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There are some pretty intense feelings on both sides, which almost always leads into interesting articles and ensuing comments. Neither my wife, nor I can imagine having separate accounts.

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In fact, I would go as far as claiming that I lose a piece of respect for some people when I hear that they have separate finances. On an intellectual level, I believe people should do whatever system works for them. But on a practical level, my stomach turns Busy man needs fwb I hear or read people talking about this issue. Our first couple years have been full of up and downs. Luckily, our handling of finances has been a constant source of strength. We feel as though having every account joint even business has brought us closer, increased our communication, and solidified our long-term goals.

I have an immense amount of respect for people who are able to achieve lasting, long-term relationships. I know for a fact that Contact girl for sex in Salt Lake City Utah, mutually-beneficial marriages built on love, respect, and trust can include separate finances.

I would never argue the opposite. I simply wonder if these relationship might even be further improved with increased financial unity.

I Busy man needs fwb enjoy intelligent discussions that challenge my current belief systems.

And as always, I needss love to feb your perspective on this issue. Am I being narrow-minded? Do you have any information that can help open up my perspective?

Let me know below! On the whole I do agree with you and 6 months ago I would have been Busy man needs fwb there with you. However I have recently learned about some very happily Busy man needs fwb couples that have always had sep accounts. I also have several examples of joint account holders in very bad shape.

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I still think all the income should go into one big pot first, but I am doing a lot of research to discover if there are Busy man needs fwb benefits to sep accounts. I have some very good reason for keeping finances separate. If you are remarried and have children from a previous marriage.

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Separate accounts you can then create a trust for your children to inherritance the money in this account. Busy man needs fwb reason is if one person comes into the marriage with lots of debt and the other has lots of assets. You need to protect yourself from creditors. I am paid through direct deposit from my employer, and have the capability to have different amounts deposited to multiple accounts. All of our bills are paid out of the joint account.

We set up the separate accounts for daily individual use, like gas and food, as safeguard against overdrawing our joint account at any point. This alone seems strange to me. From what I gather they both have access to it. The reason it comes from his is because of his option with Wives looking real sex Gurley deposit to be able to deposit into seperate accounts.

Whereas hers is a paper check so it all goes into one account. Weakonomist — I am also intrigued at the potential benefits of separate accounts. Let me know if your research turns up any insights! Busy man needs fwb

For us, though, we find no reason to do it. It Busy man needs fwb complicates our overall financial picture and we have no problems just budgeting the amount and each spending it out of the joint account. I have never livd in a situation where the seperate account method is used. I do have a few friends who have always done things in this way. I can see some wfb and cons to each approach. Both will have their pros and nreds.

Why bother Busy man needs fwb with or get upset over how other couples manage their finances? This is just my preference. My husband and Lonely want sex Perdido Key have tried every combination of sep and combined and both when it comes to finances.

The worst was when they were completely seperate. Procrastinators are in luck.

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Keith — You make a good point about not living in a situation with separate finances. I was more trying to outline my neds with understanding a system that has clearly worked for some people. I do think Busy man needs fwb discussion is an important one though.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

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My wife and I have separate accounts and a joint account. Our separate checking accounts are for our personal spending like gas for our cars, blow money, and eating out for lunch. It is essentially just a budget item which gets moved into two separate accounts. All bills and household expenses are OUR expenses and Naughty woman wants casual sex Dalton handled through the main account.

The separate accounts makes it easier for us to keep up with our blow money and keep play separate from the business end of our joint finances. Suburban Garden Expirement — April Update. Busy man needs fwb you found me through Twitter! I enjoy discussions about personal finances, Busy man needs fwb find those related to how couples handle their finances to be especially interesting.

My husband and I had a separate plus joint account system when we were first married second marriage for us bothhaving had joint finances with our previous spouses.

Since my husband made more money than I did, I had difficulties with this system and after trying to explain to him to no avail, Busy man needs fwb ended up with a secret credit card. Several years later, Woman seeking hot sex Brook Park Minnesota of our finances are now entwined and Budy actually manage the finances for both of us.

I think that an inability fwv unwillingness to merge finances for common purposes and goals has probably deeper meaning for both parties and should be explored, but as long as these goals are Busy man needs fwb accomplished to the satisfaction of both, they should do what works for them.

Never quite understood it myself. Life is two busy to have to track everything twice. My Best Investment — 1st Quarter I think the issue starts when its too late.

Why are you really moving out?

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I can definitely agree with this. My husband and I got married very young. I was only 19 and Busy man needs fwb was 24 but I was the more responsible one when it came to money. There was a lotttt of fighting. Two years later, we are forced to have separate accounts. We tried combining our income but he took advantage and spent most of my hard earned savings.

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I really resented him for it. Now he keeps mman paychecks and I keep mine. Since we both use Busy man needs fwb car he contributes to the car note and insurance and he pays rent.

I usually pay for gas and food plus my phone bill. It seems like you are able Busy man needs fwb play the middle ground pretty well. Karen — Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience.

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You definitely have insightboth sides of this equation and your comment helps reinforce some of my existing beliefs. I really appreciate Bust stopping by and sharing so openly! I read and hear about way too many people that get into the exact cycle of problems you outlined. It probably, as a number of comments have already alluded to, has something to do with a deeper Busy man needs fwb of fear or mistrust.

For my fiance and I, we have already talked a lot about our finances, and how we are going to go about combining them. Busy man needs fwb a very interesting process, and a very emotional one, but one that definitely needed to be dealt with BEFORE the wedding. Small Choices, Big Difference: Last time I checked marriage was supposed to be about unity and joint-ness rather than just living together. Alan Busy man needs fwb Thank for dropping by! I think you are way ahead of the game in dealing with your financial issues up front.

I think think sort of discussion is absolutely essential in Fuck bbw Jamieson Oregon society we live in!

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Then how couples communicate about their finances becomes the determining factor. My boyfriend and I have separate and joint accounts.

We have a joint account that we put a proportion of our checks into. We pay rent, food, gas, dining out, and fun from Busy man needs fwb joint account. Our personal accounts are ours. At that time, I will add him as a beneficiary on my retirement, and vice versa. Spotting a Phishing Scam.

Karen — You bring up another excellent point.