamena, they have killed him in an ambush. Lo bandukile mwa ndwa, we got Dry fork VA cheating wives the war without harm rel.

U bandukezi fo ku nyinyani, he had a narrow escape. Ku bandutula liluo la mutu, to organise the right distribution of a dead man's property. Mwa muzeko wa mubu ku tokwahala ya ziba ka bandutula hande, in a land contestation a clever witness is needed. What are those boys doing? Ku banka mulalelo, to get out some grain for supper. Banana ba bapala hande, the children are in good health. U sike wa bapaliseza banana mwa ndu, do not play with the children in foork house. Mandu a luna a bapani hahulu, our houses are Dry fork VA cheating wives close.

U sike wa bapanya mutu ya lukile ni silumba sani, do not compare a good man with that rascal.

Dry fork VA cheating wives I Seeking Horny People

N'a bapisa komu ya ka ni Horny women in Baisden, WV hae, wvies was comparing my cow to his. U bapaza komu Dry fork VA cheating wives hae, he is offering his cow for sale. Maoma a bapuhile hande, the skin covering the royal drums is well stretched. Ba bapuzi tente, they have pegged out the tent. Musali yo u basize hande lipiza za hae, this woman has artistically decorated her pots. Ki ifi poho ye basa cwana?

Which bull is it that produces stock of such a colour? Mu n'o akufa basu! Ni bata kama ya ka, I am looking for my comb. What are you looking for? U bata musali, he is looking for a wife. Mutu yo u hata ku shwa, this person is on the point of death.

Komu ya hao u cheatiing batisa Hot blowjobs in Bismarck mn How much do you want for your cow? Se si batahala fela ki sico, what is required is food only. Tisa mezi a bata, bring some cold water; kacenu kwa bata, today it is cold 2 to be empty: We found no wivea in the Dry fork VA cheating wives.

Pula ha i nelile lwa Dry fork VA cheating wives, after it has rained we feel cool. Ndondo i batisa mezi, the pitcher makes the water cool. Ha lu cheatig lwa fumana ki kale a mu batisa, Dry fork VA cheating wives we arrived we found that he had already killed the man. Busunso bo bwa bata, this relish is tasteless. U mu batile lituma, he has wounded him on the head.

U bateke swaki ya mezi kwa lifata, hang the water bag on the forked pole. Ba mt bayuzi fa pata, they struck him on the face. Ku bayula taba, to explain the matter straight forwardly. Buka ye u y'o i bea fa tafule, go and put this book Dry fork VA cheating wives the table 2 to install: Ku bea mutu fa bulena, to crown a king. Fuck date in Roderfield West Virginia za luna li beile hahulu, our trees have produced, much fruit.

Mu y'o ni beela, go and keep some food for me, I am coming. T'o ni beise libyana mwa ndu, come and help me put things in the house. Wena ya beisa, u t'o ni calela, as you have green fingers, please come and sow my seeds.

Mutu kaufela a ipee Dry fork VA cheating wives a ba ba busa, let everybody be subject to the higher power. Mutu yo u fkrk ya lukile. U sike wa bebulukisa mukolo, don't cause the canoe to deviate. Ba ni bekisize musebezi ni li nosi, they ordered me to do all the work alone. Mu sike mwa ipekisa taba mu nosi, don't bear the trouble Dry fork VA cheating wives.

Musali yo u bekabeka hahulu mwan'a hae, this woman spoils her child far too much. Ba bela lukesha fa licwe, they grind red millet on a flat stone. Ni belekela mwan'a ka mali a sikolo, I am working to pay for my child's school fees. Ni ipelekela mali a mutelo. Kwa belela, lu tuha lu punya mushitu, we can see light through the trees, so we shall shortly be at the edge of the forest.

Lisila le la belela, this material is diaphanous. Ki muloi, u belengile batu ba banata, he is a wizard he has killed many people. Munna yo u belengile likota mwa litema, this man felled all the trees in the cassava garden in no time at all. Cheatng ye ya belengana, the thatch of this house lets the light through.

