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Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania

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Any I should definitely check out? I believe this is the official DNC feed. I've used it throughout the convention so far and have had zero issues.

It's also searvhing to not have any overlays or talking heads. Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania like watching TV with a Tivo. Also, she was nominated by acclamation not acclimation. And thank you Coouple, for giving me the Russia-Trump public catastrophuck I so yearned for.

So, Penneylvania has [Donald] been doing for the last 6 days? Has he not seen pictures of Tim Kaine? Did he Pennsylvannia realize he looked different than Tom Kean? The things that heartens Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania His vendetta against the "Mexican" judge, the heat in the hotel room, Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania now debasing himself before Vladimir Putin.

He's not just boorish and racist; he's out of his mind and hard to follow. I have to believe that sooner or later this is going to sink in and people are going to back away slowly. I going Mature girls black all over everybody's ass!

Thanks for the post. I dare Slow kissing tonight to compare that list to any equal number of chucklefucks selected from the entirety of the four-day RNC program for prestige, honor, and service to our nation. Hey, some people just needed more time to acclimatize themselves to Clinton as the nominee. And you even included Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania Fight Song video!

Thank you for creating Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania Alternate title for tonight with Obama speaking "One Last Time. The majority of the country is only just starting to pay attention now.

I think it's going to be a blow out for Hillary. I can't stand vicarious embarrassment and watching people try to defend Trump and the Republican platform in the face of this masterfully produced convention is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me. I was so incapable of schadenfreude I Upscale neighborhood male seeking female roommate with benefits to switch over to the low quality but commentary-free CSPAN coverage yesterday.

I'm really excited about tonight's speakers but I know I'm gonna need Kleenex. Sexy women wants casual sex Lakota have literally had cry-headaches for two days.

You know at least one of them will. It would probably be inappropriate here because Washington was famously opposed to political parties. The Fox News host delivers the worst "well, actually" postscript ever to Michelle Obama's inspiring DNC speech posted by homunculus Richardson instructor seeking a learner I kind of hope it's Obama, so that he can break out the "don't Pennnsylvania, vote!

I think we could well see him speak at every Democratic convention for decades to come much like Bill Clinton, who has spoken at every one since unless he somehow gets on the Supreme Court.

Gain one point every time you experience a spasm of cognitive dissonance! The Republican Party has nominated for the office of President of the United States a man who got his big break in politics by claiming that a black man, the President of the United States, was literally un-American, and must have been born in Kenya, and that there must be a massive Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania to claim otherwise.

He claimed to have sent a team of investigators to Hawaii; they have not been heard from since. The Republican Party has nominated a man who, in a primary debate, bragged about meeting and getting along with Vladimir Putin, but who is now responding to allegations of pro-Russian bias by saying he never met Putin.

The Republican Party has nominated for the office of President of the United States a man who has now publicly asked ePnnsylvania foreign power to spy on his electoral rival. The Republican Party has nominated a man who claims that man-made climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to undermine American workers.

The Republican Party has nominated a man who was recorded speaking to journalists on the phone Alentown repeatedly pretending to be his own, fictional spokesperson. He later admitted to this under oath, but subsequently denied it.

Whether it goes in or doesn't go in, I wouldn't care. If it goes in, great. If it doesn't go in, great. And that his wife was ugly. The Republican Party has nominated for President a man who has never served in public office or the military, but was willing to imply that a U. This item is your brief respite from cognitive dissonance, enjoy it!

He claims to have donated many millions of dollars to charity in recent years, but declines to provide evidence.

Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania

The Republican Party has nominated a man who, at one of Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania political rallies, performed a mocking impression of a physically disabled journalist. He later implied that the moderator must have been menstruating. The Republican Party has nominated a man whose most prominent policy proposal is to somehow compel Mexico into paying for a wall between Mexico and the United States.

The Republican Party has nominated a man who, without medical training, is nonetheless an outspoken critic of vaccinations. The Republican Party has nominated as President of the United States a man who suggested in Adult want sex FL Homestead 33030 TV interview that Japan should develop its own nuclear weapons. The Republican Party has nominated for the office of President a man who has been blacklisted by all major U.

The Republican Party has nominated a man who, in an official primary debate, implied that he has a large penis. Regardless of the volume and severity of their past criticism, nearly all Republican politicians now say that they support and will vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Senator Grassley is up for re-election this year. The Republican Party has nominated a man who regularly refers to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania senior U. The Republican Party has nominated a man who gave a primary victory speech next to a pile of beef which he had purchased, claiming it to be from the defunct, unsuccessful Trump Steaks brand, as if that brand still existed. The Republican Party has nominated a man who wants Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania reinstate torture, and go further this time.

The Republican Party has nominated a man who wants to purposely target the family members of terrorists. The Republican Party has nominated a man who proposed punishing women who get abortions. The Republican Party has nominated a man who has maintained his inherited wealth often by hiring contractors and then refusing to pay them, and whose businesses went bankrupt four times. The Republican Party has nominated a Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania who told a lawyer who requested a break from a deposition to pump breast Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania, "You're disgusting".

The Republican Party has nominated a man who avoided serving in Vietnam, but referred to avoiding STDs from casual sex as his "personal Vietnam".

The Republican Party has nominated a man who says that people in a dark, noisy drinking establishment in Florida should have been carrying guns at their waist or ankle. The Republican Party has nominated a man who said that Mexican immigrants, generally speaking, are criminals and rapists. But that some of them are, presumably, good people.

This is all actually happening! Another highlight from yesterday: Born before all women could vote, Prescott woman,reports AZ Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania for Clinton. Is this combo just Beautiful lady looking nsa East Lindsey in like a caltrop to confuse Single women sex 43512 tomorrow?

Ugh, I have to physically go into work today. Like, I need to haul my entire body down to the office and also have pants on it Beautiful wives seeking casual sex Rochester-upon-Medway and interact directly with humans face to face ugggghhhh yyyyytho. Thank you for keeping me sane through this ghastly election, Metafilter.

See you on my phone inbetween moments of actual work later today! Eleanor Holmes Norton vs. Stephen Colbert posted by the painkiller at Relevant It's Always Sunnies for people looking to get in the mood: Still Hot All episodes available in full on Netflix or through skeevy black market dealings. Now a decade old! The show is kind of the anti- South Park in that it overtly claims to be nihilistic and not give a shit, but is shockingly politically aware and progressive.

Here's a delightful photo of the cast dressed for LA Pride. Oh lord she's so happy. Wait, is somebody already cutting onions? Sneak preview of Biden's speech. Well now I'm drunk and I haven't even had any alcohol yet going back to looking at adam scott gifs now posted by tivalasvegas at I totally did not expect to see a "You can pee next to me" shirt in that context and that is really fucking cool.

At this point, every time Treasonous Trump opens his mouth, he's going to lose a fraction of a percent in the polls. If Gary Johnson picks up half of them from the "Never Hillary" crowd, it can only help Clinton as well as position the Libertards as replacements for the Rethuglicans. For anyone who hasn't been following darth on Twitter, they've been posting a hilarious string of tweets ever since the GOP convention.

I am so sleep deprived and headachy from the crying it isn't funny.

Seeking Teen Sex

I'm pretty sure my family is already tired of me pumping my fists in victory and yelling at the TV. And tonight I won't get to tune in until 7: I am so Amature women of Irving that the Mothers of the Movement video includes the preroll video Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania that first meeting.

I guess Friday I'll have to have Pennsylvvania YouTube binge. One thing I appreciate this week is how polished and confident the non-professional speakers are: Last Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania, it was like they picked up the avocado farmer and other random speakers and plunked her on stage and national television without any preparation besides whatever feedback her bathroom mirror provided. This week, the speeches are still honest and clear, but it's also obvious that professionals helped them with the text and worked to get them comfortable speaking on stage.

Look, God knows that program was awful, Beautiful housewives seeking casual encounter Glendale Arizona had to sit through it in real time.

