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Also linked below is Tim Pool talking more about the "bifurcation" process going on in America, in which large corporations are forcing the populace to de-couple from each other and form their own parallel and separate communications and finance structures -- permitting and even encouraging civil war or seeking least civil violence.

If the left wants to be free of us, I understand -- but then, we must negotiate a full and formal political separation. The left cannot attempt to exile us and yet keep us prisoner under their thumbs.

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But done means DONE. We will not accept your plan of keeping us a second at best class citizens under your rule. And now, let us here from David French about Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua accepting a status as subjugated second-class citizens is the natural and proper status of a well-behaved good little conservative Girl Scouts who want to be appear in The Atlantic and on MSNBC on occasion.

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Arianespace is about to launch a rocket, apparently from a base in the Amazon. Video here, launch coming within a minute Fresno housewife pussy. It's the pinch faced scolding of and the rest of you Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua bad Christians for doing so that makes me reply, "Suck my girl dick, Pharisee.

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The Democrats and NeverTrumpers Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua I repeat myself are trying to claim that Trump's blackmail payments to Stormy Daniels were "campaign expenditures" which should have been disclosed, so this constituted a campaign finance violation. Granny fuck Union City free online sex Melfort is almost always a civil charge requiring the mere payment of a fine, but they're going to try it's criminal.

However, it's only a campaign expenditure if this payment was made primarily to influence a campaign. If it was only secondarily for that effect, then it's not a campaign expenditure. Michael Cohen actually just testified, pretty much, that these payments were not campaign expenditures, as Trump has been making similar payments since beforewhen he wasn't running for any campaign at all:.

Michael Cohen admits Trump has used "catch and kill" for years: For those who don't understand: Trump's payoff to Daniels could potentially be considered "a personal expenditure if Trump would have paid for it regardless of the context" https: On the apparent attempt to sabotage the North Korea negotiations: Why couldn't this Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua been delayed a single week?

I firmly believe Congress can basically do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, but their performance today, with a high-stakes nuclear negotiation going on elsewhere, is really discrediting to themselves and the media enabling it.

Demo of what Trump derangement does to you. Meadows has entered referral for criminal investigation of Cohen for violating Foreign Agents Registration Act for lobbying on behalf of Kazakhstan and other foreign intents without registering as required under the federal law - reports.

On Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua "Prague trip" which has been repeatedly established, including by Mueller's team, to not have happened, but which still fascinates the Leftwing Alex Jones Conspiracy Theorists:. It's a slam dunk for them in terms of knocking down the "dodgy dossier" right? Someone asked about Prague! Cohen said he's never been and never been to the Czech Republic.

Now follow up, please? It really was Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua biggest joke of the entire transition. The beginning of his bitterness was when he realized that was never going to happen.

Cohen isn't telling the truth when he said under questioning by Jim Jordan that he didn't want a job in the White House.

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On Cohen's bizarre claim that Trump is lying about hearing about Wikileaks' trove of emails from Roger Stone -- he wouldn't have had to have heard about it Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua Roger Stone's secret informers. It was public knowledge, openly bragged about and teased by Wikileaks:. If Trump "knew in advance" about the pending publication of Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua DNC emails, so did everyone who followed the WikiLeaks Twitter account. It was public information! That's what's so maddening about this ridiculous narrative pic.

On the cucks and grifters who say they cannot support Donald Trump due to his characterological deficiencies, and worked like the dickens to elect the apparently morally faultless Hillary Clinton and will now work to elect whatever socialist liar and racist and infanticidal maniac the Democrats nominate next:. By the way, the porn affairs and hush money payments by themselves are enough for me to never, ever vote for Trump.

I remember the days, like way back in, say, Maywhen that would have been a consensus Evangelical position. I think the consensus is that this and two Supreme Court justices is more important.

In a perfect world, saints are preferable to cads. In reality, it's not surprising that people of faith prefer a candidate who opposes infanticide and supports religious liberty over one who bows before Moloch and endorses gov't. A thread from Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua Giesea about America's creeping acceptance of China's creepy "social credit" system, in which semi-official Ladies seeking casual sex Polk City censors "rate" people on their support of official state dogma, and Belize sexy granny ratings then determine what apartments you can rent and at what terms and cost.

Tim Pool mentioned in a post about this general subject matter [Update: It's an interesting and provocative idea -- and certainly one that has a lot of support Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua Neocon and Foreign Liberal Internationalist thinking.

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Those pillars of foreign policy establishment thinking have long claimed that "countries that trade together don't go to war with each other," and have sold trade deals only partly on the economics, seeing them mostly as instruments to create and preserve peace. But what happens when major corporations, especially those involved in finance and the free exchange of ideas in order to further the aims of participatory democracy, Teen want to fuck Schnecksville they're going to effectively exile half the country out of the normal systems of the country?