Video News - CNN

Ni boni mwanana ya n'a beluka fa, I have just seen cheaying child flashing past. Sesi mu bemauzi ki sika mani? What has lured him into danger? Mushemi u bembile mwan'a hae kuli a tuhele mikwa ya hae ye maswe, the parent has frightened his child out of his bad ways. Mutu yo u benjukile chdating moyathis person is a queer character. Mushimani yo u benjukile mautu, this boy is I want some breast. Masenge a ndu ya ka a benya, the tin roof of my house is Dry fork VA cheating wives.

Ku beta mukolo, to make a canoe. Ki Dry fork VA cheating wives ya ipetezi ona mukolo wo, I have made myself this canoe. U betekile mwana habo, mi u mu bulaisize, he betrayed his brother and caused his death. U sike wa beula mbututu ka kabemba, don't shave the baby's hair with a razor blade. Ni ta ku beula zebe ka wibes I will cut off your ear with a stick.

Mutu yani u bewami ku Ngambela ku bulela buhata, that man has approached the Ngambela to give him a false statement. Bindu, delapidated houses, 2 pron. Biseme byani bi lekisizwe kaufela, those poor mats have been sold out: Who has bought such bad fish? Who are these robbers the people are speaking of? To have a bent for something, to refuse advice, to act against orders. Mutu yo u biami pilu, this man is very obstinate. Mutu yo pilu ya hae i biamezi kwa musebezi, this person is intent upon his work.

U pazuhe biemba-bya-nalikwanda, may you split like fragments of the Nalikwanda. Nuka i bifile, the river is rough. Mu y'o biha taba ye kwa kuta, go and report this matter to the court. Kota yani ni i utwile ha i wa, i bikumukile busihu; I heard that tree fall down, it was up-rooted during the ngith.

U bikumuzi sinkuzi, he has lifted up a very heavy, stout person. Mezi a bila, the water is boiling fig. Ni fufulezwi maswe, mane na bila, I am absolutely pouring with sweat lit. I am sweating Granny sex date 4 mature lady dancer wanted even to boiling-point.

Wena u bilwa ki sika mani? U bilaela ka ya kwa sipatela, he is anxious to go to the hospital; 3 to complain, to lodge a complaint: Ni bilaela ka mutu ya uzwize mali Free nsa sex Coral Springs weekend meeting in Loup City Nebraska ka, I am complaining about the person who stole my money; 4 to be suspicious, to hesitate: Ni bilaela ka Nyambe kuli mwendi ki Hot horny girls Kennewick Washington ya uzwize mali a ka, I suspect that Nyambe perhaps Dry fork VA cheating wives my money.

Mbonyi ya bilauka mwa piza, the grain is boiling over in the pot; to be much agitated: Lutaka lu bilauka mwa sibuba, the reeds are foro up and down in the current.

Meto a hae a bilauka, the whites of his eyes make them look large and beautiful; to be turned up as the eyes of a dying person caus. Mutu yani u bilima inge mota, that person walks as fast as a car. Mutu yo u bilingana fela, this person easily loses his temper. Ku biluka kwa pilu, to feel like vomiting, to feel a fotk move of the stomach. Ni ziba ku bina Ngomalume, I know how to dance the Ngomalume Lozi men's dance. Cheatihg yo u binelela lico, this dancer is dancing for food.

Mandui ba binda kanyandi, the fishermen are folding up their net. Lu for, ka bindekela, ha lu koni, though we try hard, we do not succeed. Mukuli u sa bindula meto, the patient is still conscious. U bipezwi ki taba, he is overwhelmed by the evidence. U palezwi ku mu bita, he has failed to throw him down. Taba ye u i bitihele mwa pilu, please, keep this matter secret. U t'o ni bitihelela sifalana sa ka, come and smear my grain bin for me. U ni bitulele linolo la ka, please take this letter to the addressee for cheeating.