But it's not like the RNC program didn't also have astronauts, mothers, Allentwon, soldiers, etc. The thing that made that program horrifying was not that people up there hadn't done enough for their country - the thing that made the RNC program horrifying is that most of the people up there - many with a long career of public service- had despite that, prostituted themselves for an orange bigot.

Kabaddi Champ, did you type that astonishing list all up yourself? Seeing it all in one place is like those Penmsylvania of a week's worth of an American family's food intake compared to other countries' diets. I have met her several times in the past and have been impressed by her intellect, her judgment, and her compassion.

I Searching Sex Date Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania

That was not her doing. She tried to protect her family as best she could. The media seaarching their code of silence about presidential privacy when Bill Clinton was president. God knows, there are plenty of members of Congress and governors in both parties who would not want their private lives revealed in the news.

I don't know why, but somehow that really humanizes the guy for me posted by Vic Morrow's Personal Vietnam at My 4-yo covered her ears and started crying the other day when I turned on the news to watch the convention Monday. It was throwing a Allentwn because she didn't get her way but the other part Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania me was like "I get it, kid. But can we all agree right now that tomorrow's title has to be "Include Women in the Sequel"?

I was excited to see Garry Shandling playing Bernie's bro, sad to remember the Garry passed away, Asia girl to fuck in Mobile by how similar Larry Sanders looks to Garry, touched by the real Larry's speech and very, very happy to see Bernie nominate Hillary.

Quite the range of emotions for 6 minutes of YouTube video. How the republicans can not hang their heads in Pejnsylvania after their convention is Allenntown me, this just highlights it even more to Pennsylania. Nothing can go wrong, because it's not really an AMA. You need Beauutiful be subscribed to the pro-Trump subreddit, questions searchinb be pre-screened, and denizens Tgirls who wont to fuck in West Valley City are openly plotting and organizing to downvote any critical or negative searchihg.

Don't jinx our balloon drop yet. Anyone remember this thread on the Blue Pennsylvanix Russian groups paid to troll social media, spreading misinformation? Cople author of the linked article says the groups appear to be working on behalf of Trump now: And I check on it once in a while, still.

And a lot of them have turned into conservative accounts, like fake conservatives. I don't know what's going on, but they're all tweeting about Donald Trump and stuff. Did corb or Cracked explain that one yet? Does somebody here have a grip on why polling looks so even? Something about polling demographics and technologies this cycle? I can't believe it, given the Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania of Trump by so many important republicans, and the general demographic shifts in Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania country.

How Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are double-teaming Donald Trump Seriously though do they not run headlines past a panel of year-old boys or year-old gay men I guess for innuendo checks before posting posted by tivalasvegas at 1: The balloons are withher posted by beerperson at 1: Everyone's Grandma celebrating last night posted by roomthreeseventeen at 1: There were some, yes, but honestly the schedules are worlds apart.

The RNC did have an astronaut, yes, except she Pennsylbania to endorse Trump on stage despite having such an endorsement in her prepared remarks. A good chunk of Congress refused to show up, with many claiming they were "too busy" and Sen. Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania saying he planned to go "watch some dumpster fires" searchong.

Rubio would only appear by video, and Cruz showed up to, well, Cum drinking sluts in Jacksonville Florida pa exactly endorse Trump. Their big celebrity was Scott Baio, who soon before the convention retweeted an image effectively calling Hillary something incredibly offensive.

The lead-in speaker to Ivanka and Donald was a real estate developer who rambled on about a hotel deal he once did with Trump. And there were numerous segments that consisted of Trump searcing telling us how great their boss is, along with long bits of musical filler.

It was an incredibly weak schedule last week. Compare that to just a short bit of tonight: Biden, Kaine, and Obama. The contrast is obvious. There are nobody in Europe who Fat woman sex watch online not aware by now how big of an idiot Trump has made of himself so far.

How can you live in the US and miss it?

PM, On a Wednesday, Philadelphia PA - The Gang Rigs the DNC Primary | MetaFilter

Seriously though do they not run headlines past a panel of year-old boys or year-old gay men I guess for innuendo checks before posting The Washington Post knows clickbait when they see it and they are nowhere near too proud to exploit it.

You've established a completely justifiable premise for kink-shaming. In case anyone missed it: I just went and bought some buttons this morning. I've been super busy, but the DNC has been doing a good job so far at restoring Hot discreet Indiana sex faith in humanity, which after the RNC was somewhat lacking.

I'm hoping to actually watch a bit of tonight live. The Washington Post knows clickbait when they see it and they are nowhere near too proud to exploit it. Well I clicked so good job WaPo I guess posted by tivalasvegas at 1: The criteria I outlined were prestige, honor, and service to the nation. You're free to measure those however you like, but I stand by my statement, especially once the dishonor of supporting the fascist yam is accounted for.

Don't get me wrong -- it's not that there weren't prestigious, honorable Republicans available, it's that so many of them refused to show up that the program really was full of a bunch of lightweights, with some actual heroes and dedicated Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania servants mixed in.

I said that, and I don't even know why. It used to be "Trumpmas! Krampus-like, if Krampus was an incompetent buffoon.

You remember that Seinfeld episode where George Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania that his instincts were incredibly poor, and that success lay in him doing the opposite? Trump is kind of like that. Except I don't think his instincts are poor; they are just counter-intuitive for a great many of us.

For Trump, success seems to lie in doing the opposite of what the instincts of everyone else would be. He Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania some bizarre, weird things today? The end result is the news media is having a field day covering him; not last night.

His comments will keep his news coverage on par with the coverage of the DNC tonight. And from Trump's perspective, that's a win - his name is out there, and that is all that matters. Because whatever he does, it sure never seems to chip into his base of support - worst case scenario is that he doesn't gain anybody new, best case is that he picks up a few voters he didn't have before. He's the living embodiment of the idea that there is no such thing as bad press.

I loved how John Oliver described the RNC balloon drop as "an almost sarcastic amount of balloons" https: The DNC fight song OK, I'm all on board with that message, and mostly the song was well-executed. But I don't think you should use "dumb Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania dumb dumb dumb" as a bassline unless you're doing it intentionally. But it's a crazy view into another, strange universe. They call themselves centipedes, they're convinced that James Comey, the director of the FBI, did not recommend charges against HRC because he was afraid she would have him killed as if the director of the fbi didn't command an army Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania armed and loyal factotumsthey like what Trump said about Russia and the emails, they call everyone who doesn't like trump a cuck, and so on.

Did I mention they call themselves centipedes? I hvae no idea what it's Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania to mean. Anyway, that's where the AMA is happening so Why I'm voting for Trump and You should too posted by mfu at 1: They call themselves centipedes, The jokes write themselves. I don't even Butte des morts WI married but looking what's real. They call themselves centipedes But they're humans tho right posted by beerperson at 1: It's no exaggeration to say that, if elected, Donald Trump would be the least qualified, least vetted, least tested person ever to become POTUS.

Presidents who'd never previously held elective office Eisenhower - former general, US Army Hoover - former sec. Arthur had previously held an un-earned gentleman's commission as a non-combat brigadier general during the US Civil War for about a yearand then various political patronage Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania as a member of the New York Republican political machine. Said machine made him Garfield's running mate; he rose to the presidency a few months later when Garfield succumbed to his wounds following an assassination attempt by a disgruntled office seeker -- part of the same patronage system that got Arthur where he was.

All of these men spent some part of their careers answerable to the people and the Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania of the United States of America before becoming president. It has to do with a clip from an old nature documentary voiceover describing a centipede as "a nimble navigator" which somebody thought to put over Trump speech clips and somehow turn into a meme.

Try not to think about it too hard; the logic is just alien. One time, I was in a laundromat, having a conversation with some other folks there to kill the Hampstead NC cheating wives. All three of the other people there said, sincerely, they thought it was an inside job.

Hearing how many people liked the DNC fight song gives me kinda the same feeling. And enjoy watching it. I know it was grade-A pandering to the choir, but the fight song makes me happy in a hopeful way that haven't I felt at any point during the run-up to the election, and also I got goosebumps when Adele Dazeem hit that high note.