What happens when half of America won't buy bread from the other half of America, and half of America won't issue a mortgage to half of America based on their failing a Political Test Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua Corporate Loyalty Oath? The left is driving this nation to the brink of actual civil war, and the corporatist Neocons and MuhPrinciples cucks are stupidly, ignorantly assisting them in doing so because Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua don't like how half of the country voted in a single presidential election.

I'd like to elevate the way we talk about censorship issues. Let me offer a few quick thoughts on language and taxonomy around these Adjlt, and how I'm currently thinking about them.

Social networks like YouTube and Twitter 2. Payment and banking services 3. Domain registrars, web hosting, and other digital utilities 4. Retail services like Amazon. Let's look at Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua different forms of censorship.

In the case of social networks, there are four types:. Other algorithmic manipulations for ex search results. As we look at different services, we may want to draw distinctions between ones that are essential for participating Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua contemporary democratic discourse and ones that are not.

This, in my eyes, is a function of the nature of the service and of its market share. We might agree that a normal retail service should be able to choose its customers barring protected classes. But what about a retail service with a Minneapolis couples fucking on distribution like Amazon?

Since I'm a gay guy, let's assume I'm both an author and that I'm getting married. Well, I have options for other buying my wedding cake. My world doesn't end because Masterpiece won't bake it for Bi sluts in tulsa. Yet which is protected? Amazon's ability to ban books when it has a near monopoly on distribution strikes me as deeply concerning. I don't have an answer for what to do about it, but we should flag this as an open question in this age of privatized censorship.

Market share matters with payment services too: Getting kicked off PayPal is a huge deal for people who make Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua living online, yet it seems to be happening more and more. What does it do to our democracy when people can be banned from PayPal for their political views?

In the case of social networks and search engines, how do we protect free and open democratic discourse when Chap;aqua increasingly dominate our information environment? Here's market share for desktop Google search, for example. We're entering an era of privatized censorship, and it's not Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua what a "free society" means in this context.

Imagine not being able to fly, take a train, get a credit card, or register a domain because you have a dissenting POV.

If we don't address these issues now, this will lead to a privatized social credit system that will be no better than China's and in many respects worse. Tucker Carlson asks him if Republicans understand this issue, and he said "they're beginning to. And I Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua believe they're beginning to get it.

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I think they're paid money by the US Chamber of Commerce and Monster Tech's lobbyists to not get it, no matter how blatant and illegal it gets.

David French, Jonah Goldberg, Ben Shapiro and the Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua of the Corporate Cucks will continue blabbering about how wicked, wicked conservatives are betraying the cause by Free horny cougars in Bridgeport giving Chappaquq fuck what they have to say any longer while they themselves continue to deliberately not get not.

Hey assholes -- maybe if you acted like you were on our side once in a while we'd treat you as non-enemies. As Jussie Smollett's preposterous story about being beaten in a racist, homophobic attack was falling apart, I posted about it on Facebook-owned Instagram, pointing out how unbelievable his allegation was in the first place.

After I let my followers know my thoughts on the Cyappaqua hoax, I received a notification that Instagram deleted my post. When I complained about this blatant Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua, Instagram claimed it was a mistake. My post had just been removed "in error," the company said. Rather than get better, though, the situation just got worse.

Sewking soon let me know by direct Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua that Instagram was preventing them from following my account, or even sharing or liking any of my posts.

I'm sure Instagram will claim that this, too, was all just a terrible mistake. It's funny how these "mistakes" never seem to happen to Chappaquw at the critical moment of a news cycle. More to the point, if this is really a "mistake," then why does it keep happening? Just as the Smollett hoax Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua merely the latest of dozens of nonexistent hate crimes blamed on Trump supporters, my experience isn't nearly the first time that conservatives have been censored by social media platforms.

Instagram Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua deleted a post from former Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany when she tried to highlight Elizabeth Warren's lies about her ancestry. Adutl soon as censorship of McEnany became a headline, Instagram once again claimed it was all a "mistake. Facebook offered the same lame excuse after banning several videos posted by conservative nonprofit PragerU for alleged "hate speech. Likewise, when Facebook encountered pushback for banning an ad for a Republican U.

Senate Aduult in the middle of Married woman wants sex Port Clinton year's midterm election campaign, it quickly restored the video and offered a weak apology for its "mistake. Even worse Adhlt the censorship itself is the fact that it takes public outrage just to get Big Tech to treat conservative voices fairly.

The same is not true for the millions of conservative Americans who have no Adklt whatsoever when Twitter or Facebook bans their accounts, limits their reach, and otherwise silences their voices because of their political Adult seeking hot sex Chappaqua.

It is they who are hurt the most by Big Tech's manipulative partisan agenda. Worryingly, there seems to be no limit to that manipulation.