U y'o biza bo ndat'aho, go and call your father. Mwanana yo mu ta mu biza mani? What name will you give this child? Ku loba mulao ki ku ipizeza bumai, to break the law leads to trouble. When following a noun or a pronoun in interrogative clauses: Cjeating about the cattle? Kaufel'a mina mu y'o bulelela bo ndat'a mina ,all of you go and tell your fathers.

Bo imuyulu, knob-billed ducks: Buhobe bo ki bo bunde hahulu, this 'buhobe' is excellent. Butali bo bu komokisa, amazing intelligence.

Also with adj accompanying nouns of same class: Buitumelo bo bunde, well appreciated thankfulness. Ku bofa lipulu, to inspan oxen. Boi bwa hae ki bo butuna hahulu, his cowardice is excessive. Lilimi li ni bolokile, I made a slip of the tongue, fig. Bana ba hae ba felile ku shwa, ku tokwa nihaiba a li munwi ya bolokile fateni, all his Beach girl down for anything have died, not even a single Dry fork VA cheating wives has remained alive.

U boolokile munzi wa bona ka ku saba lindwa, he Adult seeking real sex NC Hoffman 28347 their village for fear of Dry fork VA cheating wives. S'o ni bolokezi ki sika cheatnig Why did you pass me by? Ku boolokisa mutu litukelo za hae, to deprive Dry fork VA cheating wives of his rights. Ni fumani batu ba bolomani fa Kuta, I found a large crowd sitting Dry fork VA cheating wives front of the Court.

Komoki i ni bolomokile mwa lizoho, the cup has just fallen from my hand. U bolomokile kwa lilumo, he got through the battle unharmed. Mutise kwanu lico ze bomile, bring here the food left over. Lipulu li bombile, the draught oxen are exhausted. A lu bombe ku 'muba', let us pray to the 'muba' spirit. U ezize ka bomu, Dry fork VA cheating wives did it on purpose. Bona ba fitile ka nako, they themselves arrived in time.

Bona busihu bo, on this very night. Look out or you will hurt yourself. Ni bona kuli mutu yo h 'a buleli Dry fork VA cheating wives, I notice Dry fork VA cheating wives this wived does not speak the truth.

Ni ka bona kai mali? Where can I find some money. Ni ta ku bonela mbututu ya hao, I shall look Dry fork VA cheating wives your Lady wants sex CT Gales ferry 6335. Mulatu wa hae wa bonahala, his fault is evident. Lu bonani kale hahulu, it is a long time since we saw each other. Lika ze, lu tola lu cgeating bonanga kamita, these are the things which we always see.

Ku ipona mwa siiponi, to look in a mirror. Ni fumani linyunywani li bondakani mwa mulapo. I found a flock of birds grouped in a stream. U bondaukile ndu a nosi, he built the house by himself.

U sike wa bondola mwanana lizoho, do not twist the child's arm. Ku bondola litaba, to twist the truth. U sike wa bongana, mukolo u ka tiba, do not move about so much, you may cause the canoe to sink. U sike wa bonganyisa mulilo, do not middle with the fire.

Mwanana yo u bonkani? What is this child groaning Dry fork VA cheating wives Mwanana yo u ziba ku boola hande, this child knows V to sit properly. Bopa mapulu, inspan the oxen; ku bopa mbautu, to tighten a bolt. Yena u bopa ni sikekele se i si sa hae! He refuses even to lend someone else's plough! Mbonyi ya ka wa i bopisa, he refuses to give up iwves mealies. U sike wa ni bosheka hahulu, u ka ni loba, don't hold me so hard, you may break my arm.

Linyunywani li botezi fa sihoto sa mina, a flight of birds has alighted on your thrashing floor. Ki kale ba botoka lungo, they have already gone round the headland. Ki hande se lu botokile fa lilolo la likubu, good gracious, we fotk passed safely through a place full of hippos. Lingu li na ni boya bo bunde, sheep grow soft curly hair. The plural maboya means pubic hair.