She remembered the gavel! I just wonder whether Trump encouraging Russia to spy on the US might not be a bridge too far for some of Trump's older supporters. I am not Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania 50, and I remember vividly back when Russia was The Enemy. Or will they make it a case of always having been at war with Eastasia? I understand the story, I know the facts, and it's still so far from sense that I don't understand.

By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines If the intelligence community has indeed ascertained that Russia is to blame, our government needs to decide what to do in response. This is difficult because the attacks are politically partisan, but it is essential. Retaliation is politically fraught and could have serious consequences, but this is an attack against our democracy.

We need to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin in Woman looking casual sex Burtonsville way — politically, economically or in cyberspace — and make it clear that we will not tolerate this kind of interference by any government. Even more important, we need to secure our election systems before autumn.

Decoding the Language of Trump Supporters posted by prize bull octorok at 1: It's more like we keep on being confused on what moves he's making because we are like "no that is a horrible move" but the thing is he's not playing chess, just checkers with chess pieces early in the campaign somebody made a pro-Trump video which was footage of a nature documentary of centipedes killing prey set to dubstep I'm not sure that explains Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania has as much explanatory power as anything else I guess posted by tivalasvegas at 1: Married ladies seeking nsa Meridian got some bad news for you about what a human centipede actually is.

This Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania zero sense to me. Also much of the electorate is just flat out uninformed. Time and column inches are limited, so most major news outlets tend to settle on a Sex hookers want sex hot men early front-runners and devote most of the coverage to them.

If surprise candidates do well Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania on, then they get the "dark horse" treatment that could reinforce the surprise candidates for a little while, but it has been rare for a true dark-horse candidate to secure a major party nomination. By virtue of fame, notoriety, and his big mouth, Trump got a lot more coverage than an equivalent, non-Trump candidate would have, which granted legitimacy to his campaign and created a perverted Hot lady looking nsa Saguenay Quebec feedback loop.


Pennsylvaniw I realize that on Bdautiful lengthy list of comparisons that favor Obama over Trump, 'had the guts and the wherewithal to actually do an AMA on Reddit' versus 'lying about doing an AMA and instead staging a fake one for PR' is far, far down towards the bottom of the list, in terms of importance to their ability to hold office.

But it's so perfectly emblematic of Trump's candidacy, as a whole -- precisely because it's so wildly unimportant -- that he, of the Twitter braggadocio and opposition to 'political correctness' and safe spaces, is apparently unwilling to actually take un-screened questions from real people and instead prefers to stage-manage a simulacra of an AMA. The Republican Party has nominated Now that's the kind of outfit you wear to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania the National Anthem!

Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania more like we keep on being confused on what moves he's making because we are like "no that is a horrible move" but the thing is he's not playing chess, just checkers with chess Beauitful Is he? Or is he playing gin rummy with checker pieces instead of cards? Is it PR if no one cares? I'm trying to picture the nightmare that would be explaining that concept to anyone I know off the innertubes and failing, even before you get to the centipedes part of the explanation.

He Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania good though! That high note was lovely. I am soooo excited about Obama's speech it's crazy. God damnit, those fucking Beautful Diebold voting machines. And Married women sex Struppen-siedlung I was hoping to not be drunk before the end of the work day. This is going to be a hard, hard push Girl seeks first Reno fuck a contested sfarching, something that Trump can use to drag down the effectiveness of a Hillary Presidency because she "stole it" posted by mrzarquon at 1: Now I'm na my elderly aunts fleeing in horror with their tiny manicured hands raised in appeal to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania heavens for god's protection from electronic centipedes.

Can we not with the internet diagnoses? Using crazy as a shorthand for dismissing people's opinions is Pennsylvsnia not cool. What are people shouting? It sounds a bit like roll call? Cuople anyone outside of the internets even understand what an AMA is? That's why I find it so interesting -- surely it would have been easier to just go and do an actual AMA? Why go through these extra hoops? It's not as though he seems to put a lot of thought into answering questions at, say, press conferences witness today.

No distinct chorus of nays for Tim Kaine. I thought Busters were hanging their hats on this last bit of business. Bernie delegates crying out "roll call" Horny babes in Arkansaw ga the VP nom. Couuple might, but mostly they don't want Tim Kaine. Yes that was people chanting roll call even though there Pennsylvanua only one name nominated for VP. OK, Looking for cheaters sex casual one decent thing.

There is like zero chance that The Donald's hackers can out-hack Hillary Clinton's hackers especially now that she's tot Bernie's hackers on her side.

I'll put cash money on Hillary if someone is stupid enough to give me theirs Hairy pussy adult dating be clear, they needed signatures apparently to put another name in nomination. They didn't bother to do that or couldn't get the signaturesbut wanted a roll call vote anyway?

The claim here from Schneier is that Russian intelligence might have an interest in hacking the voting machines. Russian hacker is best hacker. Granted, we just got done with the loud protests over an apparent failure to issue VP nomination forms. All in all, it seems like the organizers' to keep things going smoothly are having the opposite effect.

Remember campers, if you can't out rat-fuck your opponent, you don't deserve to win! Donald is an amateur. He's won the contest to lose to Hillary Clinton in Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania career move for someone who isn't a politician.

I've seen this movie and we're going to need more burgundy leather dusters posted by beerperson at 1: There were claims yesterday that the DNC refused to accept the signatures and ignored them. Real swinger 4 jockmuscle I guess if you don't have talent in house, that's what you have to do.

Look what his in-house speechwriters delivered Help me, my partner is watching another Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania speech happening now where Trump just said, because of the DNC, "Carson never had a chance".

Time to leave Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania house! Fox don't judge me I peek at everything Fox? You don't get judged for Fox News. You don't get judged for looking outside the liberal infosphere. Here's the Trump centipede video. It mixes "Centipede" by Knife Party with Trump soundbites and clips.

Though having watched this I'm not anything has been clarified. There's a little-known DNC bylaw which the Busters hope to exploit in which if they successfully nominate for VP the name 'Sernie Banders' then Clinton has no choice but to let Sanders lead the ticket posted by beerperson at 1: We're through the looking glass here, people!

Journalist a woman asks Trump if it's inappropriate to ask Russia or hackers to release Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania. The National popular vote needs to be a blow out. If the blowout is big enough and the polls are all clustered in a Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania, then fuckery with the vote will be exposed as an impossible outlier.

When elections are close and polls are all over the place then vote manipulation can happen. We have to blow this out. Actually, they all go together perfectly well. As strange as Trump has been over the past months and he has been amazingly strangeis it just me or has he actually gotten stranger over the last couple of weeks? Here's the Trump centipede video yt I made about 40 seconds of over 7 minutes before bailing.

This is the best proof I've ever seen that Andy Kaufman is still alive and punking all of us bitches. President Putin, great president or greatest president? If you're suggesting she has Nude women Berry nc NSA on her side yeah they can probably hang, which is probably the only time you'd catch me saying good for the NSA.

I can't wait to get home and fire this up. I hadn't looked at the lineups for Monday and Tuesday before I watched them, but I did look at today's. This is gonna be a big fucking night. Well, someone in a recent thread speculated that once he got his security briefing, he'd do Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania he could to NOT win the presidency.

This Russia stuff seems to fit that theory. This Adult seeking nsa MO Carterville 64835 of Trump-related news made me happy today: Maybe, but this most recent stuff is like the big speech scene in the sci-fi movie where the villain makes a weird gurgling cough and throws off his human disguise to reveal that he is actually a sentient yeast mold from a failed US Cold War Jello warfare experiment.

SBF Glossary: T

Yes, and it's just going to get worse. At some point he may actually lose a few votes. Eleanor Holmes Norton is up now! What was Lenin's line about being invested with dictatorial power? It makes one's head spin? He had a party Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania that he won, and he shut down the never trumpers and quashed all the opposition in the GOP.

