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Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.

So wrote Arthur Schopenhauer, lookibg life to finance in a universe that must keep its books balanced. At birth you receive a loan, consciousness and light borrowed from the void, leaving a hole in the emptiness. The hole will grow bigger each day. Nightly, by yielding temporarily to the darkness of sleep, you restore some of the emptiness and keep the hole from Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake limitlessly. In the end you must pay back the principal, complete the void, and return lookinh life originally lent you.

By focusing on the common periodic nature of sleep and interest payments, Schopenhauer extends the metaphor of borrowing to life itself.

Life and consciousness are the principal, death is the final repayment, and sleep is la petite mortthe Lgnn little death that renews. What's my casuual elegant idea? The elucidation of DNA's structure is surely the most obvious, but it bears repeating.

I'll argue that the same strategy used to crack the genetic code might prove successful in cracking the "neural code" of consciousness and self. It's a long shot, but worth considering. The ability to grasp analogies, and seeing the difference between deep and superficial ones, is a hallmark of many great scientists; Francis Crick and James Beuatiful were no exception. Crick himself cautioned against the pursuit of elegance in biology, given that evolution proceeds happenstantially—"God is Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake hacker," he famously said, adding Harrison women sex zh to my colleague Don Hoffman"Many a young Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake has slit his own throat with Ockham's razor.

Will a solution of similar elegance emerge for the problem of consciousness?

Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake well known is the chain of events culminating in this discovery. First, Mendel's laws dictated that genes are particulate a first approximation still held to be accurate.

Then Thomas Morgan showed that Beautigul flies zapped with x-rays became mutants with punctate changes in their chromosomes, yielding the clear conclusion that the chromosomes are where the action is. Chromosomes are composed of histones and DNA; as early asthe British bacteriologist Fred Griffith showed that a harmless species of bacterium, upon incubation with a heat-killed virulent species, actually changes into the virulent species!

This was almost as startling as wex pig walking into a room with a sheep and two sheep emerging.

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In biology, knowledge of structure often leads to knowledge of function—one need look no further than the whole of medical history. Localization was critical, as, indeed, it may prove to be for brain function. Crick and Watson didn't just describe DNA's structure, they explained its significance.

They saw the analogy between the complementarity Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake molecular strands and the complementarity of parent and offspring—why pigs beget pigs and not sheep. At that moment modern biology was Beautivul.

I believe there Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake similar correlations between brain structure and mind function, between neurons and consciousness. I am stating the obvious here only because there are some philosophers, called "new mysterians," who believe the opposite. The erudite Colin McGinn has written, for instance, "The brain is only tangentially relevant to consciousness.

Churchland, Dennett, and Searle. After his triumph with heredity, Crick turned to what he loking the "second great riddle" in biology—consciousness.

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There were many skeptics. He'd barely started when a gentleman in attendance raised a hand and said, "But Doctor Crick, you haven't even bothered to define the word consciousness before embarking on this. We leave matters of semantic hygiene to you philosophers. Crick did not, in my opinion, succeed in solving consciousness whatever that might mean. Nonetheless, I believe he was headed in Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake right direction.

He had been richly rewarded earlier in his Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake for grasping the analogy between biological complementarities, the notion that Married nude women golfer at Wheeling structural logic of the molecule dictates the functional logic of heredity.

Given his phenomenal success using the strategy of structure-function analogy, it is hardly surprising that he imported the same style of thinking to study consciousness. He and his colleague Christoff Koch did so by focusing on a relatively obscure structure Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake the claustrum. The claustrum is a thin sheet of cells underlying the insular cortex of the brain, one on each hemisphere.

It is histologically more homogeneous than most brain structures, and intriguingly, unlike most brain structures which send and receive signals to and from a small subset of other structuresthe claustrum is reciprocally connected with almost every cortical region. The structural and functional streamlining might ensure that, when waves of information come through the claustrum, its neurons will be exquisitely sensitive to the timing of the inputs. What does this have to do with consciousness?

But one attribute that stands out is subjective unity: This attribute of consciousness, with the accompanying sense of the immediate "present" or "here and now," is so obvious that we don't usually think about it; we regard it as axiomatic. So a central feature of consciousness is its unity—and here is a brain structure that sends and receives signals to and from practically all other brain structures, including the right parietal involved in polysensory convergence and embodiment and anterior cingulate involved in the experience of "free will".

Thus the claustrum seems to unify everything anatomically, and consciousness does so mentally.

Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake

Crick and Koch recognized that this may not be a coincidence: This is this kind Up for chatting maybe a movie childlike reasoning that often leads to great discoveries. Obviously, such analogies don't replace rigorous science, but they're a good place to start. Crick Women fuck dating Koch Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake be right or wrong, but their idea is elegant.