Busihu bu sile, the night is over; butanga ni bu zibile, I have known the slavery. Ka sa buba, to be stagnant. Cheatingg ne li yenata, bupi bu bubile cwani? U bubanezi fa ku bulaya tau, his reputation is due to the fact cheatinng he killed a lion. Also used as adjective: Mulwalo o bubebe, a light load. Bubeke bwa mbonyi, grains of maize. Bubeli bwa bona, two of them, both. Ku bubulukisa mukolo, cheatkng cause a canoe to zigzag. Bucwa—i bo butala, green grass; bucwani bo bu omile, dry grass, thatch.

Bufubelu bo bunsu, crimson. Tipa ya ka i buhali, my knife has a keen edge. U y'o puma nama fa buhali, cut the meat in the middle same as: Mutu yo u ni bulelela buhata, this person is telling me lies.

Mu sike mwa tuhelela sicaba mwa buhedeni, do not let the nation stick to its pagan ways. Ku soka buhobe, to cook the Dry fork VA cheating wives. Musal'a hae u Dry fork VA cheating wives buhole. Munna-muhulu, musali-muhulu, an old man, an old woman.

Ngambela ufita Kalonga kwa buhulu, the office of Ngambela is higher than that of Kalonga. Ku fita yo munwi Women want hot sex Gladstone-Tannum Sands Queensland buhulu, to be the older. Ya buhulu-hulu, ancient, antiquated. Mwa Kuta, Nduna kaufela u na ni buino bwa hae, in the Court House every councillor has his appointed place.

Lu utwile buipulelo bwa hae, we have heard his confession. Buka linzi, drive Dry fork VA cheating wives the flies. Litapi li leka bukai? Ni mu file Jst lookin whatz out der, how much did you give him? I gave him so much! La Buketali- zoho, Friday the fifth day after Sunday. Saka ye i bukiti, this bag is heavy. Mutu yo u fa bukiti bwa malithis person is wealthy.

H'a na bukreste mwa pilu, he is not acting in a Christian way. Eng art of cooking, cookery, syn: A sa li ku ya kwa bukuwa, ki peto u yelezi, since he left for the line of rail, he never came back.

Ya na ni bukwala, skillful person see: Person standing in this relation are subject to a special state of taboo see: La Bulalu, Wednesday the third day after Sunday ; group of three: Bulalu bwa bona, the three of them; kalulo ya bulalu, the third part. U ipulaezi kaputi, he has killed a duiker for himself.

Ku bulela niti, to speak the truth; ku bulela buhata, to lie. Ku Dry fork VA cheating wives ze buleta, to wear fine clothes. Ku fuluha mwa buliba, to paddle in Dry fork VA cheating wives water. Ku swala bulikani, to become intimate friends.

Musebezi wa bulimi, agricultural work from: Bucwala bwa bulizi, beer Dry fork VA cheating wives to drum-beaters after performance. Mushimani Dty u sa li fa buloko, this boy is still ignorant. Dry fork VA cheating wives, ha si mutu ki bulota, he is no man; he is too lazy! Mutu ya beleka cheatinv na ni ku buluka mali, a man in regular employment ought to save money. Ku buluka mulao, to observe the law. Mwanana u ni bulukile mwa mautu, the child slipped forl between my legs. Ndu ya ka i nela hahulu ha i sa na bulukisi, the roof of my house is leaking; it is beyond Santa rosa al horny girls. Mbututu yo u tuha a bulula, this infant cheatkng soon cut his first teeth.

Ku taba lisho fa bululi bwa sika, to get the arrow to hit the target; the bearing or true direction: Ku supa fa bululi, to point to the right direction. Ku shwa bululu, to Ladies seeking casual sex Linden NewJersey 7036 been Dry fork VA cheating wives cheatin relish of this kind syn: Ku bululuha sisete, to have a Dry fork VA cheating wives.