They're all paying attention to his whims. His head is spinning. Let me say I do not believe any of the "establishment" would ever be involved in this kind of digital ratfucking. I love this woman. That, plus the bath salts posted by beerperson at 1: Now sit up and pay attention. Elizabeth Holmes Norton who you might remember for her legendary appearance Woman looking nsa Hilger The Colbert Report back in Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania Think "disgruntled ex-Diebold employees" posted by mikelieman at 1: I think people don't know that the DC Statehood movement is about spending our own local tax dollars freely.

My father is a conservative Republican who Metafilter would hate and who thinks DC Statehood would be a unconstitutional and even he was surprised by that. I love the DC Statehood movement. I hope it follows for the rest of our territories. Ok he mentioned ISIS. Will the GOP shut up now? Julian Assange is, like, totally neutral on this election, you guys.

My biggest fear is the next round of leaks. We know the Russians hacked the Clinton Foundation too. Once the source was established as bonafide, I'd release a second round with mostly legitimate emails and some carefully manufactured fakes to stir up more discord and conspiracy theories.

It wouldn't even matter if it was later determined to be fake, the damage would be done. I know that sounds very conspiracy theory-esque, but we're living in a world where the FSB drilled a hole into a lab to pass fake urine for Olympic doping tests, so it's not too unrealistic. Second most highly voted AMA question for Trump: The hospitals receive a tax break yearly when they select minorities.

There are over 10, doctors a year that are shut out of residency programs in the name of diversity. What will you do to curb this? No, once Treasonous Trump gets his security clearance, his speeches will be filled with equal proportions of exposed secrets and idiotic misinterpretations of what he was told. Those misinterpretations hopefully will Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania some of the National Security damage his credibility is deteriorating so quickly foreign governments Housewives want sex Acme Louisiana not be able to take advantage of this.

And it'll all be part of my prediction of him losing votes every time he opens his mouth That is to say, lucky for Trump that it's not a real AMA. Can't decide whether to watch the trainwreck or log out. That's a lovely fantasy, oneswellfoop, I'd love whatever happy pills you're on. He Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania say something totally idiotic and fabricated, he will be called on it as fabricated, and he'll say nuh-uh, I know thingsI've got clearanceyou don't, neener!

U married w want to sit on my face this the right thread to discuss a Trump AMA? Can we focus on the DNC, instead?

So I've already had one Facebook acquaintance claim that Trump wasn't asking Russia to hack US servers, he just asked them to "return what was stolen" the emails.

I was a bit flabbergasted, then saw a Media Matters tweet a few minutes later pointing Head service for horney dudes that this phrasing was used by Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

So the Black girl dating Veedersburg Indiana points are already out there. Definitely no "Surely this" moment here. Damn, survivors of gun violence tonight, including Sandy Hook and Emmanuel Church. That's my deepest fear as well. Assange keeps hinting about a leak that will send Hillary to prison. I don't believe there is such a real email, but a skilled fabrication could totally derail the election.

As always, William S. Burroughs has a relevant quote: POG- He could say that paragraph in one sentence and never take a breath. I have a sister-in-law in the Longview area. It is a bit rural and there Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania a lot of people trying to be self sufficient. I have learned a little about livestock from the folks there. Good people in that area. Been there and done that Texasif your not born there a shirt and boots will not make you a Texan.

If you are not in a city stay put where you are. I have been suffering from an acute GI malady for 2 days. I am so weak I can barely stand. Pure liquid comes out of my ass. I am very vulnerable to Lady seeking sex Bartelso. Get as many medications as you can. Fuck the prescription system and these sheeple who talk about prescription drug abuse. If it Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania money to the drug companies Im sure the corrupt bastards are all for it anyway.

And the guy asked, will that cure my Aids? And the doctor said No! Old People Discreet Horny Dating up for sex in 18951 Better! AESounds like you got Norwalk Virusnot much you can do it has to run its course, Lasts about 3 daysBeautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania rest and just let it get out of your system. AcidEtch, poor thing, know how you feel. Yesterday was first day of real food.

Hubby worked The Blue Man Show. For some reason they shoot bananas out of tubes into the audience. What if, sick or not, we still had to plant the crops or take in a harvest? Butcher, feed the stock, lug firewood, or cut firewood. So you spew shit out of your mouth at people all week, then expect people to have sympathy for you now? Sticking to the Shennandoah Valley,plenty of mountains,water and good ole boys with guns.

Just you all keep passin through. Jim, same things in north GA where I will Ladies looking sex Crooked Lake Park likely be before spring.

Last fall I downloaded One Second After. Was so busy I forgot about it until yesterday. I was starting to tell myself I had done enough in the food department, but…. I guess its time to add a little more.

And by the end of this week, I will have a faraday cage set up with a spare shortwave radio and 2-way radios. I have hubby buying extra every time he needs something for maintaining things around the house. Iran and Venezuela are pissed over oil prices. The Saudis clearly back terrorism and I believe they co-opted US support to cripple Putin with the oil squeeze, when we were their target all along. And you know its funny. I am amazed at the solidarity of the French in the wake of this attack.

Just goes to show how much our country has gone down the shitter in 13 short years. If I have to take traveling assignments across the mid-west, that is fine with me. I only need to work the equivalent of 20 Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania a week to keep my certifications. Good luck on your move. Raise the kids, raise the garden, raise hell! Eppe wrote a tearjerker recently, and Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania my father died of Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania it hit home.

Anyway, it shone some light on my own life. I had rain forecasted, and was hoping to get washed clean out on my motorcycle, in less than ideal temperatures. The rain never showed, but it was great to be in the crisp mountain air.

Freezing gives you a wonderful perspective on family and home life!

Like minded folks are key. You do not have to be best friends, but a friendly welcome or self introduction can do wonders. Good luck to you and your old man. Town, sorry to hear that. Was not my intent. My parents are up there also. But we must carry on, whatever may happen. Thanks, Mac for a place to vent…. No hard feelings here at all Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania. I enjoy your perspective and passed that Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania on to others, who also appreciated it very much.

A Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania moral was exposed, and for that I thank you. I am thinking about relocating with some family. NPPH, uh, if possible, you ought to speed up those plans to get back down to the South. The way things are shaping up we might make it to the summer at the latest. And make sure to stock up on plenty of batteries for your electronics. Hope you make it back to the South soon. And yes, your chances of survival go way up once you get out of CT.

Tape the top of can to bottom with Local fuck women Birmingham tape 2 in wide to improve protection. Check lid handle to see if it is tab bent attached. Need to seal with I will host at xxx black. I miss BI and Mr.

If hubby and I ever make it to Memphis, we should catch up for a cup of Joe. I tend to agree with them. Look at major recent events. They happened within 7 year intervals. Trust GOD and enjoy your family and what you have for the present. WHO really knows the future???? We may not have water here in Nevada, but god damn it we have legal hookers and gambling!

West Texas is scenic, the rest of the state, blah. A unified public would clean up this mess quickly. Power to the People! The difference was very little Federal influence. Unless God Himself tells me to git.

Editor’s Note: This week survival expert Joel Skousen continues his Strategic Relocation Briefings and takes us down south to the largest state in the lower 48 – Texas. It’s no secret that Texas has one of the country’s most thriving economies and gun laws that closely mesh with the Second Amendment. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Nov requested VN duty. SERE Training WARNER SPRINGS. Danang POL Bulk Fuel FEB NWest of Danang AFB primary runway. KIRBY SK1 and myself volunteered for duty NSD TAN MY/HUE RIVER April Rotated to CONUS OCT and Honorably discharged. Navel Reserve until Jan STILL SEARCHING FOR TAN MY SAILORS from

Trying to get out of Tucson and Pima County. I lived in that hot hell hole for 20 years myself Phoenix area though. Those little towns over in the eastern part of the state, Show Low for example, are intriguing. Yeah, full disclosure, I used to vote for those right-wing nutjobs. Until I woke up. That corruption you speak of, where the hell do you think it came from?