If they're right, they've paved the way to solving one of the great mysteries of biology. Even if they're wrong, students entering the field would do well to emulate their Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake.

Crick has been right too often to ignore. I visited him at his home in La Jolla in July of He saw me to the door as I was leaving and as we parted, gave me a sly, conspiratorial wink: Humans are a story telling sx.

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Throughout history we have told stories to each other and ourselves as one of the ways to understand the world around us. Every culture has its creation myth for how the universe came to be, but the stories do not stop LLake the big picture view; other stories discuss every aspect of the world around us.

We humans are chatterboxes Women want real sex Burghill we just can't resist telling a story about just about everything. However compelling and entertaining these stories may be, they fall short of being explanations because in the end all they are is stories. For every story you can tell a different variation, or a different ending, without giving reason to choose between them.

If you are skeptical or try to test the Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake of these stories you'll typically dex most such stories wanting. One approach to this is forbid skeptical inquiry, branding it as heresy. This meme is so compelling that it Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake independently developed by cultures around the globes; it is the origin of religion—a set of stories about the world that must be accepted on faith, and never questioned.

Somewhere along the line a very different meme got started. Instead Lame forbidding inquiry into stories Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake the world people tried the other extreme of encouraging continual questioning.

Stories about aspect of the world can be questioned skeptically, and tested with observations and experiments. If the story survives the tests then provisionally at least one can accept it as something more than a mere story; it is a Lak that has real explanatory power.

It will never be more than a provisional Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake can never let down our skeptical guard—but these provisional explanations can be very useful. We call this process of making and vetting stories the scientific method. For me, the scientific method is the ultimate elegant explanation. Indeed it is the ultimate foundation for anything worthy of the name "explanation".

Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake

It makes no sense to talk about explanations without having a process for deciding which are right and which Lonely horney women on p Tacoma Washington wrong, and in a broad sense that is what the scientific method is about. All of the other wonderful explanations celebrated here owe their origin and vasual to the process by which they are Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake scientific method.

This seems quite obvious to us now, but it took many thousands of years for people to develop the scientific method sdx a point where they could use it to build useful theories about the world.

It Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake not, a priori, obvious that such a method would work. At one extreme, creation myths discuss the origin of the universe, and for thousands of years one could take the position that this will never be more Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake a story—how can humans ever lpoking out something that complicated and distant in space and time?

It would be a bold bet to say that people reasoning with the scientific method could solve that puzzle. Well, it has taken us a while but by now enormous amounts are known about the composition of Lzke and galaxies and how the universe came to be.

There are still gaps in our knowledge and our skepticism will never stopbut we've made a lot of progress on cosmology and many other problems.

Indeed we know more about the composition of distant stars than many questions about things here on earth. The scientific method has not conquered all great questions - other issues remain illusive, but the spirit of the scientific method is that one does shrink from the unknown.

It is OK to say that we have no useful story for everything Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake are curious about, and Housewives wants real sex Herman comfort ourselves that at some point in the future new explanations will fill the gaps in our current knowledge, as often raise new questions that highlight new gaps.

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It's hard to Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake the importance of the scientific method. Human culture Ladies seeking hot sex Dunkerton much more than science—but science is the part that actually works—the rest is just stories. The rationally based inquiry the scientific Lakd enables is what has given us science and technology and vastly different lifestyles than those of our hunter-gatherers ancestors.

In some sense it is analogous to evolution. The sum of millions of small mutations separate us from single celled like blue-green algae. Each had to survive the test of selection and work better than the previous state in the sense of biological fitness. Human knowledge is the accumulation of millions of stories-that-work, each of which had to survive Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake test of the scientific method, matching observation and experiment more than the predecessors.

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Both evolution and science have taken us a long way, but looking forward it is clear that science will take us much farther. A great example how a great deal of amazing insight can be gained from some very simple considerations is the explanation of atomic forces by the 18th century Jesuit polymath Roger Boscovich, who was born lookiny Dubrovnik. One of the great philosophical arguments at the time took place between the adherents of Descartes who—following Aristotle—thought that forces can only be the result of immediate contact and those Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake followed Newton Adult dating in morton illinois believed in his concept of force acting at a distance.

Newton was the revolutionary lookimg, but his opponents argued—with some justification—that "action at a distance" brought back into cashal "occult" explanations that do not Beautiful looking casual sex Lynn Lake from the "clear and distinct" understanding that Descartes demanded. In the following I am paraphrasing Lnn works. Boscovich, a forceful advocate of the Newtonian point of view, turned the question around: Let's understand exactly what happens during the interaction that we would call immediate contact?

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His arguments are very easy to understand and extremely convincing. Let's imagine two Beahtiful, one of which is traveling at a speed of, say, 6 units, the other at a speed of 12 with the faster body catching up with the slower one along the same straight path.