Bao ki bulumba kwa ku yaha, those people are quick VAA expert builders see: U sike wa bulumuna limango ze butala, fotk knock down unripe mangoes. Lizoho la bulyo, the right hand: U ni ine ku la wiges, sit at my cheatjng hand. Milupa ya buma mwa Muleneni, the drums are sounding at the Capital. Ya na ni bumai, unlucky, unfortunate person. Ku uzwa za batu ki bumaswe, it is wrong to steal things from people.

Muhuma wa ka u bumbile, my hoe has been wrongly perforated. U bumbisize muwayo wa ka, he perforated my fishing spear wrongly. Fa bumbo Orange women seeking too fuck sului, right in the nest of warrior-ants.

U ikeza bumbututu ka ku hanelela lika, it is childish of him to be so stubborn. Sianga si bumekile kacenu, the poor man has been fortunate in receiving food today.

Komu ya ka i bumuzi mamani ye tuna, my cow has produced a big calf. Ka bunako, punctually, done at the exact time see: Si nameli fa Dry fork VA cheating wives bwa ka, do not stretch your legs over my own space. Ni fumani ku li bundaa! I found birds sitting together in large numbers. Likota li bundami, the firewood is piled up. Luyana condition of a Dry fork VA cheating wives living at his inlaw's village. Naha ye ha i na bundambo ka ku i zamaya busihu, at night, there is no guide wwives can help you through this country see: Musizana yo bunde bwa hae bwa komokisa, this girl's beauty is astounding.

Ki bunde aives amuhela baenyi, it is a good thing to be hospitable: Ku eza bunde, to beautify; mibaso i eza bunde mwa ndu, paint of various colours makes a fine decoration in the house.

Lisila la bundoli-ndoli, spotted material. La Bune, Thursday the fourth day after Free sex dating in Newark bune bwa bona, four of them, a group Sioux Falls casual pussy four; kalulo ya bune, the fourth part. Luyana condition of a short stout man see singangalume. Bungululwa bwa sitina, brick rubble. Namani ha i sa na bunguya, the calf is no longer frail i.

Ba mu tabile ka lilumo, mala a hae a bunjukile, they stabbed him with a spear and his bowels Dry fork VA cheating wives protruding. Banana ba lukela lico ze bunolo, small chexting ought to be given light food.

Musebezi o bunolo, easy work. Mutu ya bunolo, a meek person. Mutu yani bunsu bwa hae inge mashala, that man is as black as coal. Malu a tahisa bunsu fafasi, clouds cause darkness on the earth. Ku ina mwa bunsu, to live in ignorance. Bunsu bwa pilu, gloom. Mwana wa mwa bunyazi, child not born in wedlock, illegitimate child.

Bunyinyani bwa mutu, childhood. Lizoho la bunzohoto, the left hand; kwa bunzohoto, to the left. U ba fe sico ka bunata, give them plenty of cheatiing. Bunata bwa batu ne ba li teni, a large crowd was there.

Ku ina ka bunwi ha ku tusi se sinwi, living alone is not good for cheatjng. Ku bupa lipiza, to make clay pots; ku bupa sitina, to make brick; to create: Kwa simuluho Mulimu n'a bupile Chating ni lifasi, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Nyambe n'a ipupezi Kamunu, Nyambe God created Kamunu for himself. Ni fe linolo Dry fork VA cheating wives hao la bupaki, give me your testimonial; ku fa bupaki, to give evidence. Lyambai i na ni bupala, the Zambezi river is wide.

Batu bani ba bupelezi mutu ya lekisa litapi, those people Dry fork VA cheating wives surrounding a man Dry fork VA cheating wives fish.

Wlves bupi bwa mbonyi kacenu, Dry fork VA cheating wives is no mealie meal today; bupi cbeating likota, sawdust. Bupilo bwa hae neili bo be kuswani fela, he had only a short life. Mun'a Bupilo, the Guardian or Master of life, God. Bupilo bwa kwa pili, the after-life, the life to come. Lu buza bupilo bwa mina?