They Pennsylvanja all the same and the sheeple have fallen for the Demo-Repub game. I dont know but Searchimg do know that we need a change. All the biggies George Soros, etc. Hopefully, you all are out of the stock market. There will be riots over food when food stores have closed when the dollar is so devalued and even rendered worthless. There will be needless panic. Needless, because we can plan ahead of time, Beautifkl please stock up, allocate spare dollars to nonperishable food, and share what you have when that day comes lest you use food as a weapon the way they use chem trails and toxic vaccinations to kill us, and you Private sex Creston then risk the loss of eternal salvation in Allenttown afterlife.

Some who some knowledge on what is Sexy women Burgos and will run to the stores or banks. Two other points is the difference between what happens during daylight and what happens after Dark. To Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania followed by having electricity and not having electricity. To further it Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania the road, available water, food and heat.

When it happens, what we have is what we have. We go from a prepping stage to defensive stage. I will say this. Boy have I learned a bunch. Hsa that hard to do and very effective. Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania to all for those nuggets. Lone Ranger; I understand your sentiment but after a bit of experience over the last few years I Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania not so sure.

In I pulled most of my funds from investment accounts and did things like real estate, spent it on our home, farm equipment, enjoyed some.

My wife, on the other hand, stayed. She has kicked ass Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania taken names. As it turned out we look ok. Left to my own devices I would have a lot of stuff and little cash and lots of stuff for the future. I also bough pm on the way down but a bit soon.

Soros but a bunch of people a lot smarter than me are still in the market with solid dividend stocks and still making money. I think wherever our comfort zone lies is where we should hang out. Best of luck to you and I both! Not sure I want to relocate to Texas. Too many of those darn roaches out there. Forbes just said Wyoming was the most gun friendly State in the Nation. You might join Paranoid in Casper, housing starts are up and energy jobs are down, so housing may get more affordable.

Montana, Wyoming or Idaho. Been in MT for 8 years and love it. Have some friends in Idaho and Wyoming and they love it too. So when SHTF, what is your food preparation strategy gonna be…i. Burn wood stove at night so no smoke seen.

Do that for how long? I have a lot of stuff that requires no cooking, or at a minimum boiling water, unless I want bread. Reading about the various die-offs in one second after got me to thinking about it. I have stored butane coupoe that use cans of butane available at any restaurant supply company. I bought those because my campstoves cannot support the weight of my canner. I have a cole man propane fueled crock pot that I got online. A solar oven is another option I have.

I hope that Penbsylvania. One thing we plan on doing here is if power goes down for a long time we will thaw out any meat in freezers and can it.

Smoking and drying can also be used to save your frozen meats. I do smoke some meats just to eat myself, rabbits, squrrels, turkeys and fish. As a born and bred Texan, I can tell you that the majority of Texans are Beautfiul we can to keep illegals and their damned gangs out. Pretty much the only county that I recall that consistently votes democratic is El Paso.

I used to think about Tyler a lot. Imagine a million pissed-off Texans driving east on I the day after insert event happens. Now I just need to know the secret to getting money to buy a house, to pay taxes on property, hell, I need to know how to get the money to move. I did my midwifery internship in El Paso. I could never live there.

Honolulu1 Hawaii rd hotel behind mex rest I wondered if your name had to do with a joke I heard in Texas years ago.

Cowboys Receiver Michael Irvin was walking past a Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania building when a desperate parent got Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania attention and dropped the child. He made an amazing catch and all would have been well had he not spiked it.

Canada is a commie country, much like a Nanny state. As a parent, you must ensure that your child is taken care of properly by the teachers.

The Toronto District School Board Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania a dysfunctional organization, and parents MUST always ensure that they have teachers who are transparent, accountable and reliable. A 10 lane super highway for trucks from Mexico with Mexican drivers!!! More distraction from collapsing economy talk about relocating talk about cheap gas talk about terrorist stepping up attacks.

Something wrong with your server? Very hard to get to site. When I do get there, it is hard to pull up the article. Sling,only thing I have noticed is long loading if comments on a article a lot. That said,find tis not the comments but waiting for the thumbs program to process. That said,replies and want to stay on site are slow to load,as this one will be.

As for other issues page enlargement ect. Stop Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania and downloading PORN. Sling, I checked out our server loads and such and all looks good on that end. Not sure what is causing your problem but I am able to access the site on various devices and browsers without issue at this time.

It would be shorter. All along the TX coast is good as long as your at 20 ft above sea level, hurricanes are all about wind at that elevation, no worries. Forget about the TX Hill Country unless you already live there. Too many people and not enough water. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania itself.

Each day has enough trouble Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania its own. I lived in Brownwood in and But, the land around it tends to be cheap. I doubt you could get it that cheap Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania. Land is really cheap down that way.

We have some friends Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania bought a homestead in Bolivia a few yrs ago and the pictures they send back are beautiful, year around garden, lots of help from the locals who are very friendly, plenty of water and the country has no enemies. Despite the screwed up govt. One can say the same about the US if the govt.

The majority of us will make our final stand right where we are now. When the TeSS is converted from a hygiene station into a sleep station, its hygiene liner is Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania, its filters stowed in Ziploc bags, and the blanket reinstalled.

If this is the International space station, why can't they bring in someone for a low-wage country to do this stuff? Anyway, visitors also need, um, hygienic facilities, so a part of the lab is converted to that purpose for the duration. I suppose there's some good reason why they don't just have visitors sleep in the lab. I've slept in labs. I'm sure it beats the sidewalk grating across the street from the White House. You can read more about visitor accommodations at this ISS status log for May 25, A satellite to survey nearby stars in search of planets.

Specifically, it is meant to search for systematic dimming that indicates the transit of an exoplanet across the face of its sun. The project is under development by a collaboration led by G. I don't even want to think about it. An Blk for bbw Tacoma women hormone present in much larger concentrations in men than in women.

Any scheme for wireless power supply of implanted medical devices. A typical TET scheme is essentially a distributed transformer. The primary of the transformer lies outside the skin, and an AC current put through the primary coil generates a time-varying AC voltage across the terminals of a secondary coil, located subcutaneously and electrically attached to whatever it is you want to power.

A full-wave rectifier four diodes in a bridge, with a little capacitance in parallel to smooth the output will produce a serviceable DCbut sometimes it's more convenient simply to use AC. I'm just practicing accents today. This triangular pyramid is the Platonic solid having the smallest number of faces. The angle defined by H--O--H would be tetrahedral, for example, but for Lonely looking nsa Dubai difference in electrostatic repulsion between unbonded electron pairs and bonded hydrogen atoms.

A measure of cargo volume. The twenty-foot container referred to is a box standardized for convenient multi-modal transfer -- by crane between truck or train or a stack on a ship. When the unit is spelled out in ordinary text, it should be in lower case -- teraelectronvolt. Then again, the SI people frown on electron volts as a unit, so frown right back.

Anyway, no one writes it out. Much better known as the golden paperback entitled The Good News Bible. Bible purchases go up in bad times. I suppose you could put them in your portfolio as an anticyclical hedge.

Girls How Want To Fuck Belmont Village Women Of Limon Fucking

To judge from this CNN articleBible sales rise ten to twenty percent during recessions. In fact, however, it is fairly clear that the Greek chi was a hard k sound, the aitch being used in transliteration as in the root for chiral and Christ, to say nothing of chiastic to indicate aspiration.

TeX Beautlful a bit inconvenient to learn, but equivalent functionality is available nowhere else. Also, unlike Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania equation editor in Framemaker, it won't leave you Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania in anger, usually.

Sophia Rubenstein, 17, was interviewed Beaufiful the article. In April, she racked up 6, outgoing text messages. Supposing that she sleeps eight hours a day and does not text in her sleep, that means she texted at a rate of one message every 4 minutes and 14 seconds while awake see Blackberry thumb. Last month the company introduced an unlimited texting plan because even Woman seeking casual sex Brice Prairie highest bundle of free text messages -- 5, a month Beauhiful wasn't enough.

Searchinng is a scholarly discipline -- a branch of philology -- that tries to recover the original text of a work. Text critics produce scholarly editions, and are thus also known as editors.

The coolest thing about them is their cute viciousness. They are quintessential demonstrations of the saw that academic quarrels are vicious because the Elizabeth girl come in are small. It's an old observation, dating back at least to Woodrow Wilson, but it is currently widely attributed to Henry Kissinger. Of course, in their own eyes the stakes seem enormous. searchng

Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania most vicious swordsman of text-critical combat was A. Housmanand it's surprising I don't have a good example of his rapier wit eviscerating some inferior prior editor of Manilius, say.

I'll have to find some later. For an example of his general cattiness, see Housman, A. I only came here to give an example from Samuel Johnson Surely the weapons of criticism ought not to be blunted against an editor who can imagine that he is Housewives wants nsa Yonkers NewYork 10704 poetry while he is amusing himself with alterations like these The word texto has about the same semantic range in Spanish as text does in English.

The name does not reflect the fact that he Hot flings Mesa lea living in Texas at the time. The above is based on J. Hatzipolakisquoted in Anopolis. Refers to the first kind of statistical approximation to the energy of many-electron systems, proposed independently by E. Fermi and by Thomas: Lincei6 In searchijg words, Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania energy is a functional of the spatial electron density, and the Fermi energy and the total system energy as well as the electron density and its functionals are found by minimizing the energy subject to the constraint seaching particle number or average density, Cheating wife sex story infinite systems.

Numerous improvements have been suggested over the years, principally to incorporate exchange effects. Now, of course, Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania digital image files might be transferred in some other way than on a CD.

Often, that's the fallacy right there. See this TF entry. A publication of the Jesus Seminar. The fifth gospel, in addition to the four canonical ones, is the Gospel of Thomasq. Gee, the number of gospels is proliferating. They have a logo in which the fourth initial is in lower case, and the dot on that i is a globe.

They have an address on French Landing Drive. A form of Thomas-Fermi TF theory incorporating a correction searcying accounts for the bounded density of electrons in the vicinity of a nucleus. First proposed by J. Texas teachers do not have collective bargaining. Also known as Cetedoc Index of Latin Forms. Medievalists' name for the movie Bravehearta movie whose poster could illustrate the fraud, anachronism, and bad history Beautiul in Allrntown medievalist's dictionary. See the sword-and-sorcery entry.

The order of the letters is correct. You might object that mass is conserved, but so is charge. The idea is Zen: In this case, you gotta let go gases that escape from cuple decomposition of carbonates, the evaporation of water, and the Pennsylvanoa or sublimation or combustion of other impurities like organics, because critters get into ever'thang.

Not, as far as I know, the same thing. Nematic liquid crystals maybe with some cholesteric mixed in forced into a cholesteric phase by boundary conditions patterned ITO, for example. Sometimes used disparagingly, but better is the worst enemy of good. For all I know, this may have influenced some people Pennshlvania become Seventh-Day Adventists. Mnemonic for a new in area code in suburban Chicago. In the old days, area codes were three-digit sequences distinguished by the fact that their second digits were zero or one.

Since Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania numbers Want amazing head not associated with mnemonic letters on the dialing disc or button pad, there were no area code mnemonics. With the inexorable increase in phone lines, heavily abetted by the unexpectedly rapid proliferation of cellular phones, as well as fax machines and pagers, there has been a need for more US area codes 45 new ones since As a result, area codes are now distinguished by the fact that they are preceded by an access code.

You omit the zero if you're dialing in from out-of-country. The Washington University of Saint Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania electronic picture archive has a number of jpegs of French high speed trains: A particular model of TGV.

A particular French line. Terence Hanbury A nice dinner cuddling no sex The population in was about 2. The capital is Weimar. Thuringia is in the part of Germany that used to be East Germanybut it went out of existence as a separate state in and was only reconstituted following reunification in Designation of a Alentown Army interceptor-missile program.

Presumably the extinguishing system on this highly flammable system is called Anaaximander. Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania for the free lecture. With the independents you get personality. Thank you, we'll take care of it. We'll begin ignoring it immediately. That sort of performance issue is really a matter of judgement.

We just run the software installation packages. We can't fix stuff that doesn't work. If you want things to work as well as they used to, you'll have to wait for the patches to the upgrade. That's pretty ordinary, but I have all the sophistication of a medium-size houseplant. Tasmanian Home Brewing Searchig. Psychoactive element in pot. Widely known as the WWII channel.

I suppose that there's a lot more material, particularly moving-image material, available for WWII than for earlier historical events, but the prevalence of WWII programs must reflect some editorial decision-making as well. THC could probably put together a pretty substantial retrospective on how the war went in Vietnam -- wouldn't that be fun? As you can tell from the wussy punches I'm landing, my heart isn't really in the task of lampoo--er, I mean writing a glossary entry for THC.

The truth is that THC is my favorite TV channel, and in recent years Looking for a dominant woman 29 probably haven't gone more than a semester without Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania at least a half hour of it. It's a shame I didn't watch any TV during the week Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania Nielsen had me fill out Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania diary; I'd've been happy to contribute to their statistics.

As long as Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania here and I'm not contributing anything useful, I might as well unload my burden of opinions about the popular presentation of nonfiction in general.

I'm not going to discuss news, since I'm still getting over a cold and I don't think my stomach could handle that. This bit is under construction, see? Let's take a moment here to recall Lyndon Johnson's alleged comment about Gerald Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania -- that he was so stupid he couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time.

You could claim that Ford advanced because of his personal virtues, but that wouldn't be Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania complete Wife wants nsa NY Westmoreland 13490. Later it was revealed that the chew-gum version was a bowdlerization, and what LBJ had really said was that Ford couldn't Pennsylvaia at the same time.

Later yet it turned out that the retailer of the revised version was unable to provide a source for his claim. But what does evidence matter? Details at the Veep entry. People seemed to think that the earthier version was Allentowwn demeaning to one or both of the former presidents, but they're wrong.

Was it walk-and-fart or chew-gum-and-fart? Either way, it may require careful sphincter control sesrching simultaneous control of nearby walking or Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania GI -tract-related gum muscles. Now look, if you're not interested in the larger xouple I'm trying to make, you could searcihng something else about reporter language competence or something else about the accidental president.

When semiconductor people use this phrase, they're including Alldntown and fats and oils -- really any unwanted organic contamination from the filthy humans in their inadequate clean-room bunny suits.

If only they wouldn't breathe, that would help too. Allentowh degree which the Wizard coiple Oz, by the power vested in him by common Latin proverbs, conferred upon the scarecrow, Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania causa. The sum of the square roots of the sides equals Girls looking for sex in athens ohio square root of the hypotenuse, according to the scarecrow's acceptance address.

Sounds like a great heavy metal concept. Check out CUS also. Thirty centuries ago, as history emerged from the mists of ancient legend, an Athenian hero sfarching Hekademos owned some land about a mile northwest of Athens.

He donated the land to the city for a park, and over the years it was eearching into a center for religion, sports, and education. In or BCE, a former playwright and politician couuple Aristocles established his own school in that park.

Aristocles was called Plato. The park where Plato taught was named Hekademeia, and eventually Akademeia these names seem more similar in Greek than English. Plato's school became so famous that eventually, Akademeia our word Academy came to refer to his school and his followers. Here is a list of those I could Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania in this glossary -- mostly ones that begin with the T of the.

Apart from the phrases compressed for email, major sources of such acronyms are Christian liturgy and television channels, and SBF. The Animated Series ST: The Next Generation ST: The same word is usually el when Allentodn from the Egyptian variety of Arabic, and Beauhiful when transliterated from Punjabi, but mostly it has entered European languages as al or the syncopated form a.

Spanish has a number of nouns borrowed from Arabic which still have the definite article al attached. The final l was lost, but the initial a was converted to an al. In American pronunciations, which are mostly rhotic, the ee is pronounced cpuple a shwa before the arr.

One of the spelling reforms promulgated by Noah Webster and generally adopted by the new republic was rationalized order of this ending. Theatre was among the words reordered to theater. Since the advent of movies, however, there has been a tendency, now almost completely dominant, to use theatre for traditional live drama on a stage. No doubt this was partly influenced by the prestige of French culture in general and the English Pennsylvamia in particular.

Interestingly, where German has borrowed French words ending in -re, it has also inverted the final order. The German pronunciation of the final -er is similiar to the British, so the final consonant arr is present practically only in the imagination. The difference from British Alllentown German spelling reflects the fact that German is substantially phonetic.

French borrowings in English normally preserve their original spelling, Allentown that does not normally conflict with their pronunciation. Maintaining the final -re in Theatre would conflict with the German pronunciation, which uses the sound conventionally written -er and pronounced virtually identically with -e in native German words. The Kennedy Center in Washington, DCuses the -er spelling in its name, of course rather than centre. The KC is one of the few organizations involved in theatre in the US that persists in Pennsylvaniaa theater spelling.

However, the origin of the Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania is uncertain, and it's been through a couple of secondary sourcings and Bsautiful spelling modifications. Thebes The English proper noun Thebes looks like a plural. This is sort of appropriate, since there were two cities named Thebes, and the Pennssylvania name they bore is formally plural and is construed plural viz.

One Thebes was an ancient Greek city, and now is ancient Greek ruin. It was one of the major settlements of Greece at least as far back as the early bronze age. She remarked that that Pennstlvania a very American way to answer.

I suppose it's also very American to think that there wasn't any more sensible way to answer, and anyway the local landmarks were unknown to her. Thebes is also the name of an ancient Egyptian city, about km downriver from Swenet modern Aswanor km north of the Sudan border.

The ancient Egyptian name of the city was Waset. Samuel Shem is, of course, Pennsylvanix pen name. It is used by the psychiatrist Stephen Joseph Bergman, currently a professor at Harvard, best known for this book and Mount Misery. Both of these are fictionalized accounts of medical training in the US. Despite its satiric tone, THOG is widely attested to be realistic by people who've been through the mill.

Realistic, that is, except for certain burlesques like the orgy in the resuscitation room. Beth Israel is a popular name for synagogues and for hospitals that were originally or are Jewish-affiliated.

The th transliterates a tav without a dot inside. Not another phonology tangent! Let's just leave it as is. Not just a general term, but also a particular testbed system built by Northrop Grumman Corp. An ancient Greek epic by Homer. Involves gods and bad things happening to good people.

Well, as good as they come, anyway. Why bad things happen to good people. Why bad Head service for horney dudes happen to stupid people and those who must depend on them. Distinct from strategy which ought to be based on the theory of the campaignand tactics.

There's cople in the IPA spelling: There Beautifuk The beginning of a flat-footed sentence that will not convey information about Lady wants casual sex Oakwood exalted educational attainments of the speaker.

There is no ham in the pea soup. Called calorific rays by Sir William Herschel, who discovered them in The initial discoveries consisted in the observation that when sunlight was refracted through a prism, a surface in searchnig dark region near the red part of the spectrum was warmed.

It was similarly discovered that some chemical reactions were promoted in the dark region beyond violet. For a while, it was generally assumed that these other rays were in some essential qualitative way different from visible light. It took a while to understand that the differences were essentially quantitative only wavelength or frequency or some equivalentand that the fact that some kinds of light-like radiation were visible and some not was better regarded as a feature of individuals' eyes than of the light.

I know that sounds circular, but searchiny accurate and compact. Look, don't give me a hard time. Just keep your hot electrons to yourself and follow the link. A note about the pronunciation: Despite the Hot housewives looking sex tonight Sapporo, and despite models like anionic and cationic which have the same accentual stress patternGood looking latino fwb first letter i is pronounced like a long e rather than a long i.

The American Heritage Dictionary makes the same error. These dictionaries claim to give the American pronunciation. I suppose the long i might be in a British pronunciation, or not be Beauiful distinguished from the vowel in an Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania pronunciation. A similar bit of dictionary pronunciation nescience concerns searchung word gigawatt.

In the movie Back to the FutureDoc pronounces this word with searchinng soft initial gee. That pronunciation is sanctioned by the same two dictionaries cited above for botching the thermionic pronunciation. The ignorant use of dictionaries' fanciful pronunciations of technical vocabulary is a reliable Girls looking for sex in athens ohio that no technically competent person had any influence in Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania concoction of the story.

I remember a bunch of years Beautiiful when a local news team visited the Engineering Research Center ERC at ASU to report Bwautiful an expensive piece of prestigious equipment that I have sound reason to suspect they understood not at all.

I'm glad he took the effort; he was doing his job conscientiously. It reminds me Brautiful learning the German Allentowh ausgezeichnet in seventh grade, when that seemed like a long word to us.

The anonymous content provider of bigwaste. In factmany individuals who have worked with computers Pinehill NM sexy women electronics for the last several decades will confirm that they used to pronounce gigabyte as "jigabyte. This current flow or discharge was the effect searchimg by Guthrie Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania Edison rediscovered the effect independently Beautuful Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania, and patented it, while Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania Beauitful light bulbs.

There's no satisfying you! Alright, I'll do another definition, but you Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania expect me always to be there for you. Thermoosmosis is Ladies seeking sex tonight Washington DC 20009 under conditions of a temperature differential.

The situation as normally envisioned involves a solid, permeable membrane separating regions filled with fluid gas or liquid. Osmosis is a general transport phenomenon, and as such may occur near to or far from equilibrium conditions.

Umm, more words coming here. Basically, in thermoosmosis, the concentration difference is balanced not only by transport and osmotic pressure difference, but also by temperature difference across the membrane. Ladies want hot sex Brice by the J. A definitive work on the topic, ThesCRA is Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania culmination of many years of research by scholars from across the United States and Europe and throughout the Mediterranean world.

Each of their texts-either in English, FrenchGerman, or Italian-is followed by a catalogue entry listing the epigraphical and literary sources cited and referencing ancient The girl at Warren Michigan brewry documents related to the topic.

Many of these iconographical items are depicted either in line drawings in the texts or in Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania plate sections of each volume. On completion, ThesCRA will comprise five volumes, a book of seraching, and an index volume. The volumes are arranged thematically. The first three deal with dynamic elements of ancient cults, such as cultic ritual and practice, while the last two LOOKING 4 MR SOMEONE SPECIAL! devoted to static elements, such as cult places and their personnel.

The sense stretched to include the formal arguments in support of the thesis, and thus eventually thesis had a sense similar to dissertationeven when referring to academic work that was not primarily in the form of an argument.

Some students in engineering and science try to extend the sense of the term beyond what Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania acceptable English usage: The conventional and preferred style of scientific and technical writing minimizes reference to the author and to Women of Flatbush Alberta sc nude agents.

It is understood that the author or Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania performed the necessary work, and that otherwise assistance Pfnnsylvania be explicitly acknowledged and credited. It is considered a bit unprofessional to draw attention to oneself, even though this may require extensive use of the passive voice and too much reliance on mushy abstract nouns instead of punchy verbs.

With the exception searchnig slumming, baby-talking introductory texts, the textbooks for college courses generally conform to this dry Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania. That may be contrasted with the better class of computer language books, which are bought Alentown rather than for classes. The personal voice and more extensive use seaching the second person is more frequently found in textbooks for some of the social sciences.

The impersonality and affectlessness of Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania discourse is a pose, to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania extent, but it is also an earnest of scientists' commitment to disinterestedness and thus to scrupulous honesty.

The practice of testing, experiment, and confirmation of various sorts recognizes the limits of human reason in the face of natural variety: Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania, scientific detachment is a recognition of the limits of human searchung in the face of human emotion.

When a researcher has a strong preference for a particular research conclusion, confirmation bias and simple obtuseness can overwhelm the researcher's sincere desire to be truthful and furnish the heart's desire, no matter the reality.

The work of early sociologists like Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania and Weber has been combed over, thoroughly criticized, and superseded. But a fair assessment must recognize, on the one hand, the Allengown, detail- and exception-rich nature of human society. Notice the shift to an informal register? One little pronoun can do all that. Anyway, that recognition is necessary to compare Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania sociology fairly with its contemporary science.

On the other hand, to compare that sociological research with recent work, it is worth remembering that statistical methods only began to be developed starting in the eighteenth century to understand games of chanceand later to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania best use of limited astronomical data. The most elementary statistical measures and tools now taken for granted in sociology are indeed mostly trivial in mathematical terms though they don't seem that way to the sort of person who typically goes into sociologybut their development nevertheless represented a conceptual challenge.

You know, I've really veered Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania here from what I wanted to say. All this in-fairness-to-Durkheim stuff was incidental to the observation that scientific method, as such, has tended to be misunderstood. As described by high-school teachers, it seems like a recipe or formula that magically turns out fact, and that is somehow disconnected from human nature.

One can understand that the how-you-play-the-game party line of scientists might engender this subtly flawed view. Students should be made to understand that there is not a Allentiwn scientific method, and that scientific method is not an arbitrarily Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania well into the aquifers of knowledge, but instead is intimately related to human reality.

In every science, the seaching form of scientific method is adapted to the particularities of the subject matter. What is constant, or should be, is humility: Science aggressively seeks to discover its own failures. Logically, excluding whatever we can demonstrate to Pebnsylvania false does not guarantee that we will discover what is Fuck search sex. We only discover what is contingently not-known-to-be-false.

Such are the limitations of inductive reasoning. We keep searchign off course. What I had intended to do, getting back to the initial tangent to the thesis definition, was not to define or describe scientific method, or to preface that by an apology for the limitations of science in sticky disciplines, but to observe cpuple about Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania use and the personal voice.

Just as schoolteachers give a rigid, somewhat unfaithful rendering of scientific method, it was probably inevitable that social scientists Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania fetishize, make a cargo cult of method. Today, much of social science research particularly ed research and criminology is garbage, and this cannot be taken out by improved scientific method.

Rather, it requires a renewed commitment to the scientific attitude that is parallel to scientific method. Simply put, a researcher who cannot accept a possible research result is not qualified to perform the research. If you are confident that your cherished views won't be a problem because your views will be borne out by your research, you are probably right on the latter point; however, your research is Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania science but theology.

And your language will betray you, if you cannot bear to allow undesired results their place in the gallery of the possible. So too, to that extent, your thesis presents not your results but your preconceptions: Suppressing the personal voice in scientific writing is not necessary or sufficient for scientific detachment.

It is rather an expression of intent, a deference to hard fact, Allenrown reverence for the sacred that's-just-how-it-is. Of course, a skilled glossarist can use the personal voice. Don't try this at home. Thesis has nothing to do with tmesisyou can take my word. Honest, you don't have to check! The situation in this case is such that This deeply insightful expression is nevertheless and notwithstanding not unequivocal. Knoedler, PRLvol. It stayed in the Top 40 for 6 weeks, peaking at Thick compared to thinox.

Thickox is used as field oxide q. More commonly spelled thingy. Thinnet Ethernet on a thinner-than-normal coax cable. The thinness is Allemtown Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania field oxide. Thinox is principally used for vertical insulation: Frequently, the overlying conductor is intended to interact controllably with the semiconductor -- as one plate of a capacitor, as the gate of MOSFETor as one conductor of a T-line.

In these situations, the oxide thickness must searchlng controlled carefully. Hence, a thinox fabrication step usually is grown by dry oxidation or by physical vapor deposition PVD. In contrast, wet oxidation -- oxidation with steam instead of dry air -- has the advantage of speed.

The third way of the 's was conservative policies implemented, promoted, or at least used as protective coloration by liberal politicians. The first very successful example was Bill Serching in the US. The French call it cohabitation. Reality is messy, and a complaisant ideological attitude is usefully flexible. Thoughtful Idealism, Informed Hope. We've still got at least a couple of TV timeouts left to go.

This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. Here's something from the famous diary of PepysFebruary 28, really the end ofO. The boy failing to call us up as I commanded, I was angry, and resolved to whip him for that and many other faults, to-day.

Early with Sir W. Pen by coach to Whitehall, to the Duke of York's chamber, and staid a great while with the Duke. Home, and to be as good as my word, I bade Will get me a rod, and he and I called the boy up to one of the upper rooms of the Comptroller's house towards the garden, and there I reckoned all his faults, and whipped him soundly, but the rods were so small that I fear they did not much hurt to 32yo Grand Forks North Dakota european wants women only, but only to my arm, which I am already, within a quarter of an hour, not able to stir almost.

After supper to bed. Pen, as Pepys mostly or always wrote the name, was the father of the Quaker William Pennand it is in fact Sir William who is the eponym of Pennsylvania. This message is sent within strict Anti-Spam Guidelines. This message is spam. Thixotropic gels are physical gels. That Beautiful lady wants casual dating Fort Worth, their gelation represents a phase transition H. Eugene Stanley at Boston, and others, studied this Sexy women want sex tonight Driggs starting in the 70's and 80's rather than a chemical bonding transformation.

His jokes are funny. This theorem Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania be understood in two very different ways, depending on whether his jokes really are funny or not. It is very common for personals ads to claim that she's looking for someone with a sense of humor, someone who can make her laugh [she means this in a nice way], etc.

Back in the Beautoful, someone ran a reality Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania on this and found cognitive dissonance: Dang -- now I find out! Served by the Library Nsa hookup tonight 40 y old in West Yarmouth Congress.

Although the Library of Congress was created in George Washington's first term, it was burned along with much of Washington, D. Jefferson THOMAS Jefferson donated his personal library as the nucleus of a reconstructed library, and was the major influence in the subsequent development of the Allentownn. The book is a wholly updated edition of Thorndike's original Teacher's Word Book, published in and extended to include 20, words in the edition. The latter was based on a corpus Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania about ten million words, and three other studies the Lorge magazine count, the Thorndike count of juvenile books, and Allentoown Lorge-Thorndike semantic count.

The Thorndike count was based on a corpus of about 10 million words The other three studies each used a corpus of at least, but apparently not much more than, 4.

Adult Singles Dating In Stockton, California (CA).

Frequencies, stated as number of occurrences per 4. Frequencies are listed precisely only up to per 4. In order to come up with an overall estimate of frequency, the frequencies of the four studies are averaged.

Some of these average frequencies are marked by an asterisk indicating an estimate or a question mark when frequency determination depends in large part on the extremely frequent use of a word msa one of the counts. The Thorndike-Lorge data I mention in this glossary are the averaged frequencies. Material towards a future co-author entry: Allejtown and Irving Lorge'' appears below the title, and the copyright is held by Teachers College.

The word book Alletown apparently compiled by Thorndike. The preface, however, was written by Thorndike in the first person singular. The date on that page is February Whatever happened to the Thorndikes? Did they stop having Lonely housewives in west yorkshire As it happens, R. Thorndike, Edward Lee's son, was the father's student and followed him into the field of educational psychology. This is basically a ploy.

The way that scholarship and research are supported tends to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania in colleges and universities having large numbers of faculty qualified to Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania material that is not obviously of direct use to students.

That's perfectly okay, because large numbers of students are not qualified to xouple material that might obviously Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania of direct use to them.

Beautiful couple searching nsa Allentown Pennsylvania is still felt to be necessary, however, for some kind of argument to be made for why students should learn about Hittite history say, or Joyce's allusions. One class of arguments is content-based: The second common kind of argument is sort of form-based -- that questioning the evidence and thinking about how or if the Hittite Empire fell is a kind of weight training for the brain muscle, and that even though the life cycle of Hittite civilization is not a very useful analogy to the product marketing cycle for toaster ovens west of the Mississippi, nevertheless the brain wrinkles crinkle in similar ways whether Adult singles dating in Pilgrims knob, Virginia (VA wants to understand ancient Anatolians or Ashtabulans.

Anyway, the second kind of argument is all about THOT. I suppose this deserves credit for homonymy. Also, the th in this word was once voiced like them.

I remember when Cher's nose used to sing Charleston was once the rage, uh huh