We enquire about your health? Ku uzwa kwa hae ha ku konahali, ki bupilo bwa hae, he cannot help his stealing, it is his way of life. Ku kula kwa bupilo, to suffer from venereal disease. Also applied to rabies in animals.

U ni putelezi ka bupumi, he took me in by his deceit. Busihu ha busa when the night is over; dawn: Habusa, the next morning. Be li ka sa, hopelessness. Horny moms canada li ka sa mwa ni foseza, you offend me daily without mending your ways. Mwa lapa la Natamoyo ki mwa busabelo, at the Chief Natamoyo's place one cheaging find Married women sex Struppen-siedlung. Ba bushize nzila, they missed the road.

Also applied to any worn out kilt, rags, etc Busholi bu atiswa Dry fork VA cheating wives tala, thieving is fostered by hunger. Mutu yo u pila ka bushwatale, this person does not mix with other people. Busia bwa mukolo, width of a canoe. Ku ca mutu busifa, to slander someone with evil intend. Fahali a Dry fork VA cheating wives bo butuna, in the middle of the night; busihu bwa kacenu, last night; ki busihu, it is night also used as a greeting: Mutu yo Dry fork VA cheating wives na ni busimba, nih'a ka ya kwa ku waya ni ba banwi h'a tabi se si—wi, this man is unlucky because if he goes fishing with other people, he does not spear any fish.

Ku kelusa mutu mwa nzila ye nde, ki businyehi, to corrupt a person is to damage his character. Busisani bwa musizana yo bwa mu swanela, the slimness of this girl is very becoming; mu pazule mabala ka busisani, saw the log into thin planks. Butuku bwa busisini, Dry fork VA cheating wives. Busunso bo bu busula, this wkves is tasteless.

Litaba za hae li busula, his report or evidence is without interest. Usually applies to meat, fish, vegetables and thick milk from: Ku ca buswa bwa lifasi. U cile buswa bwa ndat'ahe, Dry fork VA cheating wives has come into his father's estate.

Likota li butile mwa mushitu, trees are very dense in the forest. Miselo mwa mushitu i sa li butala, the wild fruit in the forest is still unripe. Mushimani yo u butali, this boy is intelligent; 2 cleverness in getting out of trouble: U ezize ka butali, he acted cunningly; 3 trick used to get people into trouble. Butanga bu felisizwe mwa Mancos CO adult personals kaslavery in Western Province was frk in see: Pizi ye butanya, stubborn horse.

Butelele bwa nzila, length of the road; distance; height of persons, trees or buildings. Ka butelele, lengthwise, upwards. Lico ki za cheqting unumwaha, food is scarce this year; gauda ki nto ya butokwa, gold is a precious thing from: Ku pila Rothschild sex talk butokwi bwa lika ku tata, it is hard to be destitute.

U sike wa ba butoto cwalo, don't be so stupid. Butuku bw'a kula ki bo butuna, his illness is very serious. Ku uzwa ki butuku bwa hae, stealing is his weak point. Ni utwa butuku mwa toho, I have a headache. Ni utwa butuku hamoho ni mina, I grieve with you. Ku utwela mutu butuku, to have pity on someone, to sympathise. Ku utwisa butuku, to cause pain, to harm. Simu ye ha i na butulisi bakeni sa sikela, this garden cannot be manured for its soil is brackish.

Taba ye ni i bona butuna, ha ni koni ku i atula ni li nosi, this case seems to me to be so important that I cannot judge it alone. Butwa bu cile libuka za ka, white ants have destroyed my books. Mulena ki yo, mu buukele neku li li linwi, here comes the Litunga, everybody stand to one side.

Mukolo wa mina u buulwa ki moya, your canoe is deviating owing to the wind. When applied to the sandy banks of a river, '-buuka' means to be damaged by flood water, to fall off. Se si buumani fani ki sika mani? Cwale u ka buyela kakuli u lukuluzwi mwa taba ya pulao, he can breathe again now that he has been declared innocent in